URGENT QUESTION: When asked why you are applying.?

URGENT QUESTION: When asked why you are applying.? Topic: Job application writing service
June 16, 2019 / By Ailse
Question: to attend a for um kind of thing, what should I write? Along the lines of what? I really want to impress the people looking at the applications, and I want them to accept me. I've had bad luck with applications before, so I'm feeling really demotivated, and I want this so much. I really want it. What do I say? What do I write?* Thanks in anticipation. I'm in high school, but asked the question here, since you lot would be a lot more experienced and knowledgeable in this department ... it's for a social rights and justice conference thing.
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Tommi Tommi | 9 days ago
I'm confused... are you talking about job applications? Talk about facets of the customer service and company that you like. That you like the atmosphere in the place, etc. For a college app, say that you like this fact about the school, etc. Basically suck up and flatter them without making it obvious. Point out their good qualities and say how you want to help maintain them.
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Tommi Originally Answered: I asked this question but it didn't get posted so this is a question to Christians. Please tell me why you are?
What a great, open and honest question. It is a breath of fresh air. My personal reason is because I had a powerful experience when I was 16 where I had a vision of Jesus being crucified, put in his tomb, resurrect and ascend into heaven. However, this is not common and most people, I think, come to God because they are unsatisfied with the world or because they were lucky enough to grow up in a family where God was taught, so they accepted their families faith, perhaps at an early age. Others, like me, had some kind of religious awakening. I don't know why. Many, many others have become Christians because of the overwhelming evidence that God is real and Christianity is true. There are many, many books that show all the evidence for you to consider. I suggest you pick one or two up and see for yourself. You seem like a truth seeker, and I think this fits very well into your question. There is just too much supporting evidence to write here (it would take me days, probably weeks!). I've listed two books I have in the sources section of my answer. Hope this helps. God bless.
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I am somewhat on the fence, so I don't want to define myself as Christian or not Christian. I belong ito the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, where not all believe in the Divinity of Christ, but agree that at the very least he was a great model, self sacrificing, fighting for peace justice and tolerance and that's the Christ I accept. I reject many of the punitive aspect of Jehovah in the Old testament and those Fundamentalists who hate, judge and don't allow people to do good works . Since they claim that a Christian who doesn't share their beliefs ,is not a Christian,I would turn the tables and say that they are the ones who are not, because they do not preach love, but rather hate in its place
Tommi Originally Answered: I asked this question but it didn't get posted so this is a question to Christians. Please tell me why you are?
People are Christian because there is not much mysticism or spirituality involved there and is basically Bhakthi Yoga which is predominently revolving around the concept of Love which is understood by every common man. Since the religion is very much on the grounded human level of emotions, there is more attraction to it. It is just like trying to learn a language which is very difficult like Sanskrit or German and start learning the 26 Alphabet english which is comparatively very easy to learn. You can see this aspect in other religions also, In Hinduism for e.g. you can see more followers to Krishna and believe in temples which are symbols of Bhakhti Yoga. Those who make rigorous practice of spirituality and make their own mind, soul and body a temple will be very few as a certain spiritual heights which require tremendous sacrifices would be required to be achieved to reach that level. One should remember that the count is not important, the quantity is not importat, the quality is important. The quality of human beings who can raise to devine level is most significant and that is what all prophets, god incarnations, have tried to teach and everytime they successfully taught it a new religion took birth. All answers are judgements of each mind, and if the mind from which they are emanating did not judge them as correct, one would not endeavour to answer, if not they are not truthful which is worse than judgemental. The path identifies the person. Braahman is one having Brahma Gyan (Knowledge of Brahman) and not the one who is born in a Braahman family. He should be identified by his Karma. A Christin is identifed by the path shown by Jesus Christ and which he follows towards redeption of his Soul. The path should rise from the ground at each step in spiritual emancipation, and if not he is just a follower just like one train following another train at equal intervals mechanically at the material level of consciousness without any spiritual benefits doomed to stay in this world, which is as bad as hell or as good as heaven, the way one makes of it.

Ray Ray
Say I want to enhance my education for the benefits and to educate rest of the world, who are not studying at all, say I want to spread good thoughts either, socially, scientifically or economically what so ever in all the world seriously.... All the best!! further ask me at face book giving y'r reference on VEER ADITYA
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"Suppose there is a god who is watching us and choosing which souls of the deceased to bring to heaven, and this god really does want only the morally good to populate heaven. He will probably select from only those who made a significant and responsible effort to discover the truth. . .Therefore, only such people can be sufficiently moral and trustworthy to deserve a place in heaven — unless God wishes to fill heaven with the morally lazy, irresponsible, or untrustworthy" — Richard Carrier, The End of Pascal's Wager: Only Nontheists Go to Heaven
Ray Originally Answered: Most Powerful Question Ever Asked To Atheist?
Wow. I, somehow, managed to read all of that. I could seriously go line by line ripping this wall-of-text apart, but I have better things to do. So basically, I will do the first few lines and sum up how you are wrong: "-The concept of religion and creationism is a fairly broad, complex, diverse, debated and controversial topic." Creationism is not complex or diverse. It comes down to "Goddidit". To say it is complex and diverse is a joke. "The ideology of God has been in existence since the beginning of time" To an extent. Early mankind did worship Gods. But not the Judeo-Christian god. Early mankind were pagans worshiping multiple gods. Monotheism is a relatively new idea. Hinduism worships thousands of gods and it is about 2000 years older than Judiasm. Also, you got Pascal's Wager wrong. Not to mention Pascal's Wager uses faulty logic because it only takes into account the possibility of the existence of the Abrahamic God. There are literally thousands of religions each with their own god and gods. You are wagering that your god is the correct god even though you have no proof that your god is any more real than the others. The only reason you believe your god is the correct god is because, most likely, you were raised to.

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