Ok so I've been online dating this guy since 10-5-15. We have the chance to meet in February, June, or July.?

Ok so I've been online dating this guy since 10-5-15. We have the chance to meet in February, June, or July.? Topic: Case show in july
July 21, 2019 / By Ernestine
Question: Now because I'm 13, i don't want to hear y'all little kids don't even know what love is nowadays. But anyways this relationship has been going through some problems, and right now we were spending some time apart. Well i text him all happy and he starts telling me how he has a gf now and it literally broke my heart. So i want to be supportive so i tell him you know you can have her for longer for just a temporary time, thinking he's gonna be like no i only want you. But instead he's like omg thanks so much. And it hurt even more. So in the end im just like hey are we ever gonna date again? And he says i don't think so ive moved on. And i cried so much when i looked in the mirror my eyes were so swollen. When i told him i want to spend time apart i didnt mean go and get a new girlfriend. And we were just going to meet each other soon, he said we still can but it wont still be the same. I really need him in my life i cant stand the thought with him with someone else. I dont know what to do! Please help!!!!!!
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Best Answers: Ok so I've been online dating this guy since 10-5-15. We have the chance to meet in February, June, or July.?

Clara Clara | 2 days ago
Elana, They say that long-distance relationships don't usually work out. In most cases, long-distance relationships happen when people who start short-distance relationships have to move elsewhere, but in your case it appears that you've never actually met him, and that definitely makes it more naturally strained. Allow me to explain something, as a person who has been in both online and in-person relationships: Online relationships are primarily about the thrill of flirtation, and the fantasy of how great the other person probably is. In reality, this guy you've been online dating is probably not that great, but online dating has that effect. In-person relationships are about the thrill of proximity (being close to each other), and the realism/surrealism of the other person. In reality, when given the choice between person you really like in person and person you really like online, 99 out of 100 times you will choose the person you really like-in person. "he starts telling me how he has a gf now and it literally broke my heart. So i want to be supportive so i tell him you know you can have her for longer for just a temporary time." Elana, I can appreciate that you want to show that your love for him is selfless, but...if you see him as being your current boyfriend, you should not be supportive of him dating another girl; either choose to leave him, or give him an ultimatum, leaving the choice up to him. ... I know that you think you can't live without him, and I can understand that feeling, but he's not the guy for you. If I were you, I wouldn't try to meet him in-person, it would just be awkward and painful.
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Clara Originally Answered: I don't know what to think about online dating?
Are you a guy or a girl? For guys, I think online dating's a waste of time. I've done it, successfully, for a while and the amount of extra work I had to go through to meet women versus just going out in real life was ridiculous. First you figure out how to write a profile and message girls (and there is an art to all of that), then you start messaging girls you find attractive based on their profiles and maybe 10% respond, and of those, maybe 1% are serious enough about it to go out on a date with you. So you handle all of that and get them out and it's usually the equivalent of a blind date, only worse because there are perceptions that you form about the other person based on what you saw on their profile. 99% of the time it doesn't work out. Contrast that to seeing an attractive girl on the street, meeting her and asking her on a date. In a matter of minutes you accomplish all of the goals, with someone you're actually attracted to, that online dating tends to take DAYS to do. So for guys, it's a crutch! For girls, especially attractive girls, I think it could be useful IF you are good at quickly screening out the creepers. Cause there's lots of them in online dating, because it takes no effort to make a profile. But online dating for attractive girls is usually like having a man catalog where it's acceptable to approach the guys you're interested in....Girls have it a lot harder out and about because social convention makes it hard for them to just approach a guy they find attractive. I know I can't stand it, the girl looks easy in my eyes and loses attractiveness. But online, it's okay. So if you're a girl, you might want to consider it.
Clara Originally Answered: I don't know what to think about online dating?
i understand what you mean and as a single female who has used online dating before alot of what you are saying is true. However, the reality is that your chances of meeting someone is the same both online and off. The difference is, by adding online dating to the mix your chance is a little higher. Yes, about 80% of the people you meet online you will not be compatible with. Yes, there are millions of desperate creeps online with very misleading profiles and millions of sleezeballs who date women online because they presume any woman who uses online dating to be desperate!!!....however, on the flip side their are some good guys/girls online that are datable but truthfully it will be a needle in a haystack type of deal. If you are going to try it, the best thing to do is use a pay site such as eharmony or match, as you are more likely to have a good selection of quality matches.

