How's my story so far?

How's my story so far? Topic: How to write a review of a comic book
June 25, 2019 / By Hollis
Question: I’ve looked up an old story I’d written and decided I like the main idea and the characters but not the whole story, so I’m redoing it. I’ve gotten 2 chapters done so far and I’m working on the third (not even close to being done though) of 14. I want to do it right this time and I want to make it interesting. I want it to be something people will read and enjoy. So I want to know am I on the right track here, is it interesting, does it make sense (it is fiction but it has to make some sort of sense still), is it creative enough, does it keep you wanting more, can people relate to it? Stuff like that. I wrote it originally when I was 11 (in fact it started out as a long behind comic book I had drawn and never even colored lol) so it’s a superhero story. But I’m going back, editing it to make it not so cheesy, making it have more mature themes and explanations, changed the ages and personalities of the characters to make it more interesting and giving them distinct characteristics so they all add a little something to it. And well, I’ve changed a lot, and if you want to see for yourself you’re welcome to read the original (link here: http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2593582/1/The_Legendary_Warriors ) but I’m not asking you to. I only want you to read the first 2 (and what I have done of the third please) chapters and tell me how I’m doing so far. Feel free to point out any grammar errors, spelling errors, plot-holes, or anything that doesn’t make sense. And if you have any pointers, any words of advise or anything, please do share, all comments are welcome as long as it isn’t JUST negative criticism without solutions or suggestions. I don’t need “this sucks!” “Booooring!” or stuff like that. Any ways, there are two websites that I am currently posting it on and you can take your pick where you want to read it at. On the first one you can leave anonymous reviews and you don’t need an account to do so. On the second one you can leave comments as well as a 0-5 start rating to let me know what you think. And then of course you can always comment here if you like. Thank you for taking the time to read all this (if you do) and please enjoy the story: http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2853766/1/The_Legendary_Warriors_remake http://www.worthyofpublishing.com/book.asp?book_ID=16519
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Edain Edain | 1 day ago
That's really good! You have a lot of potential! Would you mind sharing some of your work in my gallery? http://wugallery.webnode.com
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Here are some ideas taken from various websites: There is a line at the end of Saki's "The Storyteller," where a man who has been telling a story to two unruly children on a train sums up the moral of his tale by saying, "You can't have pigs and flowers." It's a bit of a stretch and not to be taken literally, but this pretty much sums up the relationship between love and patriarchy. You can't have love and patriarchy. http://www.randomhouse.com/knopf/authors... The characters in this story are memorable simply because most of them don’t have names. Only one character has a name which is Cyril. He was the small boy. Saki doesn’t describe the characters, he just says, “the occupants of the carriage were a small girl, and a smaller girl, and a small boy. An aunt belonging to the children…side was occupied by a bachelor who…” he doesn’t say the characters name. He just describes them as to what they are in the book. Cyril is the most mischievous of them all, “…as the small boy began smacking the cushions of the seat…”. I believe that that’s why he gets a name. The girls were etched in your mind because they had bad remarks about the stories, “ it’s the stupidest story I’ve ever hears.”. The bachelor and the aunt are remarkable because they are the ones that are arguing all the time. Saki’s use of imagery helps the reader envision the events that are happening in the train: “the child moved reluctantly to the window.”. He uses adjectives that make the children sound annoying: “…interrupted at frequent intervals by loud, petulant questions from her listeners…”. saki refers to the children as the listeners. So the listeners are being annoying. Saki also uses imagery in the story that the man is telling. “ she was so good that she won medals for her goodness, which she always wore, pinned onto her dress…they clicked against one another as she walked…”. http://www.essaydump.com/page/2/ “The Storyteller”provides a poignant example of Saki’s light-heartedly satirical tone.This short story is based loosely on Saki’s own unhappy childhood experiences with his aunts. Style is addressed through an analysis of the writer’s use of old-fashioned diction and phraseology. H.H. Munro was born in Akyab, Burma (now known as the Union of Myanmar), the son of Charles Augustus Munro, an inspector-general for the Burma police when that country was still part of the British Empire. His mother, the former Mary Frances Mercer, died in 1872, killed by a runaway cow, an incident that may have influenced the sometimes deadly animals of his later stories. He was brought up in England with his brother and sister by his grandmother and aunts in a straitlaced household whose comic side he appreciated only later in life. He used the severity of these domestic arrangements in many stories, notably "Sredni Vashtar", in which a young boy keeps a pet polecat without the knowledge of his spiteful and domineering female guardian, who, to the boy's great satisfaction, is eventually killed by the animal. http://www.experiencefestival.com/a/Saki_-_Biography/id/5107074 H. H. Munro a.k.a. Saki. His story "The Storyteller" pokes fun at children's literature ("Bertha was good, horribly good" starts the tale, and Bertha ends up eaten by the wolf because her medals for good behaviour and punctuality clink together and give her away in the bushes where she's hiding.) http://www.amazon.com/Howard-B-Wigglebottom-Learns-Listen/dp/0971539014 Plot An aunt is traveling by train with three of her nieces and nephews; a bachelor is sitting opposite. The aunt starts telling a story, but is unable to satisfy the curiosity of the children, which forces the bachelor to intervene... He tells them a different kind of story which feeds their curiosity and imagination but which the aunt considers inappropriate. The base of the story lies in the story itself that the bachelor tells...... not the aunt. Hence the main character is the bachelor.

Chanté Chanté
i think you should write more man. i was just going to read the first chapter but i couldn't stop lol you got potential. Please write more i'm curious to if they get tails or not
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Chanté Originally Answered: How's my story so far?
That's really good! You have a lot of potential! Would you mind sharing some of your work in my gallery? http://wugallery.webnode.com
Chanté Originally Answered: How's my story so far?
i think you should write more man. i was just going to read the first chapter but i couldn't stop lol you got potential. Please write more i'm curious to if they get tails or not

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