So i got a dress for the grad im in gr 7 and the gr.7s are invited but i think it is too fansy?

So i got a dress for the grad im in gr 7 and the gr.7s are invited but i think it is too fansy? Topic: Sparkle sister and the sisters
June 25, 2019 / By Daryl
Question: so like what should it look like um mine is black and white it is strapless form le chatau um on the top above my stomch there are crystals like ovals and circles and they are white and the bottom flarres out i couldnt find it on the website and the top is tight and then it flares out........................ What should a gr.7 dress look like? ya i read some and that was really good advice anyways this is the part i even got shocked when my mom told me k umm it was 160$ and my mom said ill look fine and u can only get an exchange at la chatue , i was like WHAT!!
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Best Answers: So i got a dress for the grad im in gr 7 and the gr.7s are invited but i think it is too fansy?

Baily Baily | 3 days ago
Since your not graduating i would recommend not trying to stand out. That dress sounds like something i wore to my grade 8 graduation, so if i were u i would not wear that. Since you were invited i would wear a simple dress maybe even with a cardigan. Go to American eagle, and pick something out, a hint of advice i just graduated from grade 8 last year and we did not wear dresses that fansy. We wore simple summer dresses, with styled hair and accessories/ make up. I'm not sure if your going like with your sister, or just as a class so im going to recomend some items. Okay so if your scared of standing out don't opt for a dress instead wear something casual/ formal/sexy, to make u seem older :P so i personally would wear, dark denim skinny jeans, with a black halter top from A E some nice bold shoes and some accersories also do something with your hair like if its long curly it into long sexy curls and add a long necklace. Links: oKay it not working but it's called skinny jean dark ink if you go to their web site its in the skinny section, and its the middle one the shirt would be AE Crochet Back Cami in BLACK!! SHOES do a flat since your not old enough to do a heel and since your young might come off kind of sluttish so to be safe do a colored flat like yellow or red, something hot, and in a color that is eye catching not blues, browns blacks neutral or whites/ off whites. for your accessories, do NOT do some short necklace, eww noo, do a long white beeded necklace though work with ALL clothing seriously for your hair like i said long and big curls, and use some clips that are sparkling. now for the make up, i would use a bit of foundation unless you have perfect skin, use mascara, eyeliner on the top lid to accentuate your lashes, a nice eye shadow that is the color of your shoes, maybe in a lightly tinted red, yellow or what ever color your using for your shoes, a pink lip gloss that glossy umm and a bit of blush That seem like the I'm hot and not trying to steal your attention, but people will still look at me look!! Okay that's Option 1 this is option 2 the dress one so if you and most of the girls in your age that are going are wearing dresses or simply if you want to wear one do not GO FANCY!! i would wear one of the dress American eagle has right now, their perfect just find the right one for you, i personnel would pick any of them but not THE FREE SPIRITED ONES! and if you do choose one from the summer night i would pick the one with the pink cardigan nad the belted one that one is nice!! also have a cardigan with you it casulises the out fit, SERIOUSLY TAKE A CARDIGAN WITH YOU!!! TRUST ME!! and do your hair/ make up / accessorizes that same way BUT if your dress is print or colored tone down the shoe to a casual flat, but if its not than do a color wow thats a lot of writing so i hope i helped!!! :0
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Shauna Shauna
unless its a formal, that sounds too fancy... if ur not even in the grade that is graduating, do not even try to stand out. sort of like prom. only the seniors wear the rly nice gowns usually and all the girls from other grades who were invited wear short, less extravagant dresses because its not their prom technically.
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