What makes a business successful?

What makes a business successful? Topic: Things to include in a business plan
July 20, 2019 / By Alyx
Question: I have to write a 5 page paper on this question and I need some very good answers in order for me to do that so who ever can help me out I will really appreciate it.
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Virgil Virgil | 3 days ago
The first thing you would need is a good business plan. All busines owners know that a plan is the road map to success. A plan must include financial projections which is the goal of owning a business...to make money $$$$$. You have to have a product or service that will meet the supply and demand of your targeted customer. Research your customer. Know who you are selling to and why they would buy your product or service. Always be open to change. You can try to sell the same widget for years, but that will eventually become old news, because today's consumers are more savvy than ever, thanks to the Information Age. Market research (for product/service competition, customer forecasting and current trends)can be handled by a staff within the company or through a consulting firm. Having the cash flow that stays in the business is key to keeping the business. To make a business successful you need money!! Money for overhead, production or for the ability to execute your service. Money pays for everything...supplies, payroll, advertising, where your place of business will operate (be it at home or in an office suite). You would need a way to advertise/market your product/service. Advertising campaigns really put the name out there, especially if your business can afford a mega superstar ad agency. If not, creative advertising has helped the smallest business. One example is mine. I am a fashion designer and wanted high school students for the junior/senior prom as customers. I simply went to a high school, had bouquets of ballons with my business card attached and handed them out. The response was overwhelming! Proper business management is also essential to the success of a business. Any business needs a knowledgeable and seasoned managment team. Not everyone can do everything. A business should consist of a creative team of experts that can bring something to the table. That should also include integrity. No business can flourish based upon false, disceptive and dishonest practices. There...that should get you started. Let me know how it helps!
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You learn to party like a rockstar in college! but some people become successful without school... invent something like bill gates! lol
Virgil Originally Answered: Can you truly be successful without an education?
You can definetely be successful without an high school education. You can open up your own business. Figure out what you want to do first that doesn't involve getting any sort of degree. Eg: buy a small shop like maybe a fruit & veg shop and start your business there. Have a partner, someone you can trust! Get your clients and build from there. The only this will work if you are willing to put in the 16 hr day, 6 or 7 days a week. You still need to be smart to do this but not necessary school-smart, more like street-smart. You need to know what's going on around you and who are the right people to buy products from, etc. This is just a suggestion. My own father and brother did this from scratch several years ago and it was a huge risk; my brother didn't finish high school because he trusted my dad enough to build up their own business... My father was 15 when be dropped out of school..now they earn up to a million dollars a year each. Put your heart and soul into what you love, know what you are doing, be prepared to work extremely hard and you will get what you want, maybe in just a couple of years. This will not happen over night so remember, you might fail at first but don't give up. Tip: it's better to start your business from scratch rather than buying from another owner. Good luck! You can do it! But you can't be lazy about it. I suggest you talk more to people you know started their own successful business to understand more.

Royale Royale
The heart of your business achievement lies in its marketing or advertising. Most parts of your business rely on upon fruitful advertising. The general marketing umbrella spreads publicizing, advertising, advancements and deals. advertising is a procedure by which an item or administration is acquainted and advanced with potential clients. Without showcasing, your business may offer the best items or administrations in your industry, however none of your potential clients would think about it. Without showcasing, deals may crash and organizations may need to close.
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Morgen Morgen
Always start with research , reading and an outline. https://www.google.ca/search?sourceid=na...
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I want sales associates to leave me alone. As long as they are always available for help, that's all I need. I'm sick of walking into a store and hearing, "Hi, how are you?" ... like they give a ****. But in the retail business, you are required to do something. The only thing that helps if the associate cuts to the chase and points out a deal they have going on. It sometimes works for me.

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