Barb Barb
Girl he's just one boy you will meet! There is so many guys that will come into your life and leave.. He's one Stay good friends but a relationship between the both of you probably isn't best right now!! You never know you might end up back together soon but you might not. He's moved on so yeah be happy for him.. Because that's all you can do. At least if your still friends he's still In your life. I know it's hard getting over someone who u want in your life but your get there.. I wish u luck :)) and just think of it as Maybe in the future we will fit better.
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Addy Addy
Boys will come and go and yes at 13, you don't know what love it. You also can't build a relationship with someone you can't actually spend any actual time with. As far as him getting a new girlfriend, it's likely she was already there or always was.
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Addy Originally Answered: Would you let your 17 year old child go on a road trip by their self to meet someone that they met online?
At 21, you are not a child and you do not need your mother's permission to visit a friend. My boyfriend is 20 and has already traveled around the world with Semester at Sea; you can certainly drive yourself to see a friend. At any age you want to keep the peace with your mom and show her respect, but at 21 it's time to cut the apron strings and go your own way. Find a way to diplomatically do so. Are there extenuating circumstances you haven't mentioned here such as you needing to borrow her car or something? Is the friend someone who has been in trouble with the law or given your mom some other reason for her to be concerned about you spending time with him? I don't know how far away Apple Valley is from where you live; perhaps she's worried about you driving a long distance by yourself? Whatever the circumstance, sit down and calmly discuss this with her and assuage any fears she may have. If you don't have your own car or are on her insurance policy and she feels it is too risky for you to go that far on your own, then get your own car and policy or take the bus. If she's worried about his reputation, give her some assurances. If she doesn't want you to drive a long distance because she's afraid you'll fall asleep at the wheel, say that you'll stay in a hotel overnight so you won't be driving tired. If the problem isn't one I've already mentioned, then whatever it is, find a solution. As far as your brother goes, he and your mom need to exercise more caution. I have met people from online before - two girls from this site, actually, but that was only after talking with them on webcam first to make sure they were also teenage girls and not pervy old dudes, and both times we met at my church's coffee shop before a service and their moms came with them. I'm 17 and there's no way my parents would let me road trip to meet someone from online. There are just too many risks involved. If your brother wants to meet the guy you or your mom should come with him, and they should all meet up somewhere public. You should express your concerns about his safety, but then bow out of the discussion because it's really one that is between him and your mom and is separate from your own situation. Stay calm and mature but resolved, and just handle it like the adult that you are. I hope you go and have a safe journey there and back and an awesome reunion with your friend. By the way, do you live in Georgia? I'm trying to figure out where I've heard the names of those cites before. Oh, and in reference to your user name: I love the big JC too. : ) ~ Pax / Peace Edit Oh wow. Okay, I feel like a dunce now. No wonder the names sounded familiar. I live in SoCal too. I just never go to Riverside or SBC, and had mistaken Murietta for Marietta, Georgia. Okay, so since the distance isn't even that great I'm really perplexed about why your mom is making such a big to-do over you going to see this girl. Hello, I'm 17 and drive by myself from Santa Monica to San Diego once a month and my dad is not exactly what you'd describe as being a laid-back parent. But anyhoo, back to you. Were you planning on spending the night with the girl or something? I mean, since you have such a religious user name I'm wondering if your mom is also a Christian, and is worried about you getting into ahem, *sin*, with the girl by spending the night with her. Honestly, your plans with the girl are totally up to the two of you since you are both adults, but I'm just trying to figure out why your mom would object. Since she's fine with your brother road tripping, clearly the distance isn't bothering her, so the only claw in her paw I can see for you is that you're meeting up with a girl and he's meeting up with another boy. I don't know. Seriously, though, to reiterate what I wrote above, if you have your own car and insurance policy just drive yourself and have a good trip. If she is paying for the car and policy she has the right to tell you not to go on the trip, and even though it's totally illogical and unjust that she would let your brother go if he is also on her policy or driving a car she is paying for, there's only so much you can do if you are dependent on her for financial support. She is obligated to still take care of your brother because he is a minor, but she is not required to do so for you anymore, so don't bite the hand that feeds you. Take the bus.

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