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June 16, 2019 / By Gabi
Question: I'm 14 years old. I have depersonalization disorder (diagnosed twice) and I guess that can make you like....have like existential angst and stuff. I need some help please. I'm extremely negative. I seriously hate the world and think it's a terrible place. All of it. I know that sounds terrible, but come on....it's ****. Where's the love? The passion? The fun? The happiness? Wheres the point even? There is none. Life is meaningless if life even exists that is. For all we know, this could be some sort of illusion. I wish there was proof. Even if there was I could easily deny that proof as well. Reality just doesn't make sense to me. Life doesn't. I don't understand why I'm here and I don't understand where "here" really is. I don't think anyone does, but I think about it more than others. I can't live until I know why I'm living to begin with or if I'm living. I need answers. If God were here right now...came up to me..and told me why I was here and how...I bet I'd deny his existence as well or I'd start questioning why he exists. Why anything and everything was here. Why I feel things. Why I think. What thinking is. I'm scared to die even though I know life is pointless. Death seems like a scary thing. I won't be able to think when I'm dead. I'd want to think though. I'd want to try to figure out what death was...while I'm dead. Does that even make any sense? I always thought death would solve everything. Like death would be amazing, but I'd still exist. Part of me would still be on this earth. My "matter" I guess you could call it? I don't know. You can't throw my remains off of earth. Even if you could, I'd still be part of the universe. You can't get rid of me. I'm here, I'll always be here whether I'm able to think or not, I'll always exist therefore death doesn't really resolve anything. And I mean...what if theres an afterlife? I always thought that would be great, but then I would never really die. My mind or soul would just keep living, and I'd still be able to think about question everything. Part of me would. I would still rather have an afterlife then just die. Plus, wouldn't we run out of things to do? Or maybe we wouldn't. there might be past lives? Well, I can't remember those if they do exist. I'm sure very few people can. Maybe that means we won't run out of things to do because we won't remember doing them? Does memory have like an expiration date? Does it restart itself or something? I don't get it. I feel so unreal right now. I feel numb. I feel like maybe I'm right...maybe nothing really exists. I feel meaningless. I feel nothing physically and my mind is going blank. I'm dying on the inside. Even when I can't think, I still think too much. I still get anxious. I hate how other people can just ignore this, and I cannot. I don't know why I'm asking this. your words and answers don't even exist : ( I feel things, but my feelings aren't real, but they aren't as people make them out to be? i think therefore i am. dammit. thinking ain't even real. knowing im thinking isn't real. My thoughts aren't real. eiosigofdgjfgiheifthrohrtohfdt help me? Gah I make no sense. :/ I know some people question why they're here and stuff and the meaning of life, but I personally deny everything. I see things, but the seeing doesn't make sense to me. I mean yeah...well maybe seeing isn't real. It doesn't feel real. Everything looks fake. I can't even explain it. ihdsptgfhdghfdg0 dammit. I sound whiny, but this is making me very depressed. Seriously I know people will say I think therefore I am but fhdhdfs thats just not enough
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Daryl Daryl | 7 days ago
First, I do not think you are crazy. I believe your mind goes in different directions than most people. True, there are mental disorders. That said, if you dig deep enough, you find everything causes cancer. There is a medical name for almost every situation. Whether it reflects an actual disease is another matter. Second, death does not help. I believe death is the end of all mental activity. Third, I believe you are hungry for information, and see death as a way to obtain it. Also, you may see death as a relief from your present situation. I would remind you that you are only fourteen years old. In my opinion, most people go through a questioning period in their lives, and in time they find satisfactory answers. You are merely an unusual extreme. All that said, I went through a similar time in my life, and can give you some of the answers I found. The questions you posit have elaborate answers, far too complicated for what I can write tonight. I can write a simplified version of the answers, in the hope it could be of service. You began by doubting everything, even you own existence. You are looking for something you cannot doubt. I believe there are three statements that fit that standard. The first statement is that the universe exist. It could be that you do not believe the people around you are real. It could be that you think that you are sleeping somewhere, dreaming of the world. If that were true, then you would have to admit that you exist, sleeping somewhere. You cannot say that the universe does not exist; we are having this conversation, and even if you do not believe I exist, you cannot deny you are imagining me, or your own existence. The question is whether the world as you see it is real, or not. The short answer is yes, it is real. I hope that you can arrive at your own proof here. The second statement is that consciousness is conscious. For any rock, if I work, I may come up with rules that would predict behavior in all circumstances. I cannot do that for a mind. Humans have free will, which means that there is a limit to what I can predict. I can offer a fruit to a person, and merely knowing he is human will not tell me whether he will eat the fruit. He may choose based on whim. This goes beyond knowing whether he is hungry or not (or any particular circumstance of this particular human) There are limits to what you can properly say of the mind; even those limits have something of a gray area. This is a complicated idea, and books have been written on this subject. I must go now. Like I said before, all humans question everything at one point in their lives, and you merely are one extreme. I know that in time you will find your answers.
