What should i pack for my trip? please help?

What should i pack for my trip? please help? Topic: Case sleeve for notebooks
July 17, 2019 / By Reuel
Question: i'm going to mississippi this friday 11/20/09 and I looked at the weather and its suppose to be raining alot there and its going to be a little chilly so please what should i pack????
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Melech Melech | 5 days ago
Jeans (if it gets really cold, then wear leggins or stockings underneath) Tshirts and long sleeve shirts (you can also put a tshirt over a longsleve if it gets too cold) hoodie or jacket a hat (ball cap or knitted) scarf (stylish or for warmth) comfortable walking shoes...i usually bring my chucks dressier shoes (for a nice dinner or church or something) a skirt (see above) earings/jewelry socks and undies and bras toiletries (a "just in case" bag is what i bring sometimes just in case i get a little surprise from an unwanted guest...=D) iPod or MP3 or whatever a journal or notebook (i like to keep track of my days and stuff) cell phone and charger (i hate it when my phone dies and i left my charger at home at the end of my bed with a note on it that says "pack me" but i forgot it....rrrggg!) camera pillow if needed blanket or sleeping bag if needed hair stuff (brush, elastics, headbands, etc.) makeup and makeup remover cd's for in the car or whatever any extra cord you need for anything (iPod, MP3, etc.) this list!!!! =D i hope i helped...i live in bosnia and we are heading back to the states on thursday, so this list is straight from my own, so yeah... *_*
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Melech Originally Answered: What to pack for a six week trip? HELP?
***WAY TOO MUCH.*** Set out everything you listed and subtract 2/3 of it. Take at the very most 3 pair of shoes; you will wear one (dressy flats) on the plane, so you will pack 2 pair (maybe one sandal and one pair athletic or walking shoes.) If he does laundry every week you need 5 or 6 tops at the most, 2 shorts, 2 skirts, 2 dresses. 2 bathing suits is plenty. Maybe one pair jeans and one sweater or hoodie. A weeks worth of underwear, and travel size toiletries: you can purchase full size when you get there. I have traveled for months with far less than this!

Joktan Joktan
You should bring a jacket and bring some long sleeves shirts and long pants and a cap so you can put it on your head while you are out or if not so cold you could just bring a Hoodie and that way you could just take it off if you get too hot so it just depends on how low the temperature needs to be before you get really cold.
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Hadwin Hadwin
Books, crossword puzzles & pens. i can wash the garments I placed on for an afternoon or 2, do with out toiletries for a night, yet i desire some thing to occupy my recommendations for the duration of each and all the long waiting sessions.
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Earle Earle
Well, for a trip to Mississippi, you should pack: 1.) some rope 2.) some lighter fluid 3.) a white robe or gown 4.) a pointed white hood
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Earle Originally Answered: What to pack for a 4 day 3 night trip in D.C?
you're not going to really need anything to entertain yourself, definitely bring clothes, SNEAKERS ARE A MUST but also bring sandals, camera, some fancier outfits because there are TONSSS of nice restaurants ,especially at hotels near the capital. That's pretty much it... there's plenty to do there. One place you need to check out is the American Indian museum. It's amazing, everyday they have some sort of activity going on. either making flower leis, or painting or something, it's really awesome in DC

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