Pink Sheets stock related question?

Pink Sheets stock related question? Topic: Stock split research paper
June 15, 2019 / By Sherill
Question: ...if a stock (that is listed on the OTC BB as a Pink Sheet stock) gets (for whatever reason) "moved" up into trading on the AMEX or NASDAQ--for an example---do I still get to keep my shares in that company? for instance, if I had 2000 shares of XYZ.PK and they got listed on the NYSE as XYZ--do I still get to keep those shares? thanks! ...thank you for your answer raysor---there are quite a few "shady" companies trading on the OTCBB (and even in the NASDAQ and NYSE) these days---you can never be careful.... bak...yeah I know how risky these types of stocks are. ...FYI, I know better than to: a. sink a bunch of money into these types of stocks b. to research the companies before purchasing their stocks c. going to pinksheets.com to verify stock ticker symbol (and the companies)... d....and going to edgars online for..well..the same reason... e. the list goes on (I double check the history of the company, the movement of the stock, how many times it split/reverse split, the complaints against the company, the EPS--some are quite profitable--etc etc etc). ..uh....FYI on B-D on my comment above...I know better TO do those items. geez....sorry folks
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