France the most non-white country in Europe?

France the most non-white country in Europe? Topic: To come to a conclusion in french
June 17, 2019 / By Jordan
Question: After doing some research, I've came to a conclusion that French people are practically not French at all. Considering that France has the highest diaspora of Africans, Arabs, Jews and other non-Europeans alike, living in the metropolitan areas like Paris. Not to mention the highest Islamic concentration. French are not White, neither racially European. They are a mixture of races living altogether, who claim to be French, just because they live in a European country. France is the "Mecca" of non-whites, and a threat to Europe. In my opinion, the French are extinct. And the modern day "French" are immigrants who came by through immigration. France is the failed key to the Multicultural approach. Since people from former colonies, like Africa, immigrate and procreate inside the country, and then exploit the Schengen treaty, by resorting exaltation on other countries. UK is also a threat to the EU, since most English are not white. But Patistanis and Indians.
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Hammond Hammond | 9 days ago
No, Whites are maximum persons in each ecu usa. As somebody else pronounced, the only usa the place non whites are maximum persons is Turkey (some human beings evaluate Turkish human beings to be White regardless of the indisputable fact that, it relies upon on who you ask) yet i don't evaluate Turkey to be a factor of Europe besides because of the fact purely 5% of its landmass is relatively in Europe, ninety 5% of that's technically classed as Asia. EDIT: education Day: i'm from Europe and we don't type Turkey as being in the comparable continent as us. As i pronounced earlier, purely 5% of the landmass of Turkey is seen to be placed in Europe-ninety 5% is assessed as Asia so i don't see why it would be seen a ecu usa and not an Asian one. Danny: No if i'm common i don't evaluate Russia to be a ecu usa the two. seventy seven% of that's placed in Asia. that's extra ecu than Turkey regardless of the indisputable fact that as 23% of Russia is in Europe, while in comparison with purely 5% of Turkey. Danny: Russia is relatively ordinarily placed in yet another continent. the united kingdom isn't. have you ever easily asked any Russians in the event that they think approximately themselves to be a factor of Europe? those i be responsive to do not. they think approximately themselves to be Russian. not ecu. EDIT: Danny, ok, i'm unlikely to flat out say that there are actually not any Russians who evaluate themselves ecu because of the fact there in all probability are some that do. i'm going to tell you with insurance that the Russians that I easily have met evaluate themselves Russian and Russian purely yet they have been rather nationalistic so in step with probability thats the rationalization why. shifting on regardless of the indisputable fact that, the easy certainty is that seventy seven% of Russia is in Asia and ninety 5% of Turkey is in Asia so what makes Russia or Turkey ecu as damaging to Asian while maximum persons of their landmass is in Asia?
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Eddie Eddie
Obviously, you don't like France "France is the "Mecca" of non-whites, and a threat to Europe." but as you and others like you do not understand is that French is not a race but a nationality, so, yes there are several ethnical groups, and... What's your point ?? You are racist, it is your problem and not mine
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