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June 16, 2019 / By Kelsi
Question: My husband and I have our first year wedding anniversary coming up in a five days. We don't have much money right now this is what we have planned: Eat our wedding cake we froze last year Watch our wedding video Go redeem a gift certificate at the italian restaurant that catered our wedding reception Visit a local winery Open a bottle of wine we bought on our honeymoon last year and toast each other I don't have any money to buy him a expensive gift. The first year anniversary gift is paper. Would a nice card with a a handwritten poem in the card meet the traditional paper gift? Thanks for your help. My husband says that he does not need a gift, he said he has me. :) He would appreciate anything I give him.
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Iscah Iscah | 8 days ago
First off, congratulations. Second, a poem would work if he's into that. But,know that not everyone needs a gift. Simply being with him should be pleasure enough. If you absolutely want to give him something, you can always try origami. A simple piece of art that looks quite lovely. He will no doubt love how much work it took to make him that.
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Elinor Elinor
Don’t be boring when looking at an Anniversary gift idea! The trick to a really cool gift is to make it thoughtful and fun. Finding a gift that brings back memories of your time together is a great idea. One suggestion is to select 12-18 of your favorite photos and use these to create a Photo Collage Puzzle. This is pretty much as personalized as you can get and is a lovely way to spend an evening together solving the puzzle. Once the puzzle is completed, it makes a great keepsake and reminder of these good times. Many couples make this a tradition each Anniversary and use the photo collage puzzle as a way of celebrating their good times together. You can find out more about these Photo Collage Puzzles at Jigsaw2order.com
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Chloe Chloe
Congratulations: Your evening sounds perfect! Spending money on each other when times are tight is not what makes an anniversary special. The night that is planned is what does. Togetherness and great conversations will keep you happy for yours too come. The one thing that I might add is a pair of movie tickets to something he would enjoy. Have a great anniversary and I hope this helps, Denise
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Astra Astra
We basically celebrated our a million year anniversary at an exceptionally beneficial lodge in Ocean city Maryland (the sea coast). We went to an exceptionally beneficial dinner and that i took our cake, our team spirit candle (alongside with a ton of different candles, and that i even used my wedding ceremony night underclothes. The lodge gave us a bottle of Champagne and a dozen pink roses.
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Abagail Abagail
Another lovely "paper" gift would be a nice picture of you, or of you and him, that you have taken in the last year ( maybe on vacation or???) and have it enlarged to a 5x7 and frame it. You could enlarge it your self like at Target, and get a nice metal frame, all for under $10.00.
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