Would it look bad if I sent the same cover letter the second time I'm applying?

Would it look bad if I sent the same cover letter the second time I'm applying? Topic: First part-time job cover letter
June 25, 2019 / By Eirene
Question: It's for a part-time student job at college, so it's not exceedingly important to me. I applied for this same position last semester and didn't get it. I'm applying for jobs again right now, and the same position is available. I really don't feel like I have anything to change/add to my cover letter. How lazy would it look to use the same one as last time? All great answers, thanks. Putting it to vote
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Best Answers: Would it look bad if I sent the same cover letter the second time I'm applying?

Cher Cher | 5 days ago
If you didn't get the job last time, sending the same cover letter again isn't the best idea. I wouldn't say you have to rewrite it entirely, but maybe try to tweak slightly so that you sound more qualified for the job. Then again, if the job isn't a big deal to you perhaps save the time you would spend on that cover letter and put it towards applying for a job you want more. Good luck! :)
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Cher Originally Answered: Do I need a cover letter?
You should write a generic cover that states the type of position you are looking for, i.e. retail, admin. assistant, any supporting info that you can highlight from the resume...it won't have to be too fancy, as you are just starting out. As for the cover letter for the CD store, not necessary....they probably will just have you fill out the company application, and wouldn't even keep your resume. Most retail jobs do not require one unless you are applying at management level.
Cher Originally Answered: Do I need a cover letter?
It's always a good habit to get into. A resume is generally just a statement of your training and experience while a cover letter is what actually speak to the person you are applying to. It's where you can really highlight some of your experience and desires to target the resume to the job you are going for.

Asceline Asceline
Unless there's something really strange about it, it's unlikely they'll notice. It's not like most people memorize every cover letter they read.
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Zeke Zeke
I would say if you can't really improve it that much, and if the job's not crucial anyhow, just send the old one in. Use your time and energy wisely by not doing things that aren't really necessary.
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Zeke Originally Answered: What should I put in my cover letter?
You definitely need a cover letter. Include the following: The First Paragraph. This part should immediately tell your recipient how you learned about the job opening, your intent, the position you are applying, or if you are inquiring about future employment possibilities. Second Paragraph. An effective cover letter would have the second paragraph explain and highlight your experience relevant to the job you are applying for. This part calls to action your background elements, particularly your education, experience, and leadership which are relevant to the position you are applying. Be sure to cite examples and strong evidences. Make your cover letter (and yourself, that is) more enticing to your prospective employers, by presenting facts that would interest them in hiring, or at least, interviewing you, such as your ability to increase profits, save money, conserve time, to immediately discharge or assume responsibility, and rapidly produce results when hired. Make the last paragraph count. In the final sentences, use call-to-action and always request for an interview. Also thank the reader for reading your cover letter and looking into your resume.

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