What is a good research paper topic about France?

What is a good research paper topic about France? Topic: The cover of research paper
July 16, 2019 / By Crispian
Question: It has to cover the time period of 1500-present. It can be one topic but I have to explain how it affected the present day France.
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Ashton Ashton | 1 day ago
The entire time period or one event during that time? I'd say the exile and return of Napoleon would make a smashing paper! Or, the two French governments during World War II, one pro-Nazi and one free.
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Ashton Originally Answered: Whats a good research topic I cold do for my political science research paper?
Well first, who/what are you interested in politically? This year will give you a wonderful selection of topics: first black president, first female VP for the GOP, the lists goes on. You should write about something or someone you are interested in because it will make the paper feel less staggering. The influence of media bias?

Vega Vega
Do one on something no person else will do ---- that is almost an computerized stable grade, merely for attempting to be imaginitive. How approximately American involvement with WWII in the previous Pearl Harbor..? American ace fighter pilots have been scuffling with with the chinese language against the eastern, the Flying Tigers. An American army deliver became unquestionably bombed and sunk in China by skill of the eastern. American defense force Intelligence became actively working in England with British Intelligence decrease than the table. Armed US provider provider Marine ships everywhere in the Atlantic. American army vessels have been everywhere in the Pacific, the Philippines, even sitting in Darwin Harbor, Australia individuals have been production munitions (gun powder, ammo, explosives) for the British and Allies. 2 New Jersey munitions factories have been unquestionably blow up by skill of Nazi terrorists. For a rustic not AT war, we've been particularly very busy IN war. ***EDIT*** WOW, what marvelous solutions - do not you love it whilst all of us celebration! there is a lot importantance regarding WWII that the subjects are infinite. The forty fifth Infantry branch of the Oklahoma military nationwide look after - thousands of community American volunteers representing over 50 countries. the U. S. females Air Corp. The Tuskegee Airmen. The Navajo Code Talkers. the seek for Enigma. The infinite forgotten infants and youths of the Greek, Dutch, and different small u . s . a . resistance. Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who saved thousands of Jews in finished sight of the Nazis. My very own well-liked, the Dunkirk Evacuation. infinite subjects, infinite heroes.
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Selina Selina
I think the origins of French music would be a good topic. You could go from the folk and classical periods all the way to the electronic and progressive rock movements of the modern day. You could go from Gregorian chants to Claude Debussy to Daft Punk! There are regional music styles to like hurdy gurdy and basque music aswell. It's interesting stuff!
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Ohndreea Ohndreea
Napoleon and Josephine Bonaparte Marie Antoinette Eiffel tower Louvre museum (it's been around a LONG time!) French cuisine and it's global influence
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Madison Madison
France and their role in WWII...in what ways did they resist and in what ways did they go along with Germany throughout this period?
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Madison Originally Answered: What's a good research paper topic?
Well, there are plenty of topics. Here are some examples: -War of 1812 -The Lewis and Clark Expedition (1804-1806) -Napoleonic Wars (1805-1815) -Russio-Turkish War (1806-1812) -Fulani War (1804-1810) For more topics, go to this website: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1800s I hope that I was able to help some. Good luck with your research paper.

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