What makes you and your Best Friend/s special?

What makes you and your Best Friend/s special? Topic: How to write about your art piece
June 16, 2019 / By Ailee
Question: What I mean by special is like do you share a pare of pants and travel around the world or do you have specific rules you follow? Tell me about it- i might write a book about your idea if it's good just to warn you haha
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Tobin Tobin | 1 day ago
It's incredibly difficult to simply tell you about just one time, and as i think about all the fun times i've had with all of my friends, not just my best friends, it's all pretty much for the same reason that i have enjoyed those times and kept them so close to my heart. It's the fact that they touch your heart in a way no other person really can, and with my best friend, we can pretty much do anything and have fun because we are doing it together. You basically create a new moment together and THAT is what makes it so special, the fact that only 2 of you(or whatever number of friends it is) are doing it together and nobody else knows about it. you can retell it to people and in so many different ways but it can't impact them in that special way it has impacted you and your friend. In this process of creating memories comes those special things you asked about. In junior high, my best friend and i kept a journal that she and i wrote in and shared our thoughts in to only each other. There was also a time when we were doing a project that involved using string(yarn actually)in a class we had together and she made bracelets out of some of the pieces and i've worn that thing ever since. A tradition i have with another friend is called "fun Fridays" which consisted of both of us canceling all our friday plans and watching movies and talking about plans we had(making a video together, writing stories together,special projects,etc.). As far as specific rules....i think there was just one that all of my friends are aware of but most of us break A LOT and that is... to always tell each other how we truly feel and what we're really thinking of. it's sad but this rule seems to always get broken because we're afraid of how we'll react to what we need to talk about. despite all this and that most of what i have mentioned is now very long gone, what really made me and my best friend special was that i could feel that we really understood each other and that there never is a reason to not want to speak the truth to each other as well. i'm sorry that this was incredibly long but hope this is sort of what you were looking for and one more thing: i wish you the best of luck on your book if you do end up writing it. i'm currently writing one and i can tell you that it gets very hard but don't give up because eventually you'll have a work of art! hope this helps!!
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Randolph Randolph
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Martin Martin
that sounds relatively well! Another factor that Ive performed ago used to be to shop for blueberry pie filling and positioned it within the center of the truffles...you'll be able to positioned part of combo in muffin tin after which a scoop of pie filling after which duvet with different part of combo and bake or simply warmth the filling up and inject it within the center of the muffin after its baked...it used to be scrumptious and every person adored them!
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