What makes a great teacher?

What makes a great teacher? Topic: Online writing assignments for high school
June 25, 2019 / By Krystine
Question: If you have had a great teacher explain what they were like, but if you haven't explain what you wish your teachers would have done
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Jedidah Jedidah | 7 days ago
The best teacher that I ever had in high school was my Chemistry teacher. He made what should have been a difficult subject very easy to understand, and I got through it with no problems at all. I will be forever grateful for his patience each day. He loved his job and would have done anything for his students. The passion and dedication he had to teaching showed each day in the classroom. It made kids excited about learning which is what leads to success in the classroom. The first thing I loved about my Chemistry teacher was his style of notes. He created his own notes and didn't rely on the textbook or online sources to translate information to his students. In fact, we never even used the textbook throughout the year. Everything he taught came from experience and what he was taught in college. His own personal research and observation also made up his lessons each day. This meant that the information was on a level that everyone could understand because it wasn't written by people who were paid to put things together in a complicated manner for the classroom. All his worksheets, quizzes, and tests were made by him as well so the material covered in class is what we were quizzed on. There were no surprises or things on exams that we didn't cover at some point throughout the chapter. This took the guesswork out of studying and created less headache when it came time to prepare for end of chapter assessments. I also liked the experiments that we performed because it gave the chance to learn from hands on experience. Some kids do not learn well staring at a blackboard all day long. It was good to mix it up between sitting at a desk taking notes and actually getting to experiment. Although you can't do science experiments in English or Math class, there are other ways to get hands on practice with concepts but a lot of teachers fail to recognize that. It's good to mix up the style of teaching to accommodate students who learn in different ways. Finally, I loved the extra personal effort that the teacher put into helping students learn. He opened his doors before and after school if you needed some extra one on one tutoring or had questions about assignments. This provided ample opportunity to get any needed help so there was no excuse for failure. He even provided his personal telephone number if you needed help in the evenings or over the weekend. It was good to have nearly twenty four hour access to help. It provided a level of comfort and security that you can't get from a lot of teachers. I really hope my college professors are like him when I start in fall. I'm going to dearly miss his class, that's for sure.
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Fedelma Fedelma
All teaching boils down to demonstration, imitation, explanation. The teacher shows the student what to do and the student learns by doing it, with every new idea or technique being explained until the student understands. A great teacher is one who can get the message across effectively, inspire enthusiasm in the pupil and has loads of patience and dishes out tons of encouragement.
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Corrine Corrine
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Bethany Bethany
They have to be friendly, patient, and teach things in a simple way. Some teachers over complicate things.
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Aggy Aggy
I had a great teacher last year. He was loving (no homo),patient,didn't get angry,never yelled,always helped me.
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