12 days in Spain- help with planning?

12 days in Spain- help with planning? Topic: Barcelona research
July 16, 2019 / By Lennon
Question: My family is spending 12 days in Spain and are planning on visiting Barcelona, Madrid and Malaga from September 28th to October 9th. We have to be in Malaga from the 6th to the 9th but are wondering how we should allocate the rest of our time. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! (Suggestions on restaurants, attractions, hotels etc. etc. would also be helpful)
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Jair Jair | 2 days ago
Go to frommers.com and barcelona-tourist-guide.com. Going to Barcelona and Madrid in September. I did all my research through both theses sites. Was really helpful
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Jair Originally Answered: Anyone here from Torrevieja Spain?
Start by getting a grip, six years study and you are only basic, you are idle, no wonder you have had crap jobs. learning is fun ,you are in the place to learn real spanish as it is spoken, use the advantage. you could be in England learning to speak book spanish ,working to put yourself through uni, doing a crap job. my advice would be get a job were you deal with the public,on a daily basis, see how fast your language skills will improve, speaking and writing in the preffered language of your employer is an advantage ,especially since english is your mother tongue. this to can be a distinct advantage ,especially in the tourist industry, the commerce, or international companies that operate in your area, think about what you have already got to offer, stress the importance of continuing any educational courses you have started, sell yourself, if you cannot who can, good luck ,and do get off your butt. regards LF

Foley Foley
I read Mitchner's "Iberia" and planned a route similar to his. Went for 16 days. Stayed at Paradors, Monasteries, castles, etc.Hired a tourist agent in the states who specialized in travel to Spain. Also bought Fodor's Travel book which was a great help. Went to Madrid, Avila, Seville, Granada, Salamanca, and Toledo, the place to buy silver. We always went off the beaten path to find somewhere to eat. One little cafe was run by father and daughter. We sat in a small dining room with another tourist who was from Germany. We conversed in Spanish. There were fresh flowers and linen tablecloths and they were playing 78 records. I ordered an Omlette with white asparagus. It was delicious. When I wanted to use the rest room, they insisted that I go upstairs and use their personal bathroom. When we were ready to leave this delightful place, the family and their help lined up to say goodbye to us. This experience is etched in my heart forever. Be adventurous! Rent a car. Got a parking ticket. Ignored it. Didn't want to go to jail! Bought a classical guitar in Granada. Stayed at the Hotel Christina in Seville. I have a signed recipe from the hotel chef for Gazpacho, a cold yummy vegetable soup. I even had french fried minnows. Was like eating potato chips. Like I said, be adventurous.. Went for a carriage ride, and saw a Flamenco show. Went to a bull fight. Always felt safe as there were always guards on most corners. Take a collapsible suitcase so you can bring back souvenirs. Also, take a mesh bag for the oranges that you will want to buy. Be sure to wash them well and don't eat the skins. Street vendors don't supply any bags. When we arrived in Madrid, we decided to take a nap at 11:30 AM as we were exhausted. We woke up at 5 PM! Jet Lag! This was OK as most places are closed for Siesta from about 1 or 2 PM until 5 PM. Everything closed up.Went to a department store and bought some beautiful leather shoes. Oh, take a cover for your head when in cathedrals. I bought a Spanish lace mantilla. I could go on and on. I loved Spain. In fact, I wanted to buy a condo there. Have a safe and super fun filled trip.
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Dave Dave
i will suggest 4 days in barcelona and 4 days in madrid then go to malaga although 12 days to visit 3 cities are very few, barcelona and madrid have a lot of things to see and to discover i will suggest to prioritize in barcelona the visit to the park guell, the pedrera, sagrada familia, walk in la rambla but be careful of thieves, montjuic, about eating, try to lunch at la boqueria (worth it), the cerveseria catalana a good tapas places in mallorca street crossing rambla de catalunya street, go to gracia district to enjoy a good local life, the born for night time, take a look to my weblog http://www.world-rt.com/ i wrote a lot of things about barcelona, may help and give you some ideas
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Ballard Ballard
The city of Malaga is just a provincial capital with little of interest. Head for Granada, Ronda and the hills! As to BCN & MAD look at http://www.timeout.com/
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Wren Wren
When you are in Barcelona check out www.feedmebarcelona.com for some decent restaurants. For accommodation, try http://www.apartime.com for holiday apartments. Must sees are Gaudi architecture, like the Sagrada familia and Parc Guell http://www.gaudisagradafamilia.org Check out http://www.travelinformationbarcelona.com for good bars and clubs to go out.
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Wren Originally Answered: How to write an address to spain.?
In fact you wrote it ok, as the postal code goes before the city Miriam Muñoz Enmedio, 1 13002 Ciudad Real Spain.

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