Spanish class makes me cry. i need help?

Spanish class makes me cry. i need help? Topic: I have done my homework in spanish
July 20, 2019 / By Caylin
Question: So i am in spanish class and i our class has these papers with spanish sentences on them and the teacher calls on me and asks me to translate the question and answer it in a complete sentence. Andt words i get the first few words right and then i just dont know what the next word means so i said i dont know and she yells and says what DOES MUCHO MEAN. so everyone raises there hand and i feel even more embaressed. i am shaking while sitting there. I am so baD AT SPANISH. i just really want to get better before i go back to school after christmas which is about January 1 and it is december 18 right now plz help i am crying while righting this
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Anne-Marie Anne-Marie | 5 days ago
Aww sweetie don't cry! I remember I when was taking both Spanish II and Latin III Honors, and I was terrible at Spanish! In the tech lab I never got anything right, had bad pronunciation, and frequent teacher intervention. Also, our homework was to study vocabulary and I DID study but I could barely remember anything! I know exactly how you feel. I think one way that helped me was watching movies in Spanish. Common movies that I had seen several times, so I knew what they were talking about. It really helps boost your vocabulary and get comfortable with it, and it's fun! Good luck! :-) Hope you feel better!
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Cada mañana me levanto y cepillo mis dientes, lavo mi cara, me visto y arreglo mi cabello. Parto para la escuela a las siete de la mañana y ésta empieza a las siete y media. Estoy en la escuela para todos los seis periodos y el día escolar dura seis horas. A las dos y media en la tarde dejo la escuela y voy a casa, usualmente a hacer tarea. Cuando termino mi tarea usualmente tengo una hora o dos para relajarme. Alrededor de las siete en la noche como la cena con mi familia, y si es mi día de platos entonces lavo los platos, luego tomo una ducha. Usualmente estoy en cama para la diez y media en la noche. Greetings.
Anne-Marie Originally Answered: Can some one please translate this into spanish,if i fail this final i fail this class?
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Wymund Wymund
I do not think this is worth crying for. Calm down...it is really not the end of the world. Just study, read, watch movies...but in such short time you will not exactly become the master but at least practice a bit and let's see how it goes. It's really not that big of a deal...don't take it so drastically...lighten up...it is Christmas...sing! Put your stereo up high and Sing! Have fun! You seem depressed! Good luck! Music please!!! What are you waiting for?!?!?!?!?!
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Shay Shay
No...again whilst I went to institution we had been taught to appreciate our Teachers,and we did. I particularly desire no person treats you that equal approach at some point....thats lovely moronic habits individually. >=)
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It's not that the translators are wrong exactly. They give you the basic idea of what is being said. The problems of translators are that when you use them, you could be translating into a different dialect, and for example, when you are translating something that has "you" in it, it will most likely use the form of Ud. Which is usually how most teachers can tell you use a translator. Also, you have to pay attention to the words you use. Translators will not be able to correctly translate slang, and alot of the time there is many words in english that mean different things. Translators can not pick up on that. And words like I'm, Don't, Can't, you have to spell out... I am, Do not, Can not. But with all of that out of the way, Translators usually can give you a basic understanding of what is trying to be said, just not 100 percent. You will have to figure out the rest

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