I need to do something different.advice?

I need to do something different.advice? Topic: How to french braid different styles of writing
June 16, 2019 / By Lewis
Question: so i have brownish red hair that goes to about my chest area its not very thick but its not to thin either i have straight hair with side bangs i dont have any ideas on what i can do with it so its usually just down any ideas? please expain how to do each style thanks so much
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Japhet Japhet | 9 days ago
my new thing is a side pony tail . it's really cute if you put a little bit of curl into it too , and leave just a tiny strand on the opposite side and curl it lightly . or you could do a half up half down style , but instead of just pulling your hair back and clipping it or whatever you decide to do , i like to use bobby pins to do it , but like i was saying is to push up the back of the part that is up , so there is a little hump . it looks really good like that . use a little hair spray too . also , take a shower at night , get someone to do two french braids and sleep in them , not too tight sort of loose , and when you wake up your hair will be really pretty with tons of curls ! write me back if you need anymore !
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Frazer Frazer
You could try curling and straightening your hair. Like, use a scrunching gel for curling, and a hair straightener or blow dryer for straightening. Also, experiment with different accessories. Like, sweep your hair up into a ponytail. Using a claw clip, clip up the ponytail so your hair falls over it. It looks like a very cool messy bun. Hope I helped :)
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Dee Dee
Chop it all off. That's what I just did, and I feel like a whole new person. Now it just barely brushes my shoulders.
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Bartholomew Bartholomew
http://www.coolbuddy.com/wallpapers/INDCELEB/indceleb_home.htm Visit here there are many indian actresses here try some eastern style
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