How hard is it to get a cab in spain if you dont know spanish?

How hard is it to get a cab in spain if you dont know spanish? Topic: How to write a address in spanish
July 16, 2019 / By Jayden
Question: im going visit a friend in spain and im going to get there before she can come meet me at the airport.i want to book a hostel for when i get there.im afraid the cabby wont speak english,and things may get confusing.does anyone thats traveled there know if maybe if they speak english and maybe its easier than im thinking it would be?
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Gaige Gaige | 9 days ago
Ummmm. You go to the cab stop, and give your luggage to the driver. He'll know what to do. Write the address, accurately, on a piece of paper, and hand it to him. If you're on the street, you just raise your hand as one is coming, with their little green light on. It's really not that complicated.
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Gaige Originally Answered: What is the difference between Spanish in Spain and Spanish in mexico or latin america?
It is basically the same as English in England is to American English, yes. However, every Spanish-speaking country has their own words and Cuban is found the most unintelligible to speakers of other dialects. You should really read Lipski's "Introduction to Latin American Spanish", that book will tell you everything you need to know. The most important difference is that z and soft c are pronounced as s in Latin America, not as the English "th" as in much of Spain. Besides, after vowels the "s" sound in Latin America tends to be weakened, so that "presidente" sounds like "prehidente" and "estar" is like "ehtar". In the Rio de la Plata countries (Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay) there is the so-called voseo. That means that instead of "tú" ("thou"), you say "vos" ("ye") to one person, and the verb form is different too - for example "you are" is "tú eres" in most other forms of spanish, but "vos sos" in Rio de la Plata Spanish. And "vosotros" ("you" to several people) is not used in Latin America. Instead, "ustedes" is used, which is a politeness form in Spanish as spoken in Spain - like, you say "vosotros sois" to people you know, in Spain, and "ustedes son" if you aren't in first name terms with them; but in Latin America you would say "ustedes son" in both cases.

Denys Denys
You don't say where you're going so don't expect black and yellow taxis, as someone said, because the colour may vary from town to town. I other places they are white. As for the fare, how does anyone dare saying how much it will cost if they don't know where you're going, the traffic at that time of the day, etc? Yup, you just give him the address on a piece of paper and that would be it. In tourist areas many of them speak some English, again we don't know where you're going. Make sure you find out how much it would cost from THAT airport to THAT hostel, and should the price be a lot more, make sure you get your luggage first and once you're outside the car with ALL your luggage say you're calling the police because you know it costs whatever your friend told you. Unfortunately it's not unusual to be cheated by taxi drivers in any country when you're a tourist. There normally is a tourist info stand on most Spanish big airports so you can go there and check the price with them before you take your taxi. They'll be able to give you an idea.
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Benaiah Benaiah
I've done it before and it wasn't too difficult. I definitely recommend having some Euros with you before you get there though, because the ATM machines will rip you off. And make sure to search online to see approximately how much it should cost you to get from the airport to the hotel so that you don't get ripped off. Being an informed tourist will save you tons of money. Also, check with your hotel to see if they have a shuttle service from the airport; that way you may not have to deal with a cab at all!
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Aarron Aarron
It is really easy, i went to Spain a few years ago, when I had no idea of any Spanish, but i was fine when going to the apartment. I simply wrote on a bit of paper the address, very clearly! If you want, to show a little respect to them you can say "No soy Español" or "no hablo español" - (don't worry about the ñ by the way, haha, it's simply just to show you express it, but seriously don't worry about trying to express is, sorry if i confused you) If you really want, but you don't have to because most of them speak a little english (: Now i've been learning spanish for a while, so that is how i know those phrases :)
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Sheryll Sheryll
Cabs are black and yellow in Barcelona. They are White with a stripe in Madrid. They are different colors in various cities (most are white) They have a green light, and a sign that says taxi. If they are driving down the street and are in use, the light is off, when they are available, the light is on. I think...might be the other way around. I forget. You´ll get the hang of it very quickly. At the airport they will be lined up at the stop. You´ll figure it out. You go to the first one in line...they have a protocol about that, and people are generally pretty polite about this. Images: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bthomas/24350014/ note that this was taken in Barcelona. As was this one: http://www.flickr.com/photos/escursso/4344650168/ http://medias.cafebabel.com/1668/thumb/-/-/1668.jpg http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/1496402915/ Taken in Madrid http://www.flickr.com/photos/majocesa/3525355896/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/fide/2965763997/ (Granada) http://www.flickr.com/photos/lollslynne/1484970659/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/chicofadista/2394003227/ You get the idea. I got in a groove...:)
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Perlie Perlie
Yes, you'll find a long row of cabs (the black and yellow ones) just stepping out from the main airport building waiting for clients. The trip till the city will cost you about 20-25 €.
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Marlee Marlee
most of the taxi drivers in spain will speak some english.but have the address written down to show if if he does not.
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Marlee Originally Answered: How they write the date in Spain? *Spanish speakers please?
En Madrid, a 16 de Abril de 2012 Dates in official papers are always like that. People usually would write 16-04-12 or 16/4/12 or 16-abr-12 but as for your request, you have to put the whole thing.

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