What Makes Poor Writing For a Book?

What Makes Poor Writing For a Book? Topic: For writing a book
July 20, 2019 / By Delila
Question: I've always wondered, as I can identify bad writing for a movie or TV series, but I was never able to identify a bad book by writing. When I was reading the Twilight book series, I was already able to identify it as a bad book. My main problem though was the plot structure though as opposed to most reviewers complaints of poor writing. Honestly, while reading it I didn't notice any poor writing. Which is why I ask what makes it.
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Bryony Bryony | 5 days ago
Improper punctuation can make for poor writing, but not necessarily. Grammar does NOT make poor writing. Poor writing is when the book isn't intriguing, when the plot isn't planned out well and therefor isn't good. When scenes are sped too much or too slow. Lack of tension maybe (which is something that makes you want to know what is to happen next). Uninteresting. silly, expected, confusing, too exaggerated and dramatic (hate it). There are books which are a little dramatic or even exaggerated but to a certain extent it makes it horrible. Anybody can do that.
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Allene Allene
Poor writing for me is the inability to express emotion, describe scene, capture the reader's attention from the beginning and fail to close the book. While yes, I find it annoying as all can when the grammar and punctuation in a book is piss-poor (I tend to want to throw things at the "editor" who seemed to be drinking vodka instead of proofing), I can overlook it so long as the story outweighs the writing. I've read books that are considered "great" and have hated them. Why? The endings were atrocious, or I couldn't get into the book because the narrator almost killed me with their endless blathering. I quite literally threw down The Idiot by Dostoevsky when I finished it. I was livid. It had SO much going for it and the ending just RUINED the damn thing for me. Perhaps it was the translation fail that seems to happen, but gracious.
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Uthai Uthai
A weak vocabulary, an excess of dialogue, improper punctuation and improper grammar can all make for "poor writing", which the Twilight books have in spades. But a lot books generally considered to be "masterpieces" or "great literature" can have these aspects too. Take 1984 for example. Terrible grammar in that book, but it is considered by many to be one of the greatest books ever written. Sometimes the story that is being told outweighs the need for perfect structure.
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Rodge Rodge
Poor writing doesn't mean literally poor "writing." Poor writing means... dragging a scene of the book (as done in twilight), or keeping it too fast etc. Or, showing too much of stupidity and foolishness.
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