A question about applying for jobs?

A question about applying for jobs? Topic: Dairy queen jobs applications
June 16, 2019 / By Reene
Question: Whether it be online or on paper, I heard it's not good to give out your SS number for the first application. But what are you supposed to do? Make up one? Isn't that committing fraud? And sometimes, you need one to get a job so what is one to do to protect their identity?
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Michaela Michaela | 7 days ago
Who is the application for? If it's for a legitimate business (for example McDonald's, Wal-Mart, Dairy Queen, etc.), it's all right to put your social security number on an application. If you're completing an online application and you do NOT know the identity of the company (or whether or not it's a legitimate business), then do NOT give your social security number. In that case, you can say "to be provided when hired." As much as possible, protect your personal information. Never make up a social security number.
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Michaela Originally Answered: Question about applying for jobs?
I'd go in with a resume. If they direct you to the website thank them and ask them if you can drop off your resume too. This would give them both a face, and a written name to associate with it. It also gives you a feel for the place and often the manager. You can also go in a couple days after you fill out an online application, let them know you've filled out an application, possibly drop off your resume then and let them ask you a few questions.
Michaela Originally Answered: Question about applying for jobs?
I enjoyed it. jogs my memory of the Jack interior the container advertisement with the stressful "new guy" who keeps interrupting Jack. finally Jack gets on the intercom and says "Get the hot guy..." he interrupts and says "a corner workplace" and Jack says "a severance equipment." LOL That one rather cracks me up!

Letty Letty
Be careful about handing out your SSN. I would take each situation separately, whether you believe the organization is trustworthy, whether you believe you have a legitimate shot at the position etc.
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Letty Originally Answered: Question about applying to a college (Drexel or a SUNY school)?
Well if the email came from an address such [email protected], or something like that with an .edu at the end, then it is probably not a scam. If you are actually considering drexel as a school you want to attend, then apply there even if the application fee is not waived. The SUNY app is a simple application. Basically all you do is go to the SUNY website, select which schools to apply to, and fill out the info. You don't have to fill out multiple applications, just one for all. The app cost $40 i believe. After you fill out the info and pay the fee, the schools you applied to should contact your school or guidance counselor and request your transcripts. Also, with the SUNY app, you upload your essay yourself so make sure you have it saved on your computer.

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