If you are experienced with applying for jobs, I need your help?

If you are experienced with applying for jobs, I need your help? Topic: Short essay on the newspaper
June 25, 2019 / By Enoch
Question: I am very gifted in the areas of Writing (fiction, editing, and essays), Still Photography, and I am a Musician (I play guitar). The only problem is that I don't have a degree or any job experience. I desperately need a job and money using those talents. Please help, what do you think I should do? In case you need to know, I am 19 years old.
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Best Answers: If you are experienced with applying for jobs, I need your help?

Cody Cody | 6 days ago
Alex, Don't let anyone say you can't. The task can be simpler than you think. You just need to be prepared to "give away" a small portion of your life. When looking for a job, you don't through out your bait and wait for a bite. Rather than a fishing trip, you make it a hunting trip and follow these basic steps: 1) Write on a piece of paper what your goals are. Short - 1 year, Medium - 5 years, Long - 20 years and tape it to your fridge. 2) Identify what your obstacles to this task are. Write them down and scratch them off as you clear them. 3) Identify your mentors. Look to the people already doing what you want to do and ask for direction. Most will be only too happy to give it. 4) Draw yourself a little thumbnail map from your chair to the goal and mark off the milestones as you pass them. 5) In this case, go to a newspaper and sign on as an intern. Let them know you have two weeks or a month of your life to give them, no charge in exchange for learning the ropes. If you get a rejection, go to their competition until you have the bottom of the ladder in your grasp.
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Cody Originally Answered: Question about applying for jobs?
I'd go in with a resume. If they direct you to the website thank them and ask them if you can drop off your resume too. This would give them both a face, and a written name to associate with it. It also gives you a feel for the place and often the manager. You can also go in a couple days after you fill out an online application, let them know you've filled out an application, possibly drop off your resume then and let them ask you a few questions.
Cody Originally Answered: Question about applying for jobs?
I enjoyed it. jogs my memory of the Jack interior the container advertisement with the stressful "new guy" who keeps interrupting Jack. finally Jack gets on the intercom and says "Get the hot guy..." he interrupts and says "a corner workplace" and Jack says "a severance equipment." LOL That one rather cracks me up!

Antuan Antuan
I'm not trying to discourage you, but you aren't going to find much in those areas that you can live on (and I presume that's your goal). Have you thought of trying a newspaper's advertising department? You might be able to help write ads. Mostly it would probably be more customer service, but you might have some creative outlet.What sorts of skills do youy have that people will pay you for? You might think about customer service, sales, administration, purchasing, that type of thing.
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Antuan Originally Answered: Are jobs posted on staffing agencies' websites fake jobs?
Yes I quite agree. Some agencies definitely do this just for the purpose of building and refining their on call "client" database, when no job is actually is available. When a prospective employer does contact them they usually refer their best candidates from that database. I have had mixed relations with these staffing agencies; some work well for you and others simply don't. I do believe it is best to have yourself registered with various agencies though and I would highly recommend placing your resume on file at various government personnel departments and larger corporations (many are online) and regularly checking in to update your applications.
Antuan Originally Answered: Are jobs posted on staffing agencies' websites fake jobs?
To add to the 3 great answers already, the reason that the staffing agencies don't list their clients' names, is because they are afraid that candidates will apply with the client directly. If that happens, then the staffing agency will lose their commission. I agree that it doesn't hurt to register with multiple agencies. If you are a quality candidate that just gives you more choices of jobs. But with agencies it is hit or miss; most of the employees who work for staffing agencies are on commission, so they will place anyone with anything. I worked for one as an admin and some of those jobs were horrible. On the flip side, some of the candidates that came in look like they just walked in from their prostitution job!

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