Speaker makes buzzing sound when i turn it on?

Speaker makes buzzing sound when i turn it on? Topic: Make a case seen on tv
July 17, 2019 / By Bevin
Question: This is a two speaker set from genius bought during 2003ish.... worked fine...until suddenly it started to make a buzzing sound like a tv on static... On another note, please dont tell me to replace it.... i will prolly end up doing it but wud like to see if i can solve this problem...i do have two other sound hi fi systems but those are connected to my home theatre....(which is kind of a family thing since we watch movies on it together).... For my pc, i prefer using two speaker systems coz it doesnt disturb other people of the household....
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Ailene Ailene | 2 days ago
Okay, first, be sure it is your speaker. Haul the buzzing unit out to another hi fi system and hook it up. If the buzz is still there, it is for certain the speaker, not the wiring shorting out or the amp you had it hooked to. Lets say it is the speaker once you test it. generally this would mean a bad driver. You can check this if the drivers are cones, by gently puting your hand on each one in turn, and finding the one that is causing the buzz. If you have muffled a buzz, you may have your hand on the problem. listen close by putting your ear at each driver, to make sure the odd sound isn't pervasive. although the sound will travel through the box, you should be able to discern weather the driver itself is stroking out, or if the sound is just penetrating the box from elsewhere. There are obviously other ways of doing this if you are handy, and you will have to be to fix it anyway, because the solution is going to require you to unscrew and remove the bad speaker cone and replace it. You can check the wire connections to the bad sounding cone while your fiddling around in the box, maybe a connector came loose and that is causing the problem. as long as your head is inside the box, look at the crossover. most speakers have a capacitor or two that shoves the right sound to the right cone. better ones also have a microhenry coil to keep signals that are to high from invading your bass driver (the biggest cone) . a bad cap will look a bit bloated up, bulged out, or even blown up and leaking. the coil is usually just a coil of wire wrapped around a form, or an iorn core. if any of that stuff looks funny to you, jot down the the millihenry rating of the coil, or the microfarad rating of the cap, and get ye to radioshack and get new ones to solder in. If it is one of the drivers (the speaker cone assemblies) ,try to get a good match, usually from a online replacement part supplier. youll want one of the same ohm rating, with the same fs number etc. the same free air resonance, and about the same magnet size, at the very least. As not all this info is on the cone (driver), your best bet is to ask for the replacement speaker by model , size, manufacturer, so forth. There are ways to get the info sheets for the speakers, or test them for the three vial numbers that mean you have a good match, but you are not going there, so just ask. if your luck holds, a replacement will get found. But lets say the speaker works fine connected to a second system. Check you speaker wires right from the terminals all the way to the speaker connectors the connections should be solid , unfrayed, and not touching each other. there should be no breaks in the run of the wires. Onto your amp, then. Same principle here. connect a known good speaker to the amp, and see if it goes funny. Keep the volume low, and your hand on the off switch though, just in case its worse than you think. If it is the amplifier (receiver, all in one dvd playing box, whatever it is you have. try several sources, another words try the radio, then the dvd or cd or tape source, whatever. So now you know. Hey, the unit's radio is bad, the unit's tape player is bad, the dvd isnt working right, nothing works right, must just be the amp itself. Now do you fix the amp or replace it? repairs are usually expensive, you will find. It will be cheaper because you can now define for the repair person that it seems to involve the radio,or the dvd, or everything, but you will not like the estimate. Even if it was a speaker cone that needed to go, unless the unit takes a dirt cheap replacement, and you can do it yourself, you may not be camping happy.. Chances are, you are going to go out and just get something that works instead, but these are the basics, whew... .
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Tod Tod
the thrill is 60 cycle line present day. that's some how stepping into your gadget. attempt disconnecting all inputs and outputs. See if the thrill is interior the headphones. Then connect one speaker at a time seeing if the thrill comes back after each. Then artwork your way for the duration of the inputs. the point of this workout is to isolate what's injecting the 60 cycle.
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Tod Originally Answered: My laptop's fan makes a scraping sound when it first starts up?
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