Atheists gave humanity nuclear weapons, marxism, communism, eugenics, etc. so how can they claim to be morally superior?

Atheists gave humanity nuclear weapons, marxism, communism, eugenics, etc. so how can they claim to be morally superior? Topic: Update based on case statement
June 25, 2019 / By Verthandi
Question: Don't give me that crap it was only them or they were not true atheists or religions have done much worse. That's all bullshit. Nothing more than a No true Scotsman and Tu quoque FALLACY. The assertion that an atheist is one who lacks belief in God or gods is in itself a claim so I call bullshit on statement that atheists "don't claim anything.". Claim: state or assert that something is the case @Good without God, you're twisting history. The atomic bomb was created at the Manhattan Project which was directed by J. Robert Oppenheimer who was an atheist. Atheists love to twist history and scapegoat religions and religious people. The Manhattan project scientists were Christians. That's another bullshit lie. More twisting of History. Larned B. Asprey<-- atheist J. Robert Oppenheimer<-- atheist Enrico Fermi<-- atheist Hans Albrecht Bethe <--atheist Leó Szilárd<-- atheist Richard Feynman<-- atheist Isidor Isaac Rabi<-- converted to atheism @Nous, i'm NOT a Christian but thanks for proving atheists such as yourself don't have the ability to think logically. @Dis-Enchante-d, the statements the atheists made here in the answers section about what an atheist is are in fact assertions so you are a LIAR. Assertion: a confident and forceful statement of fact or belief. Good without God <-- is a Liar for twisting history. Nous<-- is a Liar for stating the scientists on the bomb were Christians. Dis-Enchante-d<-- Is a Liar for stating atheists don't make assertions. The FACTS contradict every single statement an atheist here has made. FACTs DON'T CEASE TO EXIST BECAUSE THEY ARE IGNORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Best Answers: Atheists gave humanity nuclear weapons, marxism, communism, eugenics, etc. so how can they claim to be morally superior?

Serenity Serenity | 1 day ago
Theists have always tried to argue that Einstein was a theist, and being the one who came up with the Bomb the beginning of your point is a wrong. However western societies had morals and rules based on those long before Europeans brought their God's across the seas. So it is a Fact you don't need a God to have morals of any kind. Which makes it extremely saddening that theists need a God to tell them to not rape someone or murder them, while someone like me knows that a person shouldn't do it at all. Any reply done in the form of an update will automatically be invalid. Want to discuss then stop hiding you chicken. Oh look they replied in an update and I stated it automatically would be invalid however the point they made is literally invalid. Only a fool would try to stand above others and hide...here we have the king/queen of fools.
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Ona Ona
Why are you so uneducated or are you just Lying? The scientist on the bomb were Christian! The majority of communism of all sorts are CHRISTIAN! You just prove why Christianity is becoming totally discredited whether it is ignorance or lies!
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Maegan Maegan
Did you forget to take your crazy pills this morning? We don't claim or assert anything. We simply don't believe in any gods. And where on earth are you getting your information? christianityisawesomeatheismsucks.com ?
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Kerenhapuch Kerenhapuch
Your ignorance and desperation is quite evident. Atheists do not claim moral superiority as Theism presents that the idea that Atheists have no morality. Try comparing Theocracies with that which you claim is Atheistic in nature.
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Jackie Jackie
Christian: "God Exists". Atheist: "I don't believe you". Asshole: "Then why did Atheists give humanity nuclear weapons, Marxism, Communism, eugenics, etc?"
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Jackie Originally Answered: In Islam it's said that allah gave the torah and the gospel.He then gave the koran because the previous two?
You are so right. Also if the quran was indeed from allah why does it fail to convince the whole world that it's really written by allah? For. Ex. the theory of Gravity is convincing enough that everyone believes in it. Allah is just an an Arabic name for god.It does not refer to The God. God says that He is the god of Abraham, Issac and Jacob and not Ismael. Thus allah is not the God but a pagan god. Allahuakbar lies that Elohim means "elahi" Elohim is the plural of Eloh which in Hebrew mean God. Like Elohim, there are other names that refer to the God like Yahweh, I AM, El, Shaddai, Adonai etc but it's not allah. The Arab Christians through coercion were brainwashed to say allah. Before Mohammad the people used to call God as Ilah and at times till this day they call God as Rab. Like I said before allah is just a generic name that means god but it does not refer to the God of Israel. Just like water which is called aqua in Latin, L'eau in French it all means water but it does not mean pure water.

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