Best way to keep money on you while traveling and siteseeing?

Best way to keep money on you while traveling and siteseeing? Topic: Money suitcase safe
June 25, 2019 / By Jayde
Question: I am going to be going to Great Britain (England and Scotland) and Ireland with a group and France (about 90% sure) for independent travel and I read somewhere that it would be safer and a better exchange rate if i took out enough euros to keep me over for some travel and souveneirs and just use my credit card if a store can take it or use my credit card to take out money at an atm because they have no fees. The only thing I'm afraid of is I would take out about 300 euros, but how would i keep it on me... its so much and England is supposed to have bad pickpockers. I know this may be shallow, but I dont want to get those tourist "purses" that hang around your neck and you can tuck it into your shirt... but ehh. Also I dont want to keep asking the group if I can keep going to an atm so please from experience preferabbly.. give me some help :]
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Eve Eve | 5 days ago
Check with your bank what is costs to use your bank card in an ATM. Mostly it is the safest, easiest and cheapest way to handle your money. You will find ATMs on about each street corner, and your friends will need to use one too. Once every 2 or 3 days should be the best timing, never too much money, never none. Take your credit card too, if only for emergency use. Make sure you know the pin code for the credit card, in France you hardly ever need to sign the slips, but you need to press your code into a little machine. The 'belt' to wear under your clothes is the easiest to use, specially for travel alone. Keep your passport, tickets and some money in one. In any case, spread the important papers between your bags and your coat pockets, keep a copy of your passport, your credit card and your insurance details in your big pack or suitcase. You may have to pay for getting money out of an ATM but you will also have to pay for getting money changed into Pounds and Euros, so if you can use your bank card you are likely to safe money on it.
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Cody Cody
I have a money belt for larger sums (zipper inside regular belt or a belt that goes under jeans - good place to keep passport too) but I would carry 300 E with me, no problem. Remember though, in Northern Ireland it's Pounds - same in Scotland/England. If you're really safe, you'll do what I've done for years in foreign travel - place your wallet in your FRONT pocket & keep a hand on it. Any time you get bumped or touched, check your wallet anyway - it's a favorite trick they use to divert you. By the way, I didn't find any of the places you mentioned to be any worse than a large American city & Ireland/Scotland probably even less, except Glasgow maybe. As for France, the worst part will be the French. Just try not to look too much like a tourist in any place crowded & you'll be OK! Have fun but don't forget the VAT tax in the UK, they really hit you hard on that one if you use a credit card.
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Belphoebe Belphoebe
When we went to Italy, we had the same problem. My hb and I each wore a money belt around our waist under our clothes. Not the kind you wear outside your clothes. This is designed to wear under your clothes.Enough room to carry the euros, credit card and passport. It was great. You can purchase these in luggage store or on line. What we did was carried a day's euros in our pocket and the rest of the money in the money belt. Make sure the code you use for the credit cards works in Europe. I know you need a 4 digit code for the ATM. You will get charged a conversion fee on your credit card weather you take cash from the ATM or charge. Our visa, American Express and master card charged fees. Sounds like you are going to have a great time. Enjoy)
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Adrianah Adrianah
Money belt, worn inside your pants. I've backpacked in Europe for over two years, alone, and never had a problem this way. Go to a travel store and ask for one- they know exactly what you'll need. Have fun!
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