How to plan a wedding on a budget?

How to plan a wedding on a budget? Topic: Free how to write a business plan
June 16, 2019 / By Lawrence
Question: My boyfriend and i have to pay for our wedding ourselves. Does anyone know of any ways to plan a cheap wedding and save a lot of money? It's a christmas wedding to so I kinda want to stick with that theme
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Jabin Jabin | 4 days ago
I'm in the same situation as you. Both of my parents have lost their jobs in the past year, and I only work part time because I am still going to school so it's been a challenge but I'm happy with everything so far. I have actually been pretty lucky by keeping my options open and looking everywhere! For the longest time I was so stressed out by all the wedding planning because I didn't think we could ever have the wedding that I wanted. We almost went to the courthouse because I was so discouraged, but I'm glad we didn't. I looked at all the popular wedding venues and reception venues in my town and I didn't think I could afford everything I needed. It really depends on the type of wedding you want too.. Here's what I have done so far: I booked the church for $350. My dad is a professional trumpet player so for our ceremony he is playing a song that he wrote for me. My dress cost me $300, I got it on sale at a local bridal boutique because it was a dress that they kept on the floor, and one they used for fashion shows. It is absolutely beautiful, and it's normally over $1500! The dress has lace sweetheart neckline and a tulle on the bottom half that forms the ball gown. The dress is from Allure's Exclusive Bridals. I booked a ballroom in a new local hotel that had an amazing deal. I get the ballroom for free if I spend at least $1400 in catering through the hotel. This includes linens, china, and flatware. The ballroom is beautiful & perfect, but I would have never found it if I had kept looking at everything that was popular in town. I found a local shop that is going out of business that had all of their wedding supplies 50% off, and got toasting flutes, a flower girl basket,and a unity candle & holder all on sale. I am also making my own centerpieces and table runners. For my cake I am ordering a small two tiered cake for our cake cutting and then ordering a bunch of sheet cakes to cut down on cost. For decoration in the ballroom, I am renting a bunch of par cans for up lighting and having a friend set them up for me. For our favors I found a bunch of white cardboard boxes at the Dollar Tree, and I am putting customized stickers that I am ordering from Etsy.com on them Just keep an eye out on sales & you can have a nice wedding on a budget. Also, I know a lot of venues decorate for Christmas so they let you use their decorations around the room. Costco.com has a bulk flowers section if you are willing to do your own bouquets and arrangements. I also made my own wedding map & monogram (I can tell you how if you want, or email you them so you can see them). Just decide what is important for your wedding and splurge on those & use your resources! I definetly would recommend hiring a DJ though, music can usually make or break your party and they usually second as an M.C. which keeps your reception flowing. I am also splurging on a photographer because I want to have great photos to remember everything. My mom hired a family friend for her wedding and it is one of her biggest regrets. Sorry this is so long! I just had so much to say :) Check out Etsy.com, WeddingStar.com, & Save-on-crafts.com!
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Jabin Originally Answered: About how long does it take to plan a wedding?
Congrats on your engagement! It usually takes 6-9 months to plan a decent-sized, semi-formal wedding - and that's if you're really organized, don't get too much "feedback" from family members, and more importantly it's for an off-season date. Usually most people need 12-18 months since many in-demand venues are booked way in advance for popular days (Saturdays during the summer). You may want to start during winter break when you and your fiance will have free time to at least sit down set the budget, write out preliminary guest list with addresses (start with your Christmas card list), get a general idea of the wedding date (your families, officiant, and attendants may have some constraints), invite your attendants, start looking at wedding dresses/bridesmaid dresses/tuxes (especially if they'll be custom made). Also discuss whether you'd like to use a wedding coordinator, where the ceremony and reception should be held and who should be the caterer/cake provider/florist/photographer/videograph... will be (though your venue may limit your choices), who will officiate, what music to play. And what's more fun - where you might want to go for your honeymoon! Good luck!

Findlay Findlay
I did a wedding on a budget - 150 ppl for 5000$ So - I made sure that I used people in the family and friends. My aunt was a hair dresser - she did my hair My cousin was a seamstress - she made my dress. A family friend is a photographer - he took photos. My uncle made my cakes My sister made a disc of music for the ceremony while her BF operated the speaker system. These things that they did for my wedding were their presents for the wedding as they all costed a nice chunck of change. and remember - if you spend $100,000 or $500 - you are no more married than the expesive wedding :)
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Danny Danny
Try to find people or friends who know people...That is always a good thing to look for. You might be surprised at how many amateur photographers, bakers and florists there are out there that might be friends with someone you know! On another note, search around online for tips on how to plan a wedding on a budget....There are some great websites that have some amazing money saving tips and ideas...
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Azal Azal
Forget the goddan theme. Make a list of the people who "must be" at your wedding, then count the names on the list, then analyze how you can have a reception for that many people. Once that budget item is settled, you can start thinking about money-wasters like favors, aisle runners, etc.
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Wanda Wanda
Firstly you need to work out the things you really don't want to go with out or cut costs on, for me it was a beautiful venues for photos, my hair and make up ( as I will be looking at these pictures forever) and photography. I decided on having my wedding on a thursday as 3/4 of my guests are out of state and will have time off anyway. This was great as I was able to get my venue for my reception for free as they were just happy to have customers then, also my photography, cars(also look at rental places for up market cars rather than wedding cars ) Rooms etc were all cheaper due to being on a thursday. I discovered that all venues for my ceremony I loved were too expensive so looked at gardens, Bed and breakfasts, even local little museums. I ended up finding a B&B that was a 120 yr old church that was privately owned and all it cost us was $385 and that is including 2 beautiful rooms for the night ( we could even end up having the reception there if we choose extra saving!!!), so if you look around you will be sure to find something ( maybe look at little way out of town). Second thing is DIY! I have made the invitations, RSVP's, wishing well cards, map and accommodation /destination information cards, thank you cards, place cards and little thank you tags for the favors for $10 per person inc postage stamps for them to send rsvp back.... most places i looked that didn't even cover the invite. I have also looked at things that can be sold after the wedding, it was this that lead me to choose silk flowers ( I hated the idea at first, but after a panic about if i would be able to get the colors/flowers i wanted at the time of my wedding decided they suited us a lot better) So for $400 I have got a spectacular bouquet, all the vases and flowers for the tables, the bridal party flowers, as well as extras for ideas later/damages etc. The best part is I will able to make about $300 back after the wedding selling them I also took photos of them and you cant tell they are fake!!. Thirdly I have been looking at second hand items, Wedding dresses are great value second hand as most have only been worn for a few hours then are dry cleaned ( I may end up wearing vera wang thats worth more than my whole budget for a few hundred dollars), candles too I know it sounds funny but most are only burned for a few hours and once they are lit you cant really notice they were pre used. I got pillar candles pre used that normally retail at $20 from a up market candle shop for $1 each. Fourthly ..... RESEARCH!!!! It is worth the time to research wedding forums (excellent help for working out who to use and who not to use, quotes that are good etc), ebay, DIY sites, also read up on helpful posts like " questions to ask your celebrant" Congratulations and hope this helps
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Wanda Originally Answered: How can 2 people 2000 miles apart plan a normal wedding?
When my husband and I planned our wedding he was in Iraq, I was in Kansas my maid of honor, best man, grooms man and both of our parents were in IL. We only invited family and close friends and since their were more people on my side of the family we did not have a bride's side and a groom's side. When you are planning a long distance wedding you have to be very flexible and just remember no matter what happens you will still be married at the end of the day. Good Luck and God Bless.

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