My penis looks very unusual, I need help to fix my self esteem?

My penis looks very unusual, I need help to fix my self esteem? Topic: Cover letter features
June 16, 2019 / By Elyzabeth
Question: My penis is uncircumcised, however the way it looks is different than most of the guys i seen in porn sites. Yes, I have visited porn sites and have been aware that my penis looks completely different. The top of my penis is completely covered with the foreskin, there is even extra foreskin that is build up on the top just hanging which makes it even more uncomfortable for me. I have not done any Sexual intercourse for the same reason, i don't want to seem unusual to the person i have sex with. I am afraid of their response they would get when they look at my penis. I know maybe that i am over exaggerating, but the inside of me feels so disgusted. It's so bad that i asked my doctor for help and was so ashamed that i did not even want him to look at it. And no, i have thought about a circumcision but it just seems wrong, i am sure there needs to be some other way. So please guys out there that might have the same or similar problem as mine. Tell me what you think i should do. Girls out there tell me how i should feel about this problem. Again, the top of my penis is completely covered by the foreskin even when erect, there is still some foreskin hanging off. I know this seems like a dumb and useless question, but as the title suggest it, this problem has been lowering my self esteem, i have had plenty of opportunities to participate in sexual intercourse but my mind just wont let me do it. So please help and thanx
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Best Answers: My penis looks very unusual, I need help to fix my self esteem?

Christianne Christianne | 7 days ago
letter gave a great response already. Just remember that the majority of men and women have not been circumcised and are intact like you and me. Porn features mostly circumcised penises. Depending on where you live, girls there may have more experience with circumcised penises so yours might seem strange to them. Just remember that you are 100% whole, natural, and intact. If a girl is grossed out by that, then she isn't worth your time. Circumcision is 99% an unnecessary surgery, so you are right to reject that. You need to learn to accept your body the way it is. Everything you described about your penis sounds completely normal. Good luck, -P
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There are hundreds of pills available on the internet. Just type "penis enlargement pills" into Google and you will see a lot of results. Still I suggest you to do a little research before ordering pills because you risk your health and money that way. If you want you can also check my website: http://penisenlargementsite.co.cc/ Hope you find it useful!

Avaline Avaline
When you are erect, you should pull back the foreskin. It should look just like a circumcised penis, except the skin is stretchier. Your penis is completely natural and most men around the world are not circumcised, so I'm not sure why you're acting like you're not normal. Almost all women are not circumcised and they have skin hanging out of their vagina at all times. It's called the labia minora. Do you think every woman should circumcise too? Anyway, male or female circumcision of any kind cuts off sensations from the genital organs. Unless you are circumcising for religious reasons or because of a specific medical condition, you shouldn't circumcise, because it affects your sexual sensitivities and cuts off some of the most erogenous parts of your body.
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Abegail Abegail
You might be speakme to the fallacious surgeon. I don't imply this to be snide, i am absolutely serious. Communicate to either a sex therapist or a psychologist. My son is uncirced (intact) He requested me about it years ago, and for mostly the equal purpose, he has skin, even when erect. I informed him it was typical and he had nothing to be ashamed of. He trusts me and it certainly not bothered him again. Think me, he gets lots of sex (I have no problem with intercourse, and just be certain he has defense), as usually as he desires regularly - which for a teen is nearly fantastic - and in something form he happens to need. Sure, he is good-looking - but when his penis used to be protecting him up any i would know, it's not. It's the worry, now not the penis that's the main issue for you, so seek aid with that - you will be first-rate. Style ideas, hermes
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Stephen Stephen
To solve phimosis (tight foreskin): Masturbating in the wrong way can cause phimosis. Scientific study: http://www.cirp.org/library/treatment/ph... The penis basically consists of 3 spongy balloon-like chambers that fill with blood on erection. See Diagram: http://en.academic.ru/dic.nsf/enwiki/265... This page shows functions and mobility: http://www.circumstitions.com/completema... The foreskin is attached to the glans by the frenulum: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frenulum_of_prepuce_of_penis Masturbating can be damaging to the penis if you apply too much pressure. It damages the spongy tissue chambers of the penis. Consequently the 3 spongy chambers do not fill out with blood and expand the skin. Consequently you end up with a tight foreskin. A sensitive glans (head) is a sign of damage. So what you need to do is allow repair to happen. Don't masturbate as much. And when you do masturbate, don't do it for a long time. Too much masturbation (especially with the wrong technique) can also cause micro-tears in the skin, which form scar tissue; scar tissue is less elastic than unscarred tissue. So, make sure you are not using a damaging masturbation technique. Just lightly grip the penis and move the foreskin up and down. Once the inside structure starts to repair, the 3 spongy chambers of the penis will inflate to their proper position and this should expand the outside skin and there will be extra 'give' when trying to pull the foreskin down. In time, it will then be easier to retract the foreskin over the head. Tips to increase penis size and other masculine features: You should do the following from the ages of 14 to 21. 1.Stay lean, thin and muscular with exercise such as running and weights. The easiest way to get in shape is to get up early and go for a 30 minute run each morning. Or in the evening. Make sure to have a cold shower after though to get rid of the excess heat otherwise you will be a bit flustered after. Cold showers also prevent night time ejaculation. 2.Eat and drink well. Cut out artificial sugary drinks. 3.Don't masturbate too much, and when you do, don't damage penis by applying too much pressure Exercise increases testosterone, the male hormone. Weights are especially good for this. Being thin means less cholesterol (the fatty stuff that clogs blood vessels), consequently testosterone is more effective. Being thin also means there is more blood flow to the penis; so when you get spontaneous erections it stretches out the 3 spongy chambers of the penis. See diagram: http://en.academic.ru/dic.nsf/enwiki/265769o Don't masturbate too much as this depletes energy and effects hormone levels. The penis was not designed for the strong pressure of the hand. Over-masturbation is likely to damage the delicate spongy chambers of the penis, especially if you apply a lot of pressure with your hand. This leads to energy being diverted into repairing the penis rather than growth. I would avoid spending time on the computer as this resists the temptation to look at porn and masturbate. Also the electro-magnetic radiation from the monitor is not good for you if your head/brain is too close to it. It can also hinder masculine development of the face leading to a baby face. You should be getting spontaneous erections. Erections are good for expanding out the penis with blood. This happens a lot during sleep. The herb Ginkgo baloba has also been proven to increase blood flow and open up blood vessels. You can buy them in tablet form (just do a google search). So be as thin and muscular as possible. And don't apply too much pressure in masturbating - and don't masturbate excessively. Other masculine traits will result from this too: deep voice, angular jaw, pronounced forehead and big space between eyes. Email me with your progress.
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