How much is normal for a teenager?

How much is normal for a teenager? Topic: How to write an email to a college
July 20, 2019 / By Korah
Question: I'm 16 This has been the hardest year for me ever. I'm taking really hard classes (3 AP and 2 college, but I really only count one of them because the other one is easy) I've had strait A's since 7th grade, so it's really hard just getting all my homework done. I'm so stressed out all the time and I think I get test and essay anxiety (& mixing them is horrible lol) I'm super stressed about college too. I've been working so hard to get into a good school...but I get scared when i test so my ACT is only 23 and I really want to get like a 30 IDK why I can't I can do all the problems, but when I go in there to take it I just get scared and can't think. I also don't have a social life at all anymore. I never just hang out with friends, I've never been to a school dance, and I really only have three friends, and sometimes it's hard for me to even talk to them. This year I feel like a loner which is so weird because I've always had tons of friends. They are still nice to me but...it's like i don't fit in with them anymore, like I went to a church dance a few weeks ago, but it wasn't very fun so I left and no one even noticed, even though all my old friends were there. They never invite me to do anything ever and it's kind of clear I don't fit in with them anymore. I also never do anything fun. I feel guilty just reading a book for fun, because I could be doing something better. I only rationalize that that's ok because reading helps your writing. I stress out over the smallest things and it's really hard for me to just let things go and relax. I don't get very much sleep, and a lot of times I get stressed out over things and wake my self up, so I'm tired all the time. I get so stressed out I've had several panic attacks this year, and I cry like every other day because there's just too much. I've also always been really self conscience about how I look. I guess that's kind of normal but I'm scared to talk to people and I always look down now when I walk. (I'm not pretty, I've even been mistaken for a boy) Also I've never had a guy have a crush on me or say I'm cute or anything, so that's hard too because all my friends are dating like crazy this year and I've only been one one date in my life & I had to ask him. My old friends used to make fun of me because I never flirt with anyone and they do all the time but guys never like me and if I ever try to flirt I scared I'll overhear them making fun of "the ugly girl" later I don't really have anyone to talk to about my problems. I have my three friends, but it's hard for me talk talk about my problems to them. My family is usually really busy, like today I was really mad about something and I wanted to talk to my mom, but she didn't get home until like an hour ago and then she was too busy to talk to me and then she had to leave again. I've always just dealt with my problems by myself, but I can't do it anymore. It's so hard. I know it's normal, the depressed teen is a cliche, but it just seems like all my friends are happy and have fun and still have a lot of friends (even if they have drama every now and them), wile my life feels like it's getting out of control, and I fall asleep crying when ever I think about it Tthanks so much to anyone who's willing to read all that. I know it's a lot and I'm sorry.
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Indiana Indiana | 10 days ago
I Know I'm Crazy I swear we have the same life, (except I'm a guy and 3 years older, lol). I've already told you my story but just to add on to it, this year as a sophomore I never hang out with any of my friends from last year because I have so much work. The only person who I really talk to (outside of class and lunch/dinner) is my roommate and occasionally some people I see in my dorm. I look around and see others living it up and going to parties, dances, etc... I even had to skip going to my college's annual Founder's Day dinner (which is a really big deal at my college and is the best event of the year) because I had a test in the morning. I remember feeling so depressed that night because everyone was there having the best time while I was in my dorm room studying for my chem test. I also feel like I complain about my problems to people without even thinking, (I'm normally very optimistic and avoid being a downer). So people are starting to avoid me because I'm too "depressing". So really, I can't give you too much advice since I'm in the same position as you. I guess the only thing that I can really say is that it WILL get better. We just need to get through this year (halfway there!). We took more classes than we could handle but we'll make it through. I already know one class where I won't be able to get an A, and I think I'll be okay with that because as long as I keep my GPA high, I can afford a few B's. That's what you need to tell yourself also. And don't forget since you're in highschool, a B in an AP course is actually weighted as a 4.0. So make sure you get plenty of sleep, and pick one time of the week where you will NOT do any work and pick something that you really enjoy. When you feel like you're wasting your time tell yourself "This is good for me because I won't be stressed and I'll be more mentally and physically healthy". So you can do it and start trying to hang out with guys. I don't think you give yourself enough credit and "assume" that guys don't like you. So good luck and you know that if you need to email someone, you can always email me since we pretty much have the same life (only I'm the guy version).
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Indiana Originally Answered: Eating disorder how to get back to normal or at least half normal?
I went through the same thing! I had to completely reestablish my relationship with food. I would write down something positive and read it whenever I found myself obsessing over calories/gaining weight/etc. I would say something like "Calories are energy, not fat" or "I'm better than the number on the scale" and just remind myself over and over and I was slowly able to go back to normal. I feel a LOT better now! If you have trouble getting better, talk to your parents. I know it'll be scary, but trust me, once you get better you'll realize how totally worth it it was.