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Daryl Originally Answered: Creationist, you wouldn't take marriage advice from a priest so why would you take science advice from a?
I saw this a few years ago - it's about Critical Thinking... The best answer I ever saw was Duckphup: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Ai3jG_29d8sCqohl52oB5o_sy6IX?qid=20070902014145AAH9y93&show=7#profile-info-I8hOvtc7aa “I think that it is really a matter of 'critical thinking' ability. Religion simply cannot withstand the glaring light of critical thought... it just evaporates... poof. It's very simple, really... even though it's taken me a very long time to figure this out. I have been guilty of 'projecting'... 'anthropmorphizing'. I used to think that 'critical thinking' was an innate human ability. I thought that since I did it, then everybody could do it... and DID do it. I was badly mistaken. Critical thinking is NOT an innate human ability. It must be LEARNED... and in order to learn it, you must have the capacity... the potential... to learn it. Unfortunately, it seems that most (around 85%) of the adult population of the USA does not even know what critical thinking IS... much less actually know how to actually DO it. Part of the problem has to do with the US public education system... it is designed to create 'employees'... not 'thinkers'. It is even possible to get an advanced college degree... even a degree in one of the 'fuzzy' sciences... and STILL have not heard of 'critical thinking'. Unless you have an advanced degree in one of the 'hard' sciences, it is very unlikely that you will possess any critical thinking skills. In other words, apart from the 'hard' sciences, anyone who manages to acquire critical thinking skills does so IN SPITE OF their schooling... not BECAUSE of it. The rest of the problem seems to be related to intelligence. There have been around 40 studies over the past 80 years which revel a statistically significant INVERSE correlation between intelligence and religiosity... in ofher words, the LESS intelligent a person is, the MORE likely that person is to harbor supernatural (religious) beliefs. Conversely, the MORE intelligent a person is, the LESS likely that person is to harbor religious beliefs. From my observations, the CAPACITY (potential) for learning critical thinking skills does not even EXIST until you get up around an IQ of 125 or so. While it took me decades to figure this out, religious leaders have been aware it for centuries. The Luther quotes serve as an example of this... but he certainly was not alone in this view: "Reason is the greatest enemy that faith has; it never comes to the aid of spiritual things, but... more frequently than not... struggles against the divine Word, treating with contempt all that emanates from God." ~ Martin Luther Religious 'shepherds' KNOW that their 'flock' (sheeple) are scientifically ignorant and incapable of critical thinking. They KNOW that they find 'scientific' sources' to be intimidating and incomprehensible. These puppet-masters KNOW that their flock (victims) will seek their 'knowledge' from 'trusted' sources... the very-same puppet-masters. When the sheeple hear things like 'scientists claim that humans and apes shared a common ancestor, in the distant past', they experience 'cognitive dissonance'... this information is in conflict with the 'truth' that they have believed for their whole lives. So... where do they go to resolve this cognitive dissonance?... Scientists?... NO! They go to their 'trusted' sources... the sources who KNOW that they have been taught WHAT to think... they have not been taught HOW to think. Sources who KNOW that they can lie, obfuscate, misrepresent with impunity... with absolutely NO RISK that their minions will seek out independent, peer-reviewed corroborating information. Where this nonsense comes from is an INDUSTRY (Christianity) whose BUSINESS it is to create whole generations of adults who are, at once, gullibile, irrational, willfully ignorant, self-deluded, intellectually dishonest, droolingly stupid and hypocritical... and willing to tithe 10% for having their cognitive dissonance held in check through regular doses of holy bullshit. They do their jobs very well indeed. Here's the key thing to understand... a 'truism'... 1) religious 'belief'... the internalized certainty that specified myths, superstitions and fairy-tales are congruent with 'reality' CANNOT WITHSTAND the glaring light of 'critical thinking'. 2) over 85% of adult Americans profess religious 'belief' 3) THEREFORE, at least 85% of adult Americans have not applied critical thinking to their religious 'beliefs'.

