This guy invited him 3 times to dinner,after all 3 dinners he asked to come to my place, i said no all 3 times?

This guy invited him 3 times to dinner,after all 3 dinners he asked to come to my place, i said no all 3 times? Topic: Best and worst case scenarios for business
June 25, 2019 / By Hezron
Question: now he doesn't answer my calls anymore. i really like him, especially listen him to talk. i know he shares his place with another guy and he knows i live alone. was I rude not inviting him to my place? i just don't feel comfortable letting a guy( or even a female) to come to my place unless i know him/her a LONG time. do u think he just wanted to have sex with me(in my place) since i live alone? should i give him back half the money of all 3 meals? i want to see him again because i really like him, i'm sure he likes me too. what should i do? just forget him forever or what.
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Best Answers: This guy invited him 3 times to dinner,after all 3 dinners he asked to come to my place, i said no all 3 times?

Elmer Elmer | 10 days ago
i think you did the right thing by not inviting him. it could be dangerous, you have it correctly. the best case scenario you might be welcoming an uncomfortable situation by letting him come over. yes, i do think he wanted sex...i always learned that men are very good at business and they use the same strategy in relationships....they try to get the most out of a situation, with the least amount of investment. so 3 dinners for him in exchange for sex, may be a great return on his money. i've had guy friends put up with and give lots more just to get sex from a woman. now, just because he wanted sex doesn't mean he doesn't like you...it CAN be both, he likes you and wants sex with you...so you have to decide what your boundaries are in that case. NOW, if he hasn't called you since, maybe that might be ALL he wanted--sorry girl. if that's the case, just forget him, you don't want a guy who will try to pressure or use you. you don't owe him anything. don't look for excuses to hunt him down..you will only put yourself in the floor mat position very easily and he will love it. if he wanted to call he would have. maybe 3 times was enough for him to realize he wasn't going to get "any", and that's fine...he does have a right to move on to someone who will give him sex. that's life. you should be proud that you didn't do anything you regretted. or invited drama or danger into your life. in 3 dates everyone seems amazing...you haven't had enough time to really get to know him...even the worse serial killers were extremely charming at first....i'm not saying that's what he is, but we all get so fooled by the first few dates with someone.,..and we all know that after a few months everyone becomes the same. so leave it be, and allow yourself to react to how it made you feel that he hasn't called. now,,,the toughest part...he might call back...and then what???? if he calls back it means he hasn't found anyone to have sex with yet and he might still try you, or he had sex with someone and now can continue to pursue you in peace---for a while at least. so you have to be even tighter with your boundaries and discipline. don't be weak to him and make him feel like he is doing you this great favor by calling you back. you are the bomb girl, make a man chase you, and if he doesn't why are you chasing him!!! that's desperation. and by chasing i don't mean play games, i mean have boundaries, have your head about you, don't be desperate and communicate. remember the returns on investments. the easy thing cost nothing and is usually worth nothing. so why rush. enjoy
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Clancey Clancey
Absolutely NOT do you give him half the money back for dinner, thats insulting to yourself. You ar not wrong you didn't feel comfortable and that is respectable,however, did you explain that to him? If not, don't apologize but just say You like him alot and had a good time but you don't let anyone in your house until you've known them for awhile, then if he still doesn't call or come around, he just wanted a piece of *** (excuse my language). Good luck
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Amittai Amittai
He most likely hoped to talk to you more or to have sex if he wanted to take the relationship to the next level
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