I am considering applying for social security disability benefits?

I am considering applying for social security disability benefits? Topic: The argument song how to write an argument
June 16, 2019 / By Ervin
Question: I have zero medical documentation. I am in my mid50's. I was extremely abused as a child. Repeated attempts to get help were not fruitful. The effects of the abuse simply got me labeled as strange or weird, etc. For example: the bones in my feet were crushed, my legs pulled out of joint = walk with a limp. My abusers, while older and less numerous, are still free, still abusive, still dangerous. Finding a doctor to document physical, mental, emotional, and other problems could cause problems. Two years of unemployment with skills and abilities are minimal. Advice? @ JMITW; No medical documentation in my possession at all. The limp was just one of countless examples of the visable things that people might notice after being around me for a while. @ JMITW; "how would finding doctors cause problems?" My abusers have never been brought to justice, are still very abusive and dangerous. They have targeted any one who they have 'caught' trying to help me out.
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Conley Conley | 10 days ago
I first of all want to tell you that I have a big heart for you. I was also the victim of serious abuse and have never been the same. At least I get called odd, weird, shy etc. I was in the hospital at age 3-4 to get posterior and anterior spinal fusion. At that same time my mom was in and out of mental wards. My dad was overseas and she met a new man. Well, when I got out of the body cast(back in the 80s they had plaster casts) I had it from my neck area down to my waist. I had to get diapers again. she would leave us unattended by herself and have "him" watch us. All the while he would sexually abuse me up until the age of 9. I told many people, nothing was done. Then my mom started to drink with him and she was very abusive as well. I had a broken arm (3 times) burns from an Iron, she attempted to set the house of firs (almost monthly) my dad didn't care. After he got out of the Corps he left my mom. I should mention get got "kicked" out so that left us with no medical benefits. Until my mom got medical (we lived in cali). my mom would drink up til 2-3 am almost every night. She would yell, scream, abuse, and other things like making us write down lyrics of her favorite old country songs (from records) she would time us and burn us if we got anything wrong. It was so much emotional stuff. I for one, who have been abused in all ways can say emotional is the worse *for me anyhow) she called me fat, ugly, worthless, dumb bitc*, a whore (when I was being sexually abused) the list goes on. Sometimes when she would argue with her new boyfriend she would bring home other drunk men and force us to dance with them, and to settle her arguments we would have to walk to her boyfriends house and deliver a note she made. We were only 7 8 and 9 at the time. Me being 7 it would be after midnight and the walk was about 20 mins. We got stopped by police a few times. From all this I ended up with an eating disorder which no one helped me get treatment,. Still today I suffer. My mom made fun of me actually. Because I had a cutting problem and she would say they were "zorro" marks and "you should just stop eating, its faster" I was bulimic at the time. Which now I have anorexia. With that came a heart condition, poor eyesight, osteoporosis etc. I also have bipolar disorder, MS and NF1. I was already an outcast from tumor growth from the NF...so...I have a huge heart for other abused people. Especially men because there is a stigma on men about being "tough" Your question: It may be very hard to get disability but that does not mean you can't. Sometimes people who are on here (who are on disability themselves!) feel that only THEY deserve disability and are right up to tell you that you should not, can not etc go on it. Everyone is different. I think you need to see a Dr, even a free clinic for a proper diagnosis. Tell them everything! It's a good start.
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Conley Originally Answered: What is social security?
Look up RSDI... the real name for "social security", which started as an income program for those who stopped working at retirement age, and were no longer earning much of an income. Later, the program was expanded to include people who became disabled prior to the normal retirement age and could, therefore, no longer earn income. Almost everyone who works pays into a fund (they take the money right out of your paycheck; it is not optional) that is supposed to be use to make these payments to those who are retired and/or disabled. At first, the money was paid only to people who had, at one time, worked for a living (and, therefore, paid into the fund), but now even people who have never worked, or who worked very little, can receive benefits (research SSI). However, over the years, the amount of money paid into the fund has not been enough to cover the payments. So, little by little, the fund has been used up, so that there is no longer enough money to pay out to everyone who paid in. Especially now, as about 10,000 people retire every day, because there are not 10,000 people going to work each day... it is easy to see that, eventually, the fund will run completely dry. Because nearly everyone has paid into the fund for their entire working careers, the expectation is that they will be paid from the retirement fund when they retire -- even if they do not need the money. There are many retired people who are paid a sizable pension, and even some who continue to earn an income, who also receive social security payments "because we are entitled to it". So, our government keeps borrowing from other funds, and keeps raising taxes, and engaging in other shenanigans to keep the payments alive. This contributes to our national debt which is over 18 TRILLION dollars. This can't last forever... someday the funding will crash, and people - like you - who pay in their whole lives will receive nothing back.

