If a girl knows you like her, and makes fun of you in front of friends, but might like you, what can you do?

If a girl knows you like her, and makes fun of you in front of friends, but might like you, what can you do? Topic: Jokes about doing homework
July 20, 2019 / By Israel
Question: Okay, I have this bad habit of staring at girls who I like. This one girl that I like noticed, and she jokes about it with her friends. Now we sit next to each other in math class, and I notice her occasionally glancing at me through my peripheral vision, sometimes staring at me. One girl asked her what she was doing one time she was staring at me, and she said she was "getting me back" for staring at her. She then stared at me for the rest of the period (nonstop) while we were supposed to be doing homework. She never did this before, and she never has since. She also acts uncomfortable whenever we get near each other, and I don't know whether or not she does this because she likes me or she knows I like her. Whenever she asks me what I got for an answer she always seems uncomfortable to ask it. P.S. Don't tell me to just ask her. She is kind of popular, while I am not, so it would be all over the school that I asked her if I liked me. All other answers are welcome, though!
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Best Answers: If a girl knows you like her, and makes fun of you in front of friends, but might like you, what can you do?

Ferd Ferd | 1 day ago
You clearly like her and there's a pretty good chance she likes you, so stop messing about and ask her out already. The worst she can do is say 'no' and that costs you nothing. But she might say 'yes'... So go for it and good luck! :)
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If you want to get out of the friend zone, the only way to do that is to make a move. I mean, if she said yes to going to the movies, alone, with just you too... she's not stupid, she probably has an idea of whats going on... she probably knows you must have some feelings for her, and by saying yes, she's also kinda saying she likes you back. ANYWAYS, even if thats not the case, the only way to really find out how she's feeling is by making a move, be a little flirty... please chose a scary movie.. and put ur arm around her, buy her ticket and try holding her hand... and in the end, if all goes well KISS HERRRR. that will definitely keep you from staying :"just friends" It's risky, but even if she rejects you, at least you know where to stand and you can move on :)

Dacey Dacey
Friends are better than a girl any day. You can talk to her but talk to your friends more. Don't talk to her to much or your friends will talk behind your back. Mostly stick to talking to her in Physics. If your friends were close they wouldn't talk about you behind your back (for the most part they shouldn't.) But remember friends first.
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you're so top. i does not say you haven't any longer any self-worth. i could say you have self admire. There are actually not any genuine dance strikes to do at a party anymore. except it is going w/the music like 2 step, cupid shuffle, crank that souljah boy etc...

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