What is the best PAPER Japanese-English dictionary?

What is the best PAPER Japanese-English dictionary? Topic: Paper reviews recent
July 16, 2019 / By Cade
Question: No, really. If it's 7lbs, and under $300, I want to know about it. I want a whopping dictionary. For reals. I want this thing to have 200,000 headwords (or close to it), and have an recent edition (1995-2008-ish). Apparently Google is hellbent on showing me online/app dictionaries, and Amazon assumes I want a beginner dictionary. Halp! I know about the New Kenkyu-Sha, but, alas, no one will sell it to a Canadian for less than $300. I vaguely know about the Shokugakan, but Amazon.ca tells me they only have one, and it's a 70s edition with 0 reviews. No. Really. I want a whopping paper one. Maybe I should explain the useage -- translating Japanese novels; stuff like Ramo Nakajima, and Ryu Murakami.
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Aldwin Aldwin | 1 day ago
For my needs, I'm still a student, so I use the Oxford Beginner's English dictionary, and it works fine, however, I've recently gotten into reading Japanese light novels and that dictionary just doesn't cut it for that kind of stuff. (Seriously, I recently ran into the word "jinshu" lately and could not find it in my beginner's dictionary. Apparently, it means a race of people.) So last Christmas, my dad bought me a new dictionary called the Japanese Furigana Dictionary by Kodansha. It might not be what you're looking for, but I think it might be right up your alley. It's certainly helped me out more than once. If you're really, really stuck, this might be your last resort, but you might try using jisho.org. It's really handy, and everyone in the Japanese department at my college knows about it and uses it frequently. I know you said you wanted a paper dictionary, but if you don't end up finding one you like, I would really recommend it. If you have a smartphone or something and can remotely access the Internet, then you're all set.
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Your teacher should have specified if he/she wants you to cite sources or not. If you are citing sources, then you should also site the dictionary as a source. Typically papers are in MLA or APA style, but your teacher should also specifiy which citation style she would like you to use.
Aldwin Originally Answered: When writing a paper, do you have to cite the dictionary?
You should cite the dictionary you used because... A) Every dictionary offers a different definition for the same word (it's been tested and proven). B) You can never lose points for making an extra citation, but you might if you don't.
Aldwin Originally Answered: When writing a paper, do you have to cite the dictionary?
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Talulla Talulla
Yaaay! yet another eastern fan! if you locate your self making an attempt to ascertain how you are able to say it, you'll translate it into eastern characters, and then lookup the characters suitable the following. the most available capture 22 situation is that it is tricky to locate kanji for them. wish it helps!
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