Evelyn Evelyn
You are not a cliche, hun. You're just in that unfortunate time of life where everything, and I mean everything, surfaces all at once. What I think might be good for you right now, is to learn how to relax. More important than social life and boys is that you are healthy. You sound stressed to the absolute max and like you are trying to please everyone around you. Schedule some 'me' time for yourself. Try taking baths before going to bed, listening to some soothing music. Perhaps you can try meditating as well. Anything you can do to get a good night's sleep (warm milk with honey works wonders right before bed time, so does lavender spray). Above all, find a creative outlet for your stress. Do you like writing? Painting? Drawing? Perhaps keep a journal or even an online blog with restricted access. If your mother is really busy, she might not even realize that something is bothering you. Try writing her a letter about how you feel. As for your friends, I wouldn't worry too much about it. In two years, you'll be off to college making new friends and growing as a person. Highschool is just an inbetween stage. A horrible one, because you have hormones, social pressure, parental expectations and all that stuff coming at you all at once. Remember, you are not alone. A lot of teenagers have gone through or are going through the same thing. The important part is to learn to just let go every so often and relax.
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Corie Corie
Sounds like things are pretty crazy for you, but find yourself a Saturday to sleep in, lounge around a bit, just reset. If you are feeling like it is hard to get time with your mom, ask her if you two can plan doing something together some time. Make her put it on a calender. Also, while friends are important, it is high school, I am now 25 and only still talk to a few of the friends I had then. Don't worry what people think of you, just be confident, work hard, and you will be the winner in the end.
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Artur Artur
Ok...first off it is actually good that you have written this and gotten some of your frustration out. Writing, like in a journal, is therapeutic and an excellent stress reliever. Try taking one day at a time. Mom's get busy just like everyone else, so don't give up on communicating with her. As for a guy having a crush on you, you have to realize that when someone has a crush on someone else, 90% of the time it will NEVER be known because people are too shy and afraid of rejection. For the simple fact that you actually had the guts to ask out a guy, that right there shows me that there is a mountain of self confidence in there...you've just been beaten down a little bit by the bumpy roads of life. Try doing something special for you. Whether it is taking extra time to fix your hair in the mornings, or starting an exercise routine that will get your blood pumping and your confidence level shooting right back up to where it needs to be. Hang in there. Your right, we all have had these days, and we have all lived to see better days, so don't give up hope. Be sweet...
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Ursula Ursula
Once you get through this year things will be easier. You have to accept that you can only do your best and if you don't quite get the score you are after then there are other pathways to get into almost all occupations. My daughter is a high achiever and we worried she would never have a social life as she put just so much on her studies. She was the top female at her Secondary College at graduation and got accepted into a very good University. My wife and I found her very difficult during her final year studying as she was just so anal about it and would stay up until the wee hours of the morning. In the end we took her to the doctor who prescribed a tablet to help her get through the anxious times. She still stresses but is slowly learning to not be quite so obcessed about her scores. Even at University she will tell us she thinks she didn't do well in her Law exam only to find out later she got High Distinctions. She now has a great social life as well as still working hard on her future and while she got into the course she wanted her friend didnt, but is now studying Osteopathy which is incredibly demanding and with the knowledge that she will gain from this course she could go on to be a doctor. So You just have to hang in there. Many people who now know my daughter think she is a different person as she has her hair cut in a trendy style and is much more outgoing. I think those who went to school with her would visualise her as a nerd wearing drab clothing and never going out anywhere. They just don't realise that she has a future thanks to her hard work. She gets a real buzz when one of the really cool guys from her Secondary school who would not have looked twice at her try to pick her up at a nightclub. So basically what I am saying is that the hard yards are worth it, but you have to just hang in there and if stress gets too much go see the doctor and tell them. You are not the only over stressed teenager out there trying to cope in a really tough world. Good luck
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Scheherazade Scheherazade
Can i suggest that you go and have a look at the stuff on this website? It's a mental health site specifically for young people - it's an Australian site, and i'm thinking that you're in the US but the info on depression and anxiety will be useful to you, as well as some of the stuff that is there to help you get rid of some of your feelings of helplessness and generally being alone. Go to: http://www.reachout.com.au/home.asp I hope that you find this useful, and the best of luck to you.
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Scheherazade Originally Answered: Can TSH test came out normal, does it mean my thyroid is normal?
The normal range has changed for TSH, it is .3 to 3 with the IDEAL range being . 3 to 2. (The labs have not changed their paper work yet to catch up)If yours is at 2.55, it is a little high and should be at least around 2, and between 1 and 2 ideally. but it isn't critical or anything like that, it is barely out of the ideal range, but in the normal range. Off just a little , could make a difference,in how you feel, but a doctor won't necessarily say that. You should keep an eye on the TSH (have it tested once a year )and if you can find a doctor to test the T3/T4, then do that. Some wont' test anything besides TSH and T4, ,because they say the hormones for thyroid work in a loop, there is a lot of difference in opinion about what to test., but you need your body to be able to convert the T4 to T3 which is the active form of thyroid hormone that you need. So, your TSH isn't that bad, but slightly elevated, which MAY mean you should watch it over the months and if it goes higher you may need some thyroid replacement. Good for yu for having it tested. A blood test for adrenal hormones is all it is. Ask your doctor to test for cortisol, sex, adrenal , dheas levels there. Many don't test for cortisol, and they should. Cortisol is a stress hormone and if one hormone is off, there are probably others off as well. Cortisol high levels can cause your symptoms as well, and can indicate adrenal glands overworked, weak or even serious adrenal disease. Something sounds like it is off , but you should not panic. That your tSH is in the normal range, and slightly elevated for the 'ideal' range, is a good sign that your bascially ok. I don't know about the prolactin , but I hope you find a doctor that knows how to test and not have to rely on yours or your current doctors lack of knowledge. You need someone who knows what they are doing. Some osteopathic doctors are trained in hormone replacement and may know hormones, and some obgys are trained. You could call a compounding pharmacy and ask them for a list of doctors expert in testing and treating hormones. examples thehallcentervenice.com feelingfff.com Here is a free self help method you can go learn and apply to all your fears and panics so to bring them down to nothing quickly eftuniverse.com click on 'get started free' or therapists at eftmasters.com Something is off in your body, and sometimes all it takes is a healthier diet, proper vitamins and minerals , sleeping enough,exericse. Here is a lot of good information, and answer to yur questions thyroid.about.com elaine-moore.com drugs.com

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