Is this a good thesis or intro?

Is this a good thesis or intro? Topic: What is a good thesis sentence
July 21, 2019 / By Dara
Question: is this a good intor or theisis sentence A 100 hours of community service makes a difference for everyonce. Its a great way to show that we care about the school and the community we live in. what else should i put? ANY TOPICS SHOULD I PUT POINT 1 POINT 2 POINT 3
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Best Answers: Is this a good thesis or intro?

Brady Brady | 5 days ago
First- Don't say "A 100" Does it matter that it is 100? (Were you given 100 hors as some kind of punishment?) Say Community service makes a difference for the participant, the school, and the community as whole. Pt 1: How CS benefits the participant... Pt. 2: How CS benefits the school Pt 3. How CS benefits the community as a whole Good luck!
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Brady Originally Answered: Thesis Statement and intro pharagraph help?
Maybe you can base your starting paragraph on an anecdote or famous quote and state how it relates to Zachary Taylor. For a thesis statement, list the things you're going to talk about and their implications.
Brady Originally Answered: Thesis Statement and intro pharagraph help?
Intro fact is many times a "hook," or something to capture the readers interest. Following the "hook," a short clarification of the subject remember you would be touching upon follows. Then a thesis is your argument. A thesis must be debatable and is many times the final sentence on your advent paragraph.
Brady Originally Answered: Thesis Statement and intro pharagraph help?
always go broad to general in intros. say something like this: many pres. in our past have contributed to shaping america how is today. special regonization has been given to presidents such as Abraham lincoln, roosevelt, (w/e you think of here). Zachary Taylor, the #th president is among these men. your thesis. (sry for not going into specifics but hopefully this outline can steer you. i'm working on a essay of my own).

Albertine Albertine
I agree with radicult,but when you are actually writing it don't say point one is...point two is...etc. Whenever you are writing a paper you need to somehow connect you ideas from paragraph to paragraph.This is called bridging and when you are ending your paper you need to summarize the same points as in your original thesis. Good Luck!
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Albertine Originally Answered: May someone please check if my intro paragraph contains a thesis?
There are a few sentences in there that could pass for thesis statements, so it's a little unclear what your main point is. Pick one main point that the rest of your paper will support. I'm guessing the last one is the closest to your goal, but you should rephrase it to indicate firmly how YOU want the issue to be resolved. Perhaps it would be, "To ensure the safety of all Americans, laws need to be passed in every state that prohibit illegal immigrants from obtaining driver's licenses" or "The government must take steps to insure that illegal immigrants are not able to get driver's licenses." Then I would rework the earlier part of the paragraph to give a more factual and less passionate background on the problem. Who has been debating this issue? What laws already exist in different states? Can you quote anyone interesting on the subject? What is an example of mayhem that has happened? Save the reasons for your opinion (potential security risk, rewarding illegal behavior, unlawfulness, etc.) for the rest of the paper. Good luck, hope you get a good grade!
Albertine Originally Answered: May someone please check if my intro paragraph contains a thesis?
i think of your paragraph ought to apply some reorganizing and tightening up (to not point out you may verify it heavily for grammar blunders). I rearranged your sentences: integrate those 2 sentences to start the paragraph: [For the previous decade, there has been a extensive debate whether or not unlawful immigrants could have the staggering to acquire motive force licenses.] [This undertaking should be certain right now in the previous added mayhem from occurring, and for the protection of united statesa.’s public, and community.] The physique of the paragraph is purely too lengthy and repetitive: [This undertaking have sparked controversy, and brought about multiple issues for the US. the prospect of paying for an stable checklist for unlawful extraterrestrial beings could grant a ability protection probability in direction of united statesa.. Granting a drivers license to unlawful immigrants is tantamount to helpful somebody for unlawful habit, and this counters each and every thing people have confidence in this u . s .. It’s unlawful for every physique to help or help an unlawful immigrant.] This seems to me like your thesis fact: [man or woman states could stumble on a answer to ban unlawful immigrants from paying for motive force's licenses]

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