What are some great things to do in Paris, France?

What are some great things to do in Paris, France? Topic: The sisters cafe
June 16, 2019 / By Michal
Question: I am 17 years old and going to visit my sister in Paris for two weeks. She has class all day and I need to fill my time.... Any tips, places that are underestimated, or anything is welcome! thanks
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Lewella Lewella | 8 days ago
There are so many things to do in Paris !!! 1- The Eiffel Tower 2- The Louvre is great (but I prefer the Musee d'Orsay) 3- Bateau mouche on the Seine River 4- Montmartre district with its nice cafes and terraces 5- Eurodisney (good to go with your sister for the week end) 5- The Champs Elysées with the Concorde and Arc de Triomphe monuments 6- Chatelet district for shopping 7- Versaille Castle 8- Le Marais (the hype district of Paris) 9- Bastille district 10- Notre Dame Cathedral 11- Beaubourg centre (modern art and exhibits) You just need to take the subway to a station and then let yourself walk around the neighbourhood. Buy the newspaper and sit at a cafe, have a croissant and just feel the atmosphere... Plus there are so many things happening in the streets that you wont get bored trust me !! Bon voyage !!!
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Lewella Originally Answered: Here again. I need cheap or free attractions, things to do, and restaurants in Paris Lyon and Avignon France.?
You could try cheese tasting in Montmartre, bike tours or watch art galleries. I didn't knew that aside from wine tasting, there's also cheese tasting until I've read it from http://viamigo.com/tour/cheese-tasting-in-montmartre.html It's not free but costs less than a hundred euros per person. you can also try other attractions by reviewing articles from travelers who've been to Paris.

Judi Judi
You'll have plenty of time to really start to explore the city, maybe try doing some things that are less touristy. The Louvre and Notre Dame are great, and not to miss, but they can be crowded and very exhausting. I'd suggest to check out the Musee de Cluny. Its in a medieval mansion and houses medieval art, including the famous Lady and the Unicorn tapestries. There are also the ruins of Roman baths on the lower level and outside. If you are intrigued by death, or underground caverns, the catacombs are a must see. All of the piles of bones can be a little creepy, but interesting; one thing to keep in mind with the catacombs is that you enter in Montparnasse, and exit in the Latin Quarter; it can be really disorienting. Make sure while you are there that you use the Metro, its almost an attraction in itself, especially if you don't have a subway at home. Some of the stations are really impressive too, Arts et Metiers and Abbesses are my personal faves. If you are an art lover, then the Musee Picasso is a must see. Its in a house in the Marais; I thought seeing a collection of just Picasso was helpful in better understanding his work and perspective. You'll see several portraits of the same woman or one place and it all begins to make sense. Also the two times I've been there it wasn't too crowded. Theres no need to be on the fast track of tourist sight-seeing while you are there, Paris is a great place to relax. Take a day[or two] and just walk around, every block has something to see; in some ways they whole town is a history museum.
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Gillian Gillian
try this link...it has the 10 best everything for paris...i don't personally agree w/ everything -- but it's a great place to start. you can buy the book & take it w/ you for ideas... http://www.10best.com/Paris/Sights_&_Act... Paris Catacombs 1, pl Denfert-Rochereau, Paris, France 75014 · 01 43 22 47 63 14ème ARRONDISSEMENT. These underground tunnels date from the Roman period, when quarries were created to obtain building stone. Most sit at the base of Parisian hills like Montparnasse, Montrouge and Montsouris. In the late 18th-century, authorities began to use the caverns and tunnels to deposit bones exhumed from medieval cemeteries that had become unsanitary. During WWII, the catacombs were home to the French Resistance. Today, they're open to the public, who can view artfully arranged bones from years past. Miles of tunnels are still uncharted, but the prominent ones are well-lit and temperature-controlled. METRO: Denfert-Rochereau
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Denice Denice
Paris is one of the best cities in the world. You should definitely check out the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and Chateau de Versailles. They are truly amazing!! Also, you should try to take a river tour of Paris. It offers a unique view of the city, while showing you the importance of the water ways in the city. You'll also get some amazing pictures of the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral! Hope your trip is wonderful!!
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Calida Calida
The best place to go and you can spend 4 days in and still not see everything is the Lourve. It is the greatest museum in the world and it is amazing. Another fun thing to do is just go walk around see the Eifel tower and go have a couple of brews at the local pubs.
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Calida Originally Answered: Some help for Paris, France trip?
Hi, 1 - Hotel : as you're staying 10 days on a budget, 2 options : a hostel (I think that this would be a good option considering your age) : the website of tourist office of Paris give a complete list http://en.parisinfo.com/paris-hotels/you... there's an inexpensive one near Bastille http://www.bastillehostel.com/ another one http://www.fiap.asso.fr/ rent a flat : http://www.vacation.lodgis.com/ http://en.parisinfo.com/paris-hotels/furnished-rentals/ Hotels : count at least 70€ per night plus breakfast http://www.cygne-hotel-paris.com/ 2 - Food : Cabal's answer is right. Inexpensive chain of restaurants http://www.chezclement.com/ Chain of Supermarkets in central Paris http://www.monoprix.fr/ In general, there's a day special for lunch that costs cheaper. Count at least 15€ for lunch (without drinks, you can ask for tap water : une carafe d'eau, as we all do in Paris) and a bit more for dinner. 3 - Public transport within Paris : buy a "Passe Navigo Découverte" (no information available in English). 1 Passe valid 1 week, from Monday to Sunday, zones 1 & 2 costs 19,15€ plus 5€ fees to get your card done (bring a ID picture) 1 day pass, "Mobilis" costs 6,40€ To go to Versailles, you'll need a "billet origine destination valid zones 1 to 4, costs 6,50€ return. You have to take the RER C train, direction Versailles Rive Gauche, 35' from the Eiffel tower, get the ticket at any tube station. Transport from the airport http://www.aeroportsdeparis.fr/ADP/en-GB/Passagers/Home/ 4 - Plane tickets : as Cabal said, look on the web ... lastminute, for example. 5 - You need an international credit card, Visa is the most popular in France. Bring your student card to get discounts at museums and monuments. See the website of each place you wish to visit, you'll find all the info and be able to plan your visit. Entrance tickets cost an average of 9€ 6 - You need a student traveller health insurance. In case of emergency, Western Union may be useful to receive money fast. http://www.westernunion.com/

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