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Advice please! 10 points for best advice? Topic: Case special events
June 16, 2019 / By Sherrie
Question: I met this girl at Law school. We vibed and got on well, but things seemed to fall apart when I discovered she was a model (a former Miss Universe contestant at that). I guess I let my insecurities get in the way, because I kept thinking that a girl like that would never go for a guy like me. One night, everyone from my course all went out to celebrate the end of the academic year and we all got a little drunk. There seemed to be some sexual tension between me and this girl, so I began to tease her. Little did I know that she would take my teasing in such a bad way! She flipped out on me in front of everyone about a little comment I made about her always posing in facebook pics, and her not having any photos when she was just getting smashed (drunk). I went over to calm her down before she left and told her that I liked her. She didn't say anything back but just smiled. Later, I found out through a mutual friend that she had went back to her home country to intern at a Law firm there. I was pissed because she didn't tell me that she had this planned (although I knew that I had no right to be pissed as we were never 'exclusive' or anything). She's recently got back in touch and has told me she's coming back to my hometown for work but I stupidly told her that I was seeing someone, just to get back at her. We're still cool but I regret telling her this lie and I want to get with this girl so badly. What should I do? Should I forget about her and move on? Or should I come clean with everything?
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Penny Penny | 10 days ago
Normally I would say let time tell and wait it out - pursue other women and if it happens, it happens. But this seems to be a rare case- whenever you have the chance to date a girl that attractive you need to go all in, pull all of your best moves. First, just learn from your mistake. No matter how angry you are at someone, do NOT burn any bridges, as you will regret it later. Second, girls of that caliber expect an extremely high confidence level. Do not text her, as it shows you are too shy to speak to her (even though that may not be the case). Call her, and just talk to her to catch up. Do not ask her out the first time, but just be genuinely interested in how life is treating her, what she is doing, etc. This will leave her wondering "why didn't he ask me out?", and "is he really interested?". Believe me this- these are good things. Girls don't want what they know they can have, they want to work for it. Give it another two weeks or so, then call her back with a special event that the two of you can hang out for (ie. - a concert of bands you both like, getting through a particularly tough time of school/work, etc.). Then play it by ear. Good luck
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Penny Originally Answered: Please advice. 10 points for the best advice. Thank you very much?
If your university does not emphasize research and you plan to do your Ph.D. you will need to learn to do research. See if there are specific course which you can take which will emphasize research and writing skills. Writing is especially important since english is your second language. Now for your question. The University of Michigan has a good website with links to capital punishment statistics. That may be a good place to start. http://www.lib.umich.edu/govdocs/stsoc.html#capdeath Best of luck. I hope this helps. Feel free to e-mail me if you have additional questions.
Penny Originally Answered: Please advice. 10 points for the best advice. Thank you very much?
I would say that throughout the history of the U.S. the blacks have been, traditionally, given an unfair shake by the justice system. For years, they were thought of as lower class citizens if not lower forms of life and, as a result, their sides of the argument were given less merit. The same was true, to a lesser extent, of the Irish and the Chinese. Additionally, these groups of people were usually far less able to pay for the representation necessary to fairly present their side of the case. Because of this lopsided weighting in the judicial system, many minorities have been convicted of crimes they did not commit or have received punishments over and above what would be considered just for the nature of their crimes. This has bred a comtempt and distrust of the judicial system as a whole by minorities. When one does not trust the system, one would have a tendency to not want to see the death penalty implemented. The result is too final and, thus, can not be reversed in the event of the later discovery of evidence that would exonerate the defendant. For research, look into the events in history shortly after the Civil War such as the Jim Crow laws. Also look at the building of the railroads by Chinese workers and the immigration of the Irish after the famine in Ireland. Follow this up with statistical analysis of death penalty cases and then do some research in the psychological aspects of perceived victimhood. Even though these things are (or, at least, should be) considered history, the families involved most likely hand down stories to their offspring who hand those same stories to theirs and so on. This prolifferates the feelings of distrust even though the system is, today, well on the way to achieving a balance. Certainly, instances of injustice can be found, but, on the whole, we are making marked improvements of the system.
Penny Originally Answered: Please advice. 10 points for the best advice. Thank you very much?
Already answered. But here it is again. Here are a couple of good sources: The Death Penalty Information Center. www.deathpenaltyinfo.org Click on race. Another: A recent documentary called "Race to Execution" is about differing views of the death penalty, based on race. The home page for this film has links to some very useful sources. http://www.pbs.org/independentlens/racet... Another: Take a look at the Baldus study, on how race affects whether a defendent faces the death penalty. Turns out that the race of the victim is the determining factor- a defendent charged with murdering a white person is much more likely to face the death penalty than if the victim was non white. I believe that you can find a link to this study at the Death Penalty Info Center website. Economic issues: This is best seen by looking at the quality of defense attorneys. At the Death Penalty Information Center, click on representation. ***Another: http://www.albany.edu/sourcebook/tost_2.... this is from the Dept of Justice Bureau of Statistics and it may be just what you need. Also take a look at public opinions, and polls at Death Penalty Info. At least one deals with race.

Marjorie Marjorie
First of all you shouldn't have lied so come clean. From her reaction you should tell wether you should move on or not : P
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Marjorie Originally Answered: What would you do? 10 points for the best advice. Thank you?
Your ex is a part of your life. Sometimes we rather them not be and wish that we could forget our time with them because we have been hurt. My belief is this. Every thing that happens in your life works towards who you are as a person. If you spent time with someone as a couple that time together has taught you things and shaped you in ways that you would have not been shaped if you had not been with this one particular person. Each person that we are with, or that we meet leaves some lasting impression on who we are whether or not it is a good one or bad one. So to your question. The poetry that was written is who you were at a certain time in your life. It expresses your feelings, needs, wants and emotions during this time in your life. New lovers need to realize that past love or past experiences do not threaten what they have now. Instead of being jealous over the ex and the poetry the new lover should take the time to read the poetry to discover who you were when you were writing it. The poetry gives a very unique look into a past realtionship. As for the second part of the question. If you and the ex has parted on friendly terms. Then I see no problem with the two people remaining friends. Not all breakups are horrendous. Some breakups are just two people realizing that they have grown and no longer share the same ideas for the future. That is no reason to not be friends with an ex. And when you are a friend of someone you want to do nice things for that person. Your ex knows that you enjoy writing poetry what a wonderful gift she has given to you by having your book published nicely. I would cherrish it.
Marjorie Originally Answered: What would you do? 10 points for the best advice. Thank you?
No I would not post on Face book. If I was him and took a new woman I would make sure that I was decent enough to end it honestly with the ex. You cannot start new when you don't close the past properly. Take it easy, Cutie pie.

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