Breeda Breeda
Okay, several lessons for ya. 1) Death is no experiment. Keep that in your mind. Death is the end of thinking and of sensations. A religious person, for example, won't suffer the disappointment of realizing that there's no life after death because when he/she will be dead, he/she will have no functioning brain through which the piece of information "there is no life after death" is processed. You'll experience nothing after death. Hear (well... see) that? Nothing. Life, no matter how horrible, is still better than death because you get to see, hear, smell, touch, think things. 2) Thinking is as real as you can get. It's an informational process that actually takes place in the brain. It's there. I can see the results of your thinking through the words you lay on this site, and in the same way you can see the results of my thinking. It's not bogus, it's not a lie. Tell me that my answer doesn't exist and I'd feel insulted. :P 3) You ask too many questions for which there is no answer- mainly because the questions are formulated in a faulty way. It's not healthy. I suggest you forget about all that existential nonsense for a while. Try starting someday with a clean slate, to call it so. Banish all those thoughts from your mind from the moment you wake up and replace them with thinking "Today I'm gonna do something I enjoy", for example. Focus on something else, something that makes you feel content and full of energy. Existential lethargy really sucks. Good luck!
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Alexandra Alexandra
Having examined a portion of your cognitive expressions, you are obviously very mentally unstable. This could be a genetic disorder, and the correction may not be something that we have ably produced or synthesized yet. What I think you should do for yourself, is find some peace. You are like a scrambled egg, you want to become like an egg that is whole, a goal and analogy that will kind of help you really get a grasp of what I mean. :) Whatever your doing in life, take a vacation. You need one. Get away. Stop everything!, go relax, see if this helps. I also notice that you don't have a very good sense of reality. Your best to adopt a method of naturalistic thinking, invented by the logical positivists. 1. http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&safe=... You have more questions than answers, little foundation. Stop doubting, just be. What are your parents doing, telling you? Are they oblivious, ignorant, abusive, religious? Feel free to send me an e-mail about your past, and I may be able to send you some details on why you are acting and thinking the way you are now, and what you can do to find some placidity. Also talk to your doctor about your continued symptoms, this is foremost in your interest.
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Turlough Turlough
Be there for her and take a look at and get her to speak to her mother and father... By her speakme to them offers her extra choices on wether or no longer she desires to preserve it and even adoption she has extra choices now than she's going to later. Her mother and father will discover out ultimately simply ensure it is not to overdue. And be a well pal and take a look at and aid/advisor her to make the offerings she desires and no longer what someone "desires" her to do seeing that she am has to manage it in a while in existence it doesn't matter what she makes a decision... And like the lady earlier than mentioned her mother and father will develop to the proposal and sure there is a danger they are going to unfastened it however the will not do any harm her or the little one. So inspire her to make her choices so that they can advantage her eventually.
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Richie Richie
Sounds like your in a bit of pain because of what life has thrown at you. I would suggest you do something nice for someone as that normally takes me outside of my problems when I have them. Just stick with it and things will eventually work out for the better imo.
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Meredith Meredith
Stop thinking about it all and it will all make sense (sound contradictory? Try it, trust me ^_^)... Take a walk. Go look at the stars, enjoy the breeze. Look at the trees and the clouds, smell the flowers and feel the rain fall on your face...
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Meredith Originally Answered: I want to publish my book when I'm done with it. Any advice(HONEST advice)?
I'm 13 years old and i'm from a small town too. Very small. And I think if your work is good then yes there is a very good chance you'll get published you just have to believe in yourself and never give up. I'm a writer and talking from experience you might just stop writing this book because of writers block or something, if that happens write a new story with the same concept I hope this helped :) And I don't have friends in publishing either, But at 13 I don't think anyone will publish us yet but just keep writing and hey can I read your story? What's it about?

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