I'm planning on traveling?

I'm planning on traveling? Topic: Old english case systems
June 25, 2019 / By Tucker
Question: I love world culture and I'm thinking to travel in a few years to Japan,Italy and China. I love anime and everything, I just love Japan and same with chine and Italy because they're all beautiful places and i like different cultures. I can speak fluent Italian and Partial Japanese, but I'm not that good. I want to know: ~Do they speak English there? ~Will i need to get more fluent in Japanese and Italian? ~Are basic things expensive? ~How's the money currency? ~What should I bring? ~Advice. Thanks!
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Rhett Rhett | 7 days ago
Of these places I have been to Japan and China Japan: Everyone in Japan learns English, but in my experience, few speak it well enough to actually converse, though in touristy areas most shopkeepers at least speak enough to sell you stuff. I have never been to Japan that I did not speak Japanese, however I do believe it would be challenging to navigate if you did not speak the language. The more of the language you speak, the more you will be able to enjoy your trip in my opinion. Japan is generally more expensive than the United States and Canada are, especially food. When I go, I typically budget $50-60 a day for food if I'm eating out. It is a little overkill, as some places (noodle shops, etc) will be cheaper, however no one ever hurt for over budgeting. Public transit there is also more expensive than most places I have been in the United States. You pay more depending on how far you are going (with trains and subways) and if you accidently overpay you don't get that money back (so be careful). The best advice I can offer anyone travelling in Japan is to bring 2 suitcases, one big and one small. There are several train stations that do not have escalators or elevators but do have a lot of stairs. Whenever I go to Japan, and I am travelling to different locations in Japan, I will pack my small bag with 1-2 days of clothes and ship my big bag to where ever I am going next. There is a service in Japan called Takkyuubin (the symbol is a little black cat, not to be confused with the normal post office). They are in Narita Airport and you can call them to come to your hotel and get your bag. They will ship any package, any weight, anywhere in Japan for $20-$30. (at least this was the case the last time I was in Japan, which was 2009). This way you are not hauling all your luggage all over the country, because the transit system really is not designed for that. On your way home you'll want to ship the bag to the airport 2 days in advance, (they won't do it if your flight is the next day, though the packages almost always arrive the next day). China I have not traveled in China as much as I have Japan, and I was in China in 2004, and was in a more remote area. (Guangxi, a province in southern China). In my experience China is MUCH cheaper than the US, and educated people (and I have heard shopkeepers in touristy areas) do speak English. However, where I was there were more people who did not speak English than did (In the area I was in some of the older people did not even speak Mandarin!). One issue I can think of though is people will see you're not Chinese and jack up the prices to rip you off. If there is no posted price, do not be afraid to haggle. That's all I can think of off the top of my head. Hope it helps
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Jona Jona
Some Chinese people can speak English,but a lot of them afraid to speak English because they think they speak it fluently and do not have a correct pronounciation. If you want to know more about china travel,here is a website you can browser lvpad.com
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