How do you start off a english paper?

How do you start off a english paper? Topic: Examples of opening sentences for essays
July 16, 2019 / By Lenore
Question: i am writing about the great gatsby and i have no idea how to start it off...help :) i am writing a paper on the great gatsby on weather or not gatsby is really great or not. and i have no idea how to start it off... help :)
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Jools Jools | 1 day ago
I usually start my english papers by giving a sentence or two background of the story. Then, i give a little information relating the book to the prompt, and then I give my thesis. I might be able to help you if you told me what the prompt was. I hope I helped :) Edit: I've never read the Great Gatsby, so i'm not sure how relative this is. But I'll try :) Give this a shot, work with it, rearrange it, abuse it, or discard it, but this is what I have for an opener. "Sometimes, names can be misleading. Such is the case with the "Great Gatsby." While he was ___________, he sometimes was______. The Great Gatsby was/wasn't really all that great because (3 things for your thesis). This is just an idea. Put it in your own voice and make it work for your essay. Or just use it as an example. Your choice, but I hope I helped, regardless!
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Jools Originally Answered: How do i start my English paper?
1--- Do you like to go to see a Circus performance? Why? 2---What do you think life in a circus would be like? Who would like to join the circus and why? ( rent the movie " The greatest show in earth" with Jimmy Stewart) 3---the music, isn't a little strident? Usually they play marches 4---Do you like the people that work on the trapezes, dangerous? daring people? would you like a work like that? why? why not? 5---Does the animals are well feed? are they well care for? is there any Governmental inspection of the animals? 6--Does the circus makes money? ( having so many people working for them, and exotic animals to be feed etc) I would title that essay: " Life under a Circus tent."
Jools Originally Answered: How do i start my English paper?
start out with an introductory paragraph that captures the readers attention. try something like: " You walk into a dark tent* here use sensory details that make the reader feel like they were experiencing it themselves. :) :) :)

Genna Genna
Whichever controversy is central to your thesis should formulate the basis of your introduction. For example, let's say your thesis is "Meyer Wolfsheim represents the seductiveness of clever corruption," your intro might start like this: Of all the themes present in *The Great Gatsby,* none is more prevalent than the theme of being a self-made man. The problem, of course, is that reinvention challenges the integrity of the individual; as Nick points out, "not everyone has the [same] advantages" growing up. So how does the ambitious character make up the difference? By cheating. Each character's ambition gives up a little integrity, but for the most part, we forgive these indiscretions because we *also* appreciate the way in which they manipulate the system. Of these instances, none is more charming than Meyer Wolfsheim, who is both known for rigging the World Series, but also for being one of Gatsby's staunchest supporters. Rather than hate the character for ruining careers, we are romanced into appreciating his tenacity. In a book about impressions, and being just a little smarter than everyone else, Meyer Wolsheim represents the seductiveness of clever corruption.
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Genna Originally Answered: Im starting the dreaded 5-7 page english research paper and need help on where to start?
That would absolutely fill 5-7 pages if you present both sides. You could start with 9/11, and present how maybe it could've been prevented if surveillance was allowed and how surveillance can prevent another one. What terrorist plots has surveillance prevented around the world. Look at other countries that use surveillance, has it decreased crime at all? Where is the balance between privacy rights and national security? I think unbiased means you have to represent each side fairly. You can have an opinion and even put it in the paper as long as the other side is fairly treated. Edit: Depending on how much research you want to put in you could check with your public or school library and see if they have access to the "Opposing Viewpoints" database from Gale. It presents essays and journal articles by smart people on both sides a topic.
Genna Originally Answered: Im starting the dreaded 5-7 page english research paper and need help on where to start?
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