I need more advice! Would u make a decision to do something against the better advice of lots of people?

I need more advice! Would u make a decision to do something against the better advice of lots of people? Topic: Making money with writing online
June 16, 2019 / By Serenity
Question: my questions revolves around someone that broke up with me without explanation (i asked 2 previous questions about it. (its on my profile) if people want to understand more, coz i love listening to people's advice!!!) so in a nutshell, i was talking to this guy for 5 months online and went to meet him in his country (he told me he loved me, he wrote to me about how much he loved me (in his language even) and wanted to marry me. he told me in text messages, and in person etc.) and i truly believed him and would've seriously marrried him coz i love him!! anyway we had a great time (we're both virgins and we agreed to wait till marriage) but we fooled around twice..(but didn't have sex)....so we parted on good terms agreeing to continue this relationship , like i said it was serious. after i came back home, i heard nothing from him (he deleted me from msn/blocked me from facebook/not answering my text messages/calls/emails etc.... so through people's advice on what happened....i have come to understand that he is a player and he used me for the time i was there and then left me afterwards and possibly told me that he loved me to get his way..(.i guess i see this is what possibly happened even though i don't want to believe it coz it hurts tooo much..) which is why he wants nothing more to do with me now and i do feel stupid that i was naive enough to believe and trust him and let him use me :((...i do blame myself for allowing myself to trust someone that easy...but i guess with me i like to see people in a good light...and i don't judge people..and i guess i believed that he was a good person..and i believed he was telling the truth....and through the times we talked it felt so honest and genuine..i truly believed this. (so maybe he changed after, i don't know) so i guess i am thinking of going to see him..yes, the fact that i want answers is one of them.....but im not going there with the expectation that im going to get the answers i want...i guess i just want to face him...i mean he probably doesn't expect me to come back again...and i guess i want to go for the sake of my pride and self respect....coz although he threw away this thing we had....it meant a lot to me...and i was shocked completely and hurt....im not interested in revenge or anything...i go in peace.... i guess im thinking of going to europe for the summer and so i thought that because his country is close by...there is something in me telling me to go...its this 'closure' that i really want...and i know people are telling me to forget it and move on....but is it wrong to want to go.....its this feeling i have in the back of my mind...that i just have to go....or maybe i want to prove to him that he just can't do this to someone without facing up to what he did............. i mean people are telling me ur going to waste money to see him etc..but i don't care...for me this isn't about money....i guess i want him to face the person he hurt...even though he doesn't care coz he did this to me, surely there must something in him...some trace of humanity...something that can make him understand what he did....and if not...maybe seeing my face....maybe that would make him understand, i don't know...im not after revenge or confronting him in any angry way... i really appreciate anyone's answers please...
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Best Answers: I need more advice! Would u make a decision to do something against the better advice of lots of people?

Ona Ona | 2 days ago
My personal opinion would be to forget about him, with the money you'd spend on travelling etc you should go and treat yourself to something to cheer yourself up [= this guys made it quite clear he isnt interested and doesnt care, going to see him would probably only infuriate you even more because it doesnt seem likely he'll even give you the answers you're looking for anyway.
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Hello , I know what you say you dont want to hear, but really then why ask for advice? I honestly dont think that (gang life ) is the way to go. Think about this, you got people in a group saying to you if you wanna be down , you got to rob ,steal, kill or rape. Those dont seem like the right people for you to be around -all for the sake of being liked.. I have been in your shoes , but I never joined a gang. I did however befriend people that was doing stupid ish like drinking and drugs all to have "friends". That got me nowhere fast, and by the grace of God I got off that mess.And left those losers behind. Get involved with some activities at church, or join a group that has the same interests as you. A great way to meet people is a site called meetup.com they have all kinds of groups . I hope that you will give that a try first, too many of our youth are heading in the wrong direction. But its all because you want to belong,but you do belong TO OUR FATHER, God is always there for you. Jesus wasnt liked by everybody,right. I am definitely going to lift you up in prayer. Please think about what I have said before you join this gang ,or worse take your life. May Gods peace flow in your life ,the peace that surpasses all understanding , God Bless you my brother
Ona Originally Answered: I need some feedback and advice im on the edge about to make a life changing decision?
Another option would be to conclude institution here, then travel over there to reside for a couple of years.You don't have got to quit your American Citizenship to are living in an extra country for awhile. It might be an journey. You would simplest advantage via the bi-cultural experience. It would not need to be viewed as everlasting. However it might be as permanent as you come to a decision you need it to be. You could invariably come back home, to the great ole US of A any time your little heart desires. It doesn't matter what you select, your options are continuously open. The arena is a much "smaller" place now then it was once. Journey from situation is simpler and no more time ingesting, and persons do it always. The world is your oyster, young person. Experience all which you could, everywhere which you could.

Maegan Maegan
Interesting answers so far, however, I'm not sure that any have hit the nail on the head. The business is not as easy as it seems. The key is to find and focus on an aspect that you like. That takes time and if you are going to research different areas then you definitely need supplementary income and most of all time. The positive thing is there are very few people in the business that know what they are doing and that opens up tons of avenues for smart people getting into the business. For example, the gentleman that responded to your question saying he as a buyer dropped a deal over a $12 (I think it was) piece of trim. I as the agent would have fixed the trim myself before I lost a large commission. Greed in the real estate business keeps 90% of the people in it from making big money. I love it but you have to!
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Kerenhapuch Kerenhapuch
if you visit him he could either still act how he is now or just play you all over again, and you'll be even more hurt you fell for it twice.
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It's your choice. More and more parents are leaving their boys uncircumcised nowadays. (in the USA the rates are as low as 14% in some states and the USA remains the only advanced nation doing it) So you have the advantage of being able to choose. Just make sure you research throughly, you can have it undone if you don't end up liking it. As an example, studies have found that circumcision reduces sensitivity in the long run (since the head always rubs and the nerve endings on the head get used to being rubbed, so they become less responsive gradually) and makes masturbation more difficult. In fact, that's how it became popular in the USA in the 1800s since masturbation was considered bad. The studies and the risks are described here: http://forums.govteen.com/showpost.php?p... http://circumstitions.com/Sexuality.html... So just research it throughly. I doubt they'd say no, however. Hmmm... in response to a post below, Catholics aren't required to circumcise. The bible actually has pretty strong words against it it. The Catholic church actually condemned circumcision. Catholics who are circumcised are done for cultural reasons or personal choice, not religion. Most Catholics in the world are uncircumcised (Europeans and Latin Americans). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Circumcisio... In response to one of the posts below, there's no epidemic due to being uncircumcised in the developed world. Much is the opposite, honestly. Look at current HIV rates. Which advanced nation has the highest HIV rates? The one with the highest circumcision rates. Europe (which don't circumcise) have lower circumcision rates. That's using CIA statistics: https://www.cia.gov/cia/publications/factbook/rankorder/2155rank.html I think your parents just wanted you to avoid this: http://www.cirp.org/library/procedure/plastibell/

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