Boyfriend makes fun of me am I too sensitive?

Boyfriend makes fun of me am I too sensitive? Topic: Where case sensitive
June 16, 2019 / By Imanuel
Question: I've been dating someone for a month and he's a ball buster and I usually give it back to him because I can take a joke but he takes it too far sometimes and it hurts my feelings. He likes to call me a whore and accuse me of sleeping around, says I'm getting too old to have kids I'm 28, he's going to trade me in for a younger girl, ect....It's hard to have a serious conversation because he'll tell me to shut up that he doesn't care what I have to say then he'll turn around and say he's only joking and that he really cares about me I'm a great girl and he can see a future with me. He goes from insulting me to complimenting me. It's starting to take it's toll and has brought me to tears at times. I don't want him to think I can't take a joke but enough is enough it's getting old. Any advice?
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Euan Euan | 7 days ago
No, you're not being too sensitive. Sarcasm, joking and kidding is fine- to a point. But it can be taken too far. And in your case it has gone far enough. It isn't about you not being able to take a joke. It's about your boyfriend not knowing where to draw the line and his insensitivity to your feelings. Big red flag! If he really does care about you he will respect your feelings and stop- especially when he is bringing you to tears and you have asked him to stop this kind of behavior. It isn't rocket science. What he's in fact doing is emotionally abusing you. It is a very subtle form of bullying. There is no gentleness, no respect, no sensitivity to the fact that what he's doing is hurting you deeply and there is little effort being made to stop. My advice to you is to withdraw from him for awhile. Tell him that this is not what you're looking for in a relationship and that it isn't working. Tell him that until he starts taking you seriously you are not going to see him. He needs to know what your boundaries are and he needs to respect those boundaries. Good luck.
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Euan Originally Answered: Avoid upsetting sensitive boyfriend?
You two really need to just talk to each other, if he did it for you before when you had hours of foreplay than his skills arent in question. Maybe he feels that you arent doing anything for him also? Really the only way your gonna get over this hump is some good ol fashion communication. Good Luck

Cooper Cooper
Some guys like joking around their friends but their is a point that can't be crossed and you have to set that point. If he really cares about you he'll listin to you and if he doesn't then you need to move on. Most people don't leave them because somtimes you see something in them or you get attached and they just don't wanna get hurt. I'd rather be hurt now for a month or two than the rest of my life.
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Arron Arron
Any advice?!?!!! Yeah! Tell him to show you some respect and not to talk to you like that. As good as you can give it back there is still no reason you should have to be spoken to in that manner. It's not junior high school, it's a relationship. Let him know that you weren't brought up like that and it's something you don't want to get used to either. Tell him you can do without it. If you tell him in a cool tone of voice he will know you're no joke and it's just something you don't want to put up with, nor should you have to. It has nothing to do with whether or not you can take it. It has everything to do with respect. Tell him you'll show him respect but he has to return the favor. It's as simple as that. Trust. ';-)
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Urbana Urbana
No, he's being a jerk. at the same time as he met you he knew the way you dressed and now he's making an attempt to slowly administration you with advice from declaring undesirable issues about what you position on. I had a boyfriend like that. One time i had to wonder him with advice from wearing a horny black nightie and instead of declaring how warm I regarded he reported that there change right into a string unbelievable loose from it and that it made the nightie look terrible and reported to pass change into my standard PJ's because he lost activity. I under no circumstances wore nighties back for him and each and every time he reported i did not look good in some thing I advised him I positioned on what i will have sufficient money. in case you want me to positioned on some thing distinct then purchase it for me. He offered me some issues and then saved his mouth close because he referred to how extreme priced it change into to look the way he needed me to. For some thing else of the courting I wore impressive comfortable outfits and that i change into very neat and impressive looking.
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Saundra Saundra
Uhm you need to wake up. I am a jerk, I like to joke with everyone gf's included, but I would never call one whore, would never dismiss her feelings, would never say anything to make her cry. Get rid of the jerk. Hell come be with me, I will make you laugh, and tell you how great you are. The guy is not joking, a year from now you will be witting here asking "what to do, because my bf beats me, but he says he didn't mean to." Just get rid of the guy already!
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Norberta Norberta
He is just taking it to far and he needs to be told how you feel. The fact is he should understand and be sensitive to how you feel. I would want my girlfriend to tell me how she feels and if I'm doing something that hurts her feeling or anything she would tell me. I think you should have a talk with him in a serous but nice way.
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