Conservative Male in America; lots of questions to be answered. Misery and the left?

Conservative Male in America; lots of questions to be answered. Misery and the left? Topic: How to write a to be or not to be poem
June 25, 2019 / By Zoie
Question: Why does the left think they are more socially just? I have experienced the government entity and bureaucracy. There is nothing just about it. You are simply a number. Go to the post office or the VA to get your medication. Don't you think that God wants more for us? What happens when this government bureaucracy gets too big? For example, we need to share our business profits with the government (oh wait we already do that). Never mind. What do we do now? Wait until they are allowed to assign a person to inspect all of our homes to make sure our children have a good upbringing. It seems like they want to raise our children now. Why has the concept of having children become unattractive to young people? Does the government mind control have anything to do with this? Does feminism have anything to do with this? Did we actually lose the cold war? Why are there so many immigrants? Is it because of the American woman wanting to take the mans role in life? Now they want to give power to our children? What is next? Does the government want to control when and how we have sex with our spouses? I find the US in today's world disgusting. I believe in God and I believe in the power of family and the roles that men and women should play according to God. It is unnatural to go against this idea. I do not mean to be offensive but these are my thoughts. Am I going crazy or am I just being normal and normality has left the building? I cannot speak my mind anymore. If I do American women open their mouths and cover them like I am some sort of evil. Even though I am just saying that a woman should bare children and be around to raise them, while a man should support the family and love his wife. To me this just seems too natural. To natural for the left to consider just. God will punish the left. I guarantee it. Just like God has punished me. I used to be a part of this machine that is ruining the world; the left. What happens when we are forbidden to have children or raise them by ourselves. Do you all know about the power of the police state that the hippies fought against? Why is the hippy left now fighting for more government? Are they stupid or is this just another leftist conspiracy. Did we lose the cold war? Why are we doing business with China? So what do you think Omen I am not an idiot. This is a poem. You leftists love poems. That is why I wrote this. It is from the heart. Only an immoral bafoon would call me dumb for writing what is in my heart and what I know to be true. You have no reason behind your argument for me being an idiot besides me saying things twice. That makes you an idiot for not undestanding my message. So FukcYou Omen. You piece of fukcing **** go fukc your self.
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Sherley Sherley | 7 days ago
I believe that all people are inherently okay. Not inherently good, and certainly not inherently evil (original sin). Another way of stating it: innocent until proven guilty. Or, Hanlon's Razor: never attribute to malice what can be adequately be explained by ignorance (often misquoted as stupidity). If you start from this vantage point, and assume that the vast majority of people simply want to be accepted within a group and be productive, you will find your opinion of people change drastically. I am not saying there aren't some evil bastards out there, but that is the exception, not the norm. As such, look at the same laws, and they exist not to stand "nanny" or "big brother" over everyone and everything, but: to protect those that cannot protect themselves, to help those who have fallen on hard times, to provide a helping hand to those that family, friends, and church have failed...to reduce suffering. But, if you look at everyone as being out to suck on the big teat of state, to hoodwink all the suckers, to get take everyone for everything they can get, then certainly the laws and the government programs must seem like someone trying to be something to everyone. If this is what you see, then riddle me this: what have you done lately that is underhanded, to make the world a worse place? Oh, you haven't? Why not? You think that is what everyone else thinks, certainly anyone that thinks even slightly differently than you, so you certainly must be guilty, too... Or, perhaps your view is out of whack. Perhaps people aren't so bad. Perhaps it is not "people" or "everyone else" that are bad, perhaps it is your perception that needs to be adjusted. Stop repeatings the bromides of people that have such a negative worldview, and you might just come to see the world (and the US in particular) isn't such a effed-up place. Too many people out there are focused on "looking out for number 1." The government charter (go read the Preamble to the Constitution) is the look out for the general welfare. As for the bit about the hippies and police state, you are both right and wrong. Hippies fought against (and still fight against) police state. Mind you, police states tend to be very efficient, some might say "dictatorial." Democracy, what the hippies (and OWSers) fought/fight for, is quite the opposite. The entire point of democracy is, in fact, to create *inefficiency,* to slow change, to dilute power, so that no one person or even a small group of people can steer the government. A dictator with a politically allied bureaucracy can steer a country with great efficiency. But a democracy requires a bureaucracy that can operate regardless of the political winds, which means rules and processes that are complex and often seemingly meaningless, but, in fact, are to ensure that no one politician or bureaucrat can have too much power. A dictatorship often changes only with death. Democracy drags it out, but no one needs to die for democratic change to happen (note that I said no one *need* die, not that no one *will* die). As for your discussion of God, that has nothing to do with "left" or "right" politics. You believe what you believe, as I do, to get through the day, in the hopes of reducing suffering, to make the world a better place. Or, at least not making it worse...for instance...your reply to Omen. Omen's reply was bad enough, but instead of taking the high road, you took the low road. I am fairly certain you won't find that kind of language or intent in any holy book. An eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind. It is not the way.
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Sherley Originally Answered: What has Obama done that justifies the conservative label of 'far-left?'?
ARGGGGHHHHHH! why are conservatives so incapable of realizing that we have had many bailouts throughout the history of the US. The GM and Chrysler bailouts were not any part of "grand scheme" of Socialism. Nixon bailed out Lockheed Nixon and Ford bailed Penn Central Railroad Nixon, Ford and Carter bailed out Franklin National Bank Carter bailed out Chrysler Reagan bailed out Continental Illinois National Bank and Trust Co. GH Bush bailed out the S&L industry GW Bush bailed out the airline industry http://www.propublica.org/special/government-bailouts http://www.slate.com/id/2215049/ and how, for the love of -----, can the budget, freeze or not, be "far-left." There may be disagreements but federal spending, in and of itself, independent and not isolated to any program, is not "far left." Of course, if you ask for any specific program all you'll hear is crickets. Health care - I don't hear conservatives calling for the abolishment of Medicare/Medicaid or Social Security Cap & Trade - it's like many other environmental regulations and it create an entirely new commodity. Sounds pretty free-market, pro-capitalism to me but I guess that's only okay with cons if it's in the financial sector Tax cuts - since when have taxes (actually just letting cuts sunset) been considered Socialist. They are authorized by the Constitution, the very document many far-right cons claim to love more than their mother. Their reasoning would also apply to all taxes, local mill levies and state and local sales taxes too.

