I need a Male Teenager's Mind here please?

I need a Male Teenager's Mind here please? Topic: How to write a romantic book
July 16, 2019 / By Lavena
Question: Hey! I'm writing a book that consists of two perspectives, one being like myself, a girl, and the other is a guy. I don't really have any male friends because I'm too shy and quiet. I need to get to know your mind and body and soul, lol. Just so that it can be easier for me to write in the male perspective. I may or may not need answers from the "bad boy" type of guy. Oh! And you should be between 16-21 years old please! Here are some questions: 1. What do you think most of the time? (The down to earth guys please haha) 2. What's your ideal date? 3. Biggest turn off/ turn on? 4. Describe your feelings for a girl you'd be totally in love with. 5. What are your thoughts on true love? 6. How would you treat your girlfriend? 7. If your girl wasn't ready "ready", what would you do and say? 8. What goes through your mind when kissing (including passionately) a girl? 9. What would you do/how would you feel if someone hurt and/or insulted your girl? 10. What's THE most romantic thing you've ever done for a girl? Feel free to add more? Advice appreciated haha. Thanks guys!
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Jocelin Jocelin | 7 days ago
I am 17. I'll try to answer these as honest as possible, but I will admit I am no where near a "Bad Boy". 1. I generally think about what responsibilities are in my future, whether it be picking up my nephew or ensuring everyone's prepared for the day ahead. 2. Ideal date, well..It all depends on the gal. My ideal date is a quiet night full moon going for a drive to the river and spending a night under the stars talking in the bed of my truck. 3. Turn on, self respect and the ability to enjoy each others company(Including but not limited to: Having a decent ideal of current events, so you can carry a conversation on without it being repetitive.) I don't find "Trashy" clothes appealing, leave a little to the imagination. 4. I get swirlies in my stomach when I'm around her. My feelings for her wouldn't be explainable as she'd be the one who fulfills the desire for companionship, and your blind to any fault they have because your eyes aren't like others, you find every flaw another reason to love her. 5. I believe love does exist, and I've found it and yet to let it go after the end of the relationship. I believe everyone should experience it, but not the heartbreak the follows. 6. I treat every girl as a lady should be treated. If you can't stand to see her in sweatpants and a hoodie then you don't deserve to unveil her in white. I always leave them with a good night and a sweet dreams, and text them in the morning before she wakes up so her day starts out bright. I tell her how much she means to me,and show it to her when we're together 7. I would tell her this and exactly this:" Baby your my world, my rock and if your not ready then I stand beside you 100%. I fell in love with you as a person,and one day when we're both ready,it'll happen." 8. Well normally It's just thinking about the kiss, if you're thinking about something else then your partners doing it wrong :) 9. I'd defend her, unless she clearly wanted to handle it herself. I am really protective. And to see her hurt,and down would break me and push me past my capacity of any sort of rational resolution. 10. Most romantic..I actually do a walk down memory lane for one of my exs on our 2nd year Anniversary..I enjoyed doing it just as much as she loved it.
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Gabriella Gabriella
17 year old male. 1. Same for girls im guessing, get a job, leave the parents house. 2. Not a dater, because that stuff is just casual, everyday stuff too me. 3. Turn on: The girl, herself. Turn off: Somebody ruining a good moment. 4. Im a man of science, i cant explain why my stomach and chest just compresses to the point i cant breathe anymore when i think of the girl id be totally in love with, all i can say is i know what it means, and id never mess it up. 5. I don't believe in true love, i believe that when you get the feeling you want to be with someone forever, don't ever let them go. 6. How would you treat yourself if you could, now think of how you would treat someone you love more than yourself by 100 fold, that's how you should treat her.. but no smothering :) 7. I made my ex girlfriend mad because i didn't sleep with her because i was trying to show her i was there for her company, not to get laid. i felt used laugh out loud :) 8. A state of ecstasy, purely in the moment with her, in body and mind. 9. I start too cry when i think of stuff like that... insult her, id break my hand over their head every time i saw them, until she told me otherwise. and i would still be on my knees begging her, to let me string him up in my front yard for a week. 10. Everything i can think of to make her smile Advice: Don't ever underestimate the compassion a guy can feel for a girl. Ever
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Davinia Davinia
1. I am down to earth but I am a teenager and lately my thoughts consist of sex. Sexual things, really. I think about my girlfriend a lot :3 and music. 2. Just something where she can be comfortable. Like eating takeout in her bedroom and watching a horror film xD 3. Um this is hard..confidence is a big turn on. 4. She put everything in perspective...makes me want to be a better person. She makes me try, motivates me, pulls me out of my shell. She makes me incredibly happy, like I'm the ruler of the universe...on top of the world. Everything about her is beautiful 5. It's something you should try with 6. I treat her very well. She's my number 1 lady. 7. I would say its fine and that I'm not going to pressure her 8. I'm honestly nothing. It's all sensory. In all honestly probably my dick xD I'm sorry 9. I would be absolutely pissed. I don't know what I'd do, but I would be beyond pissed. 10. I bought her a bouquet of roses and put a fake one in the middle and told her I'd love her till the last one dies. Edit: Wow "just sex"? So everyone is just assuming that all males are just mindless sex zombies? That sounds cool for a movie or something, but in reality it's not like that. I have legitimate thoughts and feelings and you can't tell me some girls are all about sex xD (By the way, I'm sorry for my English. My native tongue is Russian)
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Brenna Brenna
All the male answers to this question are sex. Trust me. Edit: Darius yeah it's called hormones, and I'm right. A majority of guys your age are like this, glad you're one of the few that isn't but sorry, it's true! Or you just have a lack of testosterone.
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