What would be your thesis on humanity given.,?

What would be your thesis on humanity given.,? Topic: Thesis analysis
June 16, 2019 / By Karenza
Question: My sources are Sense and Sensibility and Krapp's Last Tape. I think the parameter for this thesis is how should people lived. Any inputs would be great.
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Best Answers: What would be your thesis on humanity given.,?

Harmonie Harmonie | 9 days ago
i think that is a fine summation. your analysis is so fabulous and concise, i think you have it under complete control and need no further input from this section. furthermore, you have achieved a complete grasp of the pertinent issues needing to be covered with ease and finesse.
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Harmonie Originally Answered: I now have less faith in humanity than six months ago. Why?
Interesting point of view you are dealing with. First thing you need to understand. Humans are Fallible. To put your faith in creatures that by their very definition err to the side of personal benefit will be a let down every time. Man is a creature that spends a short time on earth in comparison to so many other things and leaves behind very little of value except what he passes to his offspring, and his faith. However, men judge one another constantly, whether it's their right to do so, or their personal vendettas. You want faith that man will survive another thousand years, then there are several things you must do. Personally, I'm a Christ-follower, but I say to you find something bigger then man itself to have faith in. For Generalizations, Fight them. If you know not everything made in a blanket statement is true, stand up against it, point out the error in the thinking of others. As for Answers on here. Remember, your voice is one voice of many, and not everyone thinks, acts, or does things the same. This will bring different experiences, strife's, and hurts into how people answer. All you can do, is voice your own opinion, and sometimes, maybe just one person out of a million will see and understand. That is the faith that exists for man. That sometimes, one voice, makes the difference, for one person or a thousand.
Harmonie Originally Answered: I now have less faith in humanity than six months ago. Why?
Two things: 1. There are lots of great people on here who are the exact opposite of the examples you gave. 2. There is a whole world outside of Y!A. While I think that those of us who are only ourselves on here are more honest than we would be in real life, there are also a lot of trolls, and you just never know which are which. I've been on Y!A for over three years... but sometimes I have to take a break from the insanity.
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• Kathryn Wilhelmina Boyd: you're a witty spitfire of a woman with comebacks for just about each and every thing. At twenty 3 years previous, you have already revealed an edgy, hilarious e book approximately feminism. Your hair is auburn, long, and curly. Your eyes are blue-eco-friendly. you say you do not want a guy on your life, yet secretly, you yearn for the "All American" life and family participants. Ryan gosling • After 2 years of relationship, you 2 tie the knot. You provide delivery to a girl a year later. Her first call the two has 4 letters or is one syllable. Her midsection call leads to "-ora". might Auroura • whilst your daughter is two, you provide delivery to twin boys. Their names may be in spite of, yet their initials might desire to be inverse of the different. (E.g. ok. R. and R. ok.) Bentley Ryder and Rylan Bennett • Your daughter is seven and your twins are 5 once you provide delivery on your very final toddler, a woman. Her first call starts off with a Y or Z and her midsection call is after your mom. Zainie Grace
Harmonie Originally Answered: I now have less faith in humanity than six months ago. Why?
-When I was on vacation, I saw children picking up trash that had been left on the beach. -I have seen people share, recently. -I have been and know people who are kind to strangers, animals and the Earth. Yes, much of humanity is disgraceful, but some of it is good. Take a look around at the people who stop to comfort a crying child or to feed a stray dog. People are capable of doing good and making good decisions. People are also capable of doing bad things and destroying the Earth. It is a choice that each one of us make daily. Make your decision count.

Harmonie Originally Answered: How has shakespeare advanced humanity?
Shakespeare has advanced humanity in many ways that need to be observed carefully and with diligence to get the fullness of all his grandeur works. Shakespeare once said that man is not immortal and the only way for man to live on was through poetry/written works. Apart from advancements and the beginnings of theatre/broadway it is said Shakespeare gives advance to modern soap operas, mexican novelas, and some sitcoms. By developing the use of his iambic pentameter along with the double pun which consisted of latin based roots of a word to intend a pun in latin while also intending a pun in english. Shakespeare's plays live on an continue to challenge mankind in the never ending search for the true inner meaning and aside connotations that baffle amateurs and excite experts. I hope this helps my AP English teacher is a Shakespeare nut and I'm glad I retained all this information it has served me well.
Harmonie Originally Answered: How has shakespeare advanced humanity?
Well with the invention of the printing press Shakespeare was one of the authors to help stabalize the english language. We can understand what Shakespeare is saying even though it is difficult, but we cannot nessicarly read a book such as beowulf. There was a huge shift in the changing of language at that time.

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