Arley Arley
Go ahead and apply for it but I doubt that your claim will be approved because it sounds like you are not unemployed due to any disability but for other reasons. Unless there has been a severe change in your condition for the worse since you stopped working your work history has proven that your condition didn't prevent you from being gainfully employed. You will be like many of the unemployed, filing for disability not because you have a severe medical/physical condition but because you are hoping to get an income. If you file Social Security will send you to a consultative exam. Social Security's definition of disability is that you have a medically determinable physical or mental impairment(s) of such severity that you are not only unable to do your previous work but cannot, considering your age, education and work experience, engage in any other kind of substantial gainful work (defined as $1000 a month) which exists in the national economy and the severity must be expected to last at least twelve full months or end in death. The fact that you were not in ongoing treatment the last twelve months when you were working would indicate a non-severe condition. If you decide to file the office opens at 9am; get there before 2:30pm as the interview can take at least an hour.
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Twila Twila
Medical documentation is very important to have , without it chances of winning a claim will be close to none. Many people have had abusive childhoods, this does not mean the person is entitled to disability benefits. Social Security wants current medical records, not ones that are years earlier. A psychiatrist , or therapist , a professional in the mental health field will document anything like this and it will be in your records. Medical Dr's need to have seen you and treated your condition, otherwise it is going to be all here say. If social security does not have enough documentation send someone to a consecutive exam, you would have to be examined by one of their DR's. Anther thing is your condition has to be severe enough by social security standards, it has to prevent you from working a substantial gainful activity for at least a year or longer. Your age and your employment history will be in your favor. Child abuse is not a automatic approval. you have to prove your condition prevents you from working , and have the medical evidence supporting your claim. Many people with severe conditions are not approved and have medical evidence, if i were you I would start seeing a DR.for the next several months, then I would apply for benefits , with my Dr. support. Stay away from your abusers, have no contact with them.
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Sandra Sandra
You can apply, it's unlikely you'll get very far without documented proof of any condition you have or claim to have. What you're proposing basically amounts to you asking for benefits bases on your word alone, which frankly isn't going to be enough.
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Noelle Noelle
Good luck, but you don't stand a chance of getting Social Security Disabillity benefits. The other answers here tell it like it is.
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Lysandra Lysandra
well go ahead and apply for it they will send you to their doctor, but you really need one of your own and you will need a lawyer my daughter has schizo effective disorder and she was turned down, my mother in law is nearly bed ridden and she was turn down twice
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Lysandra Originally Answered: Social Security & levys?
Yes. Because the account was set up improperly (joint account) that means all of the money in it is just as much yours legally as his and they most certainly can go after the money in the joint account. They can't garnish his social security before payment is made but once the money is in the joint account they sure can take it. His account should be set up separately from yours and it should read "(Your name) on behalf of (His name)'" OR "(Your name) for (His Name)." That clearly identifies the funds in the account as belonging to your father. The bank may not allow you to do this if Social Security hasn't appointed you your father's payee. If that is the case you will need to go to the social security office which opens at 9am and closes at 3pm or 3:30pm to file an application to be his payee. They will need the name and address of his attending physician so that they can obtain a statement from him regarding your father's capability of managing benefits in his own best interests. Your father can go with you. Social Security doesn't appoint payees as a matter of convenience but only if the doctor states that a person is incapable. The reason Social Security appoints payees in the first place is to protect the social security benefits from being used for purposes other than the needs of the entitled individual.

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