Can i have a good career and make good money with a bachelors in art and technology?

Can i have a good career and make good money with a bachelors in art and technology? Topic: Careers in writing and art
June 16, 2019 / By Felice
Question: Arts and Technology (B.A.) Students who complete the major in Arts and Technology receive a thorough grounding in the mutually productive interaction of technology with the arts, with specific emphasis on the interplay of visual art, music, and narrative with the new modes of expression and communication that have emerged from the convergence of computing and media technologies. The program stresses not only the creation but also the potential applications and cultural implications of interactive media. Unlike other majors in the School of Arts & Humanities, a student majoring in Arts and Technology will be required to channel selected coursework according to individual needs and specialties. Particular attention should be given to the Prescribed Electives for the major, and close consultation with academic advisors is recommended. By selecting courses from a variety of the remaining elective headings, students are able to combine courses in technology and fine arts with course work in literary criticism and interpretation, creative writing and translation, and linguistics and languages. Unless otherwise noted, courses in Arts and Technology are open to all students in the university. However, students majoring in Arts and Technology may be given preference in certain course enrollments.
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Best Answers: Can i have a good career and make good money with a bachelors in art and technology?

Cortney Cortney | 1 day ago
Absolutely. My major is marketing management, and I interned at an amazing ad agency over the summer. There are many roles you could fill in an ad agency. Depending on your interests and what classes you take, you could be on the production side of things (like putting together commercials and ads), or you could conceptualize and write the copy or script for advertisements. If you are interested, I would suggest researching different careers in advertising/marketing/public relations.
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Bethel Bethel
You're going to go in doing scut work for $20K or so or you will take a job at $24K doing a ton more work at a much smaller place in which you do the work of 10 people.
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