What bra size should i wear?

What bra size should i wear? Topic: What is the sister size to 34c
June 25, 2019 / By Avice
Question: ive measured myself and i am right on the borderline between a 32c and a 32d. the measurements say that if youre between 86-88cm youre a C, and if youre between 88-90cm youre a D. im 88.9... what size do you think i should wear? i dont want the bra to look too big! xx
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Abigail Abigail | 4 days ago
When you are borderline like that you really need to try on both sizes of every style of bra as the sizes vary from style to style. Also, try going with a 34C which is the sister size of the 32D.
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Stewart Stewart
Go get measured professionally and then just try the bras on. You can also try a 34C it is the "sister size" to the 32D
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Pallu Pallu
just wear a freakin d not that hard god no need fo all these f*ckin mesurments it dosent really matter if ur that close than just wear a d
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That's a tough situation! Since she's the maid of honor, she can certainly wear something different from the rest of the bridesmaids. What I did for my wedding was to allow the gals to choose thier own clothes. The bridesmaids had to agree on one thing (which the maid of homor also happened to choose). It was my wedding, so I had veto power. There are some femenine tuxedo style pants available for women. She could wear those with a nice satin blouse and heels. That could actually look very attractive. Anything cut for a man would look frumpy on a woman, but there are slim-cut dressy trousers available for women. I agree with you that it's not right to force her to wear something she hates. I guess you have to decide whether her friendship is more important to you than her attire. She also may want to consider whether or not being the MoH is an honor that justifies a little compromise. In the end, although many brides may not agree, a wedding is not really all about you. It is the celebration of two families joining together as one, with the support of their loved ones. It will be over in a flash, and you will probably only look at the pictures occasionally. The marriage, not the party, is what is truly important. If you feel that she is a good friend who will support you as you journey through life with your spouse, she deserves to be the MoH, even if she shows up in a potato sack. That being said, a little respect for your wishes and less drama on her part wouldn't hurt, either. Crying over clothing seems a bit much to me. Were I in your situation, I would go to a store like Nordstrom with her and seek out the help of a personal shopper. They are professionals. Image is what they sell. You give them the parameters (i.e: no dresses, formal please, feminine, under X number of dollars, here are the wedding colors) and you would be amazed with what they will come up with. 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She is the Godmother of my children. I love her like a sister. You sound like you are truly interested in having your best friend be comfortable and involved in your wedding. Please, please, please do not allow outside influences to compromise that attitude. Repeat to yourself: She is more important to me than a freaking dress. Again, check out a personal shopper (with your BFF) at a department store. Seriously. I think you may come up with an option that has everyone smiling. Worst case scenario, she'll wear the same tux as the groomsmen. Would that be so horrible? Really? How hurt would she be if you eliminated her from the ceremony because of a wordrobe issue?

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