Why is my boyfriend so insecure about his penis size when he is already a little above average?

Why is my boyfriend so insecure about his penis size when he is already a little above average? Topic: Ring case size
June 16, 2019 / By Martie
Question: This has happened with more than one boyfriend and it's so frustrating. My guy keeps hinting at the fact that I "secretly want someone bigger," and it doesn't seem to matter how much I reassure him that he's perfect for me in every way, and that sex is completely satisfying. He still adamantly believes that I would be more satisfied if he were bigger. How can I help him get over this obsession? He is a little above average length and thick. I couldn't ask for more, and I wouldn't even care if it were less.
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Jesimiel Jesimiel | 3 days ago
I had that problem with a guy once. He really was pretty big, not huge, but definitely pretty well above average and better yet he really knew how to work it. I did everything I could to reassure him but he always mentioned that he didn't feel he was big enough even though he would give me these awesome orgasms but even then he would hint now and then that maybe I was faking them which not only really worried me but also angered me a little bit but I tried not to let it make me mad because he was a sweet guy and a lot of fun in and out of the bed and I could tell he was being honest about his concern but it was getting frustrating. One day he came over and he was pretty tired having worked the night before. We had some good sex and then I let him take a nap in my bed. About an hour after he was asleep, or so I thought he was, a girlfriend called and I just told her everything about the situation. That he was concerned about his size when he didn't need to be, that he was the biggest I'd ever had ( at that time ) and that he was wonderful with it and really made me satisfied with it. So I was sitting at my computer having this conversation and my bed was close by but like I said I thought he was asleep, it turns out he wasn't, the ringing of the phone woke him up but he was just laying there listening. After the call I got back into bed and that's when he oened his eyes and told me he had heard the majority of the conversation and was then honestly convinced that I had meant what I said all along. After that he NEVER brought up his penis size or the satisfaction that it gave me. I was a little annoyed that he had eavesdropped on me but then realized that taking the call in my room, there was no way to avoid it so it wasn't his fault really. What he did do is tell me that he had a previous girlfriend who was a bit of a mental case and she always told him he would never be big enough to please any girl. So just by a cool coincidence that totally got rid of his doubts about his "tool" and his ability to use it and give pleasure with it. My whole point about saying all this is simply to suggest that you could "accidentaly on purpose" let your boyfriend overhear you talking to another girlfriend about his penis size and his ability to satisfy you with it. It's kind of contrived I know but I think it will work. Guys minds are funny that way sometimes and it can be frustrating. You can tell them a million times a good thing ( s ) about them and they can always doubt it but they hear you telling a 3rd party about it once and they're good to go....crazy huh? Hope this helps and good luck, it sounds like you have a good guy there.
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If penis size really mattered to all of us, only guys with massive wangs would reproduce. This is clearly not the case, or else we would live in a society ruled by tripods and men would no longer be able to sit down on toilets. The proof is in the pudding. Your penis is fine. Your insecurity and need for validation from girls is not. Also, to the guy that recommended you lift weights to increase your penis size--that is complete bs. There is absolutely no correlation with weight lifting and penis size. Lifting weights before you've completed your last growth spurt is a terrible idea because it causes your bone platelets to close prematurely. Ever wonder why pro gymnasts that start at an early age are generally short? Being short in stature is a much bigger turn off than having a short penis.
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Glen Glen
I think this is just a guy thing. Its like us women with our looks, or our boobs, or hair, or whatever. Its just an insecurity and its really hard to break them of the habit of thinking that way. Just keep reassuring him and always tell him how much the sex is pleasurable to you. You could always sit down with him and ask why he thinks its not enough for you. Maybe he doesn't realize that you are getting just as much enjoyment as he is. Sometimes its got something more to do with them thinking that its not pleasurable enough than it does with the size. Be vocal about what you like him doing to you in bed and see it that boosts his confidence any.
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Dougal Dougal
Find the smallest dildo you can, like 3 inches, and let him see you using it... then when its play time, he is comparing himself to the toy and not whatever is is comparing himself to.
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Dougal Originally Answered: What is Average Penis Size for 15 year old?
Hey Johnny. You're already on the average/above average scale for full grown men, so don't sweat it. =) It's possible they could be 8 inches, but the may also be lying to hide their insecurities. But it's also worth knowing that your height is NOT relevant to penis size. It's a myth that most people buy into because they think of the penis as a limb. You see short girls with big boobs, don't you? Think of it like that. Hope that helps. =)

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