Peninna Peninna
Ok, initially, your race or someone else's isn't the hindrance relating to illegally coming into this nation. The regulation applies to every person of each race and country. Oddly sufficient, we've got legislation on this nation that it is residents assume to be obeyed. Those who do not, undergo the consequences for no longer doing so. As for individuals who are born on this nation and their moms and dads are unlawful extraterrestrial beings and the kids born right here (anchor infants) are given citizenship, this notion isn't within the United States Constitution. It is a federal regulation and has no longer been made up our minds earlier than the Supreme Court. How to manage the anchor little one hindrance tugs at my center but when the identical factor occurred of their nation, Mexico for illustration, my butt could be located in jail as an unlawful alien although I was once born there and my moms and dads had long gone there illegally. So if that's the regulation in Mexico, why the hell will have to we do any exclusive than Mexico could? And eventually, for those who believe that almost all of Hispanics will crush Republicans in a couple of years, so be it, however I can let you know now, that MOST Hispanics vote Democrat correct now due to the fact that the Democrats are those handing out the freebies to unlawful extraterrestrial beings on the price of the authorized taxpayer in order that hazard is already a bogus one. And another factor, while Hispanics as a majority start to assimilate into the American tradition and go away the Mexican flag in Mexico, quit sending a giant element in their illegally earned greenbacks to their house nations, gain knowledge of OUR language, and paintings to pay their possess manner in our society, then and most effective then, are you able to assume any type of sympathy for the plight of anchor infants and their moms and dads.
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Marje Marje
Liberals are more socially just because we believe in equal rights, taking care of those in need, and control over one's own body. Not everyone believes in God, that's why we have separation of church and state. Why should someone follow the rules of Christianity if they're not Christian? Immigrants are here because they want a better life than they had in their home country, what's so hard to understand about that? Isn't that why all of our ancestors came here? What should we tell them: It was okay for our ancestors to come here (even though we destroyed native life in the process), but you're too late. We're better than you, so go back where you came from! Women are not here to simply give birth and take care of men. If that's what they want, more power to them, but it should be their choice. Why should women have less choices than men? God is going to punish me? For what? For believing that all people are created equal and should be afforded the same chance at having a happy life? Yeah...that sounds like the opposite of what God wants.
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Kristine Kristine
The fallacy of petitio principii, or "begging the question", is committed "when a proposition which requires proof is assumed without proof", or more generally denotes when an assumption is used, "in some form of the very proposition to be proved, as a premise from which to deduce it". Thus, insofar as petitio principii refers to arguing for a conclusion that has already been assumed in the premise, this fallacy consists of "begging" the listener to accept the "question" (proposition) before the labor of logic is undertaken.
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Jeanine Jeanine
I think you wrote God too many times which means you are probably an idiot. You also asked if you lost the cold war twice.... owning to the fact you probably have the brain of a gold fish.
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Because we could care less about that stuff-- this is the pregnancy section. No wonder why u need help with math....

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