I want to go up a bra size?

I want to go up a bra size? Topic: How to write a one time pad
June 16, 2019 / By Sloan
Question: I'm 15 going on 16 and I'm fed up with how my body is. I've tried everything. Weight gain, exercise, eating right, and more. I have my period and all that crap, but I don't understand how all of my body is just perfect and my chest looks like I've only just started growing it. I'm white and 5'6 I weigh around 128 pounds. I fit A cups, but I wear padded bras. It's pissing me off because my boobs did start growing early (arund 10.) And I will not consider surgery beacuase I am too young and I don't want a crappy job done to my chest. Are there any methods or such, any special herbs? Please help me, it's embarrasing enough just writing it down. And I don't know it time can make it bigger.
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Orrell Orrell | 5 days ago
ok I know its really embarresing to ask this but its not that bad. Models have small chest, and they look good. Im 16, and really thin, and I don't mind it..and I too will NOT consider surgery because that is wayy to extreme. I don't know of any herbs that make your bra size bigger, but your can visually fill you out by emphansizing it. My suggestion: -Buy a bra with a little bit of padding to make you look a little bigger. -Buy shirts that have interesting details near the chest, to help visually fill you out (as I read in Seventeen mag) -Wear V-necks, and halter tops. -Wear layers of necklaces to add dimension (As I read in Seventeen mag :) ) Your not the only one with a small chest in the world so don't feel embarresed or fed up.
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Orrell Originally Answered: What is the average weight, bra size, shoe size for a 16 year old girl who is 5'5?
I'm 16 and 5'5 as well... You are the perfect weight, you have smaller feet, and you have a larger bra size but there's no average in that case. 16 year old girls have anywhere from A to C cup (maybe D) and that doesn't mean anything in relation to your height or anything.

Lem Lem
i was a 34 b until i was 22 now i am a 34 d and i didn't get surgery they just grew. I would let mother nature take it's course. I sell bras and the grass is always greener on the other side. the small chested girls all want big breasts and the big busted wish they were smaller. Until they grow you could alway get a liquid or gel filled bra I have seen several that are really nice and they add a cup size. Fredericks of Hollywood carries some nice enhancing bras good luck
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Jafet Jafet
I'm 14 and I barely have B cups, while every other girl around me can fill a C bra (I live in a society where girls develop VERY early, and very exaggeratedly). I'm extremely conscious of my chest, and in seventh grade, I had this phase where I would just look at other girls' chests and compare my own. It really gets you down, and it's not healthy to be so conscious about boobs. Herbs and creams swell your breasts so they get very sensitive and it makes the skin saggy and terrible. Don't try them. What's made me feel better is that I've noticed big boobs aren't really "in" -- models don't seem to be able to fill much of a training bra nowadays. Do the other females in your family have larger breasts? If so, you'll grow into them. Otherwise, be conformant with your small breasts, because it's apparently sexy. Breasts aren't what make a woman, afterall.
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Fletcher Fletcher
Best thing I'd say is wait it out. Be confident about yourself. It'll do wonders for you. If you still feel the same way when your an adult then maybe you can take action then. For now just really wear your confidence out there. Boobs arent everything.
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