What makes changes that improve a work?

What makes changes that improve a work? Topic: Procedure writing paper
July 17, 2019 / By Dob
Question: 1.)Paraphrase 2.)Revise 3.)comparison 4.)Parliamentary Procedure 5.)Roget's Thesaurus 6.)Dewey Decimal System
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Best Answers: What makes changes that improve a work?

Boniface Boniface | 5 days ago
All of the above can improve a work. I find that revision does the most, but with the help of the Thesaurus, and all the others. The Dewey Decimal System is the order in which books in a library are categorized. Roget's Thesaurus gives one words that have the same, or similar, meanings, and sometimes opposite meanings. To paraphrase is to rephrase someone else's words in your own way. To revise, is one of the most important parts in writing a paper (or anything else)
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