Traveling to Europe - better to book on own or use group?

Traveling to Europe - better to book on own or use group? Topic: Homework hassle
July 17, 2019 / By Leia
Question: Traveling to Europe in July has anyone used the companies that provide group travels and if so which is the best for the cost.
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Jonette Jonette | 6 days ago
Two very different methods to see Europe, depends more on what kind of person you are. Groups will generally cost a little more, but then you know everything is covered and taken care of. However they also set what you are going to see and for how long too. Booking on your own will take more work and you can probably save a little too. You have to do the homework and plan out your trip. The best part is you get to see what you want and it's easier to get immersed into the local culture. When you think about it, isn't that really the reason you traveling to begin with? On a side note, are you really sure you want to go in July? If that is the only time you can go, fine. However that is also the high season when crowds are worse and prices are the highest. If you can go in September through May, you can save quite a bit and have less hassles.
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Jonette Originally Answered: Traveling alone in europe?
It depends entirely on the lifestyle you're going to have while there. Alcohol is more expensive in Europe as compared to the United States, so be prepared for that. The approach I suggest you take would be pre-partying if you're looking to get smashed and not burn a hole in your pocket. However, there are safety concerns involved with that, namely, if you're absolutely wasted and not familiar with your surroundings, that could end quite badly. I'm not here to judge either way - and I've done my fair share of partying overseas myself, so - but a good plan is to have a clear plan of exit while partying. It's best if you are staying within a reasonable walking distance of where you're drinking, and never get too drunk so that you can't play the sober game. If it gets to a certain part of the night where you can tell you've lost control of your faculties, take a cab back to your lodgings. If you're in a non-English speaking country and you don't speak the local language yourself and you're staying a a hotel/hostel, carry around a business card so that you can just hand it to the cabbie. Don't get in a cab with anybody else in it. Always take official cabs, preferably with meters. And in terms of how much money you'll be spending, again, it depends. If you stay in hotels and eat in restaurants, as the other poster said, you're gonna drop bank even without the booze and cover charges. Hostels will make it cheaper. Couchsurfing cheaper yet... and if you couchsurf, you'll be able to meet up with some locals who will probably be able to show you around and offer a good time. I've had luck with it before. If you are looking to make partying the center of your exploits, save money by exploiting cheap lodging and eat out of grocery stores. I would recommend taking in at least one nice meal in each country you're in, though; food in Europe is quite excellent and you should experience it. But for everyday grub, well, let's just say that the Dollar Menu in London is called the "Saver Menu." If you have a student ID, that can make some things cheaper, though a lot of places will want one of the international student IDs, which you'll have to pay to get. Basically, if you're staying at a group room in a hostel (roughly $25 a night on average), I would budget at least $75 a day. And that's if you're going the cheap, cheap, mmm-I-Love-That-Saver-Menu route. (It will also depend on how much actual travel you're going to be doing and where you're staying. Paris? Budget more. Bratislava? Cheaper. If you're doing a lot of country-hopping, you'll need to factor in the cost of that as well.) You might not spend that much every day, but it will average around that much, likely. Again, this assumes you eat super cheap, buy no souvenirs, and are cautious about how much you spend on booze. There are lots of factors that could change this budget.

Geneva Geneva
This is really a matter of personal choice. I prefer to book on my own because I would rather have the flexibility of being able to adjust my schedule if I run across something that attracts my attention rather than having a point-to-point checklist of things to see on a trip. Booking on your own isn't too difficult and once you've found a few reliable sites for bookings, you can do this with confidence. If there's some particular daytour that's interesting where I end up, then I can do that without committing for the whole trip. There are some good day trips out of Prague, Munich and Amsterdam. You can also do most of these on your own. I like to take the tour the first time and go back on my own to the most interesting places. The trade-off is that it's much easier to travel with all the details organized for you and a knowledgable tour guide can explain what you're seeing. Again, it would be a good idea to do a little research to find a reliable tour company. A lot of people that come to Italy seem to like the Trafalger or Perillo tours, but I've never done one myself.
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Deirdre Deirdre
I would definitely use a group. I use EF College Break, because they are the cheapest travel thing I have found. Its an 18-26 yr old thing, and it is also packaged tours, so it included round trip airfare, my hotels, breakfasts, tour director, ect. You should tak a look at them. I'm going this summer to greece, and I have a discount code for them, if you decide to use them, its hesseln1188 and it saves you $50. Hope this helped.
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Bronte Bronte
Personally, I prefer Touristic groups...or travelling with a person that knows the beauties of a place...
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Alissa Alissa
If you don't speak any language other than English, then you're better off going with a group, because the agency will have local representatives that speak the languages.
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