Wedding RSVP card wording?

Wedding RSVP card wording? Topic: How to write a wedding invitation
June 16, 2019 / By Will
Question: I'm supposed to design wedding invitations for my brother but I don't know what the RSVP card should say. Normally I would just copy from the internet, but all the ones I've found are in "fill in the blanks" format where you would have to mail those cards back. I'm planning on just including a phone number and email address because I think most guests would rather have it that way anyways. Please help me since I'm really bad with words! Instead of writing "please call or email me back by May 20", what can I write to make it sound more fancy and formal? Thank you!
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Scotty Scotty | 1 day ago
How about R.s.v.p. with the phone number and the email address below? But unless whoever answers the phone, takes the message off the answering machine, or reads the email is a good reliable secretary and marks the name of the responder off a list so they know who is coming, I'd say the mail-in cards have the advantage of making it easier to keep track. And anyone who can't be bothered to mail a card in obviously isn't real eager to attend the wedding. Why provide them with a free dinner?
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Nedabiah Nedabiah
the main gracious, maximum foolproof approach, is purely to place R.s.v.p. on the invitation, alongside along with your telephone selection and e mail. Your return handle, of direction, is already on the outer envelope. Forgo the nasty little playing cards. For one element, they're undesirable etiquette using fact they advise that your travellers have not got their own social stationery. For a 2d element, they're ineffective using fact people who won't telephone or e mail or write their own little word are not going to fill in the variety, besides. Thirdly, they inconvenience your travellers, maximum of whom have a techniques extra handy get right of entry to to an e mail programme or a telephone than they do to a letter-container. and finally, they undermine social intercourse by using changing a verbal replace that would enable you to truly replace innovations, with a bureaucratic little fill-in-the-blanks variety it is unquestionably mis-interpreted or mis-utilized. ========================== by the form, R.s.v.p. playing cards are a quite modern innovation. center-elderly family individuals individuals who formed their expectancies of wedding ceremony etiquette in the 1970's and 1980's may be able to think of (mistakenly) that such playing cards are ultimate variety, yet those persons whose memories bypass back some a protracted time longer can remember whilst those playing cards have been being flogged as "a handy innovation for the modern bride" -- and how stressful we got here upon them even then. do not make the errors of thinking that purely using fact some thing is undemanding, that it incredibly is classic. incredibly the alternative. look at what number coarse, unsavory practices -- from charging travellers funds to attend to having the groom pull off the bride's garter together with his the teeth -- have become particularly undemanding.
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Nedabiah Originally Answered: I need examples of what to write on wedding invitations and rsvp cards?
Hi. I really don't think this will be a problem. The RSVP cards I get look like this: M ____________________ number attending ____ No, I'm sorry we cannot attend. ____ (Or something similar). If you invite: Mr. and Mrs. John Jackson, obviously, they will come as a couple and will not bring someone else. I have never heard of that. It's how you address the envelope (invite) itself. If you are allowing your co-workers who are single to bring a guest, then address the invitation envelope as: Mr. Dan Thompson and Guest. Then, he has the opportunity of checking "2" will attend, or, if he cannot find a date, he will write in a "1" will attend. I don't think you need to worry about couples dragging someone else along. Yes, if you do not want a single person to bring a guest (due to space limitations), then address the invite simply to them: Mr. Dan Smith and leave the "and guest" off of the invitation ENVELOPE. The RSVP card should be the same for everyone.
Nedabiah Originally Answered: I need examples of what to write on wedding invitations and rsvp cards?
The first names that go on the invitation are the hosts. Most of the time that's the bride's parents. But if the bride and groom are paying themselves, there's no need to list the parents' names. Here's how I did mine: mr and mrs john jones request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter jane marie jones to robert george smith on the 25th of april, two thousand eleven at four o'clock in the afternoon on the lawn of the warwick country club warwick, ri reception immediately following at ruth's chris steakhouse north kingstown, ri on the response card, here's what you do: M__________________________ (this is so the guest can write in their own name and their date's) ___ accepts with pleasure ______declines with regret choice of meal: ___ beef ___ chicken ___ salmon if the reception is in a separate venue from the ceremony, you will need to enclose another card with directions to the reception.

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