Please give me some good advice?

Please give me some good advice? Topic: How to write a really good country song
June 25, 2019 / By Euna
Question: I have been sick pretty much since September. I only recently got better. Right now I feel a little confused. I have a few main talents: I can sing, compose songs, and am learning to play the guitar. I can also paint, draw well, and I seem to have a gift for comics. I can also write well, and my poetry and stories have won a few prizes. Heres the catch. I live far way from pretty much anywhere for reasons that I can't tell any one of. I suppose I would probably be fairly good at sports, seeing as am I quite athletic. Yet I have never been able to try sports. Also I seem to be rather intelligent; if I went to school ( I am homeschooled) i would most probably be an A+ student. I study biology, physics, french, Latin, Chinese; these are only a few. I also love to do acting of any sort, and am in the process of memorizing Othello. Also, when summer arrives I will be doing knife throwing, archery, and the like. I am one of those people wh reads biographies in spare time. yet... Tha clashes with my super extravert and bubbly personality. What I am having conflict with right now is the fact that I don't know how to do so many things. I am not sure what type of answer I am expecting. Another thing I forgot to mention is that the rest of my family is equally talented. I have 6 brothers and sisters 4 of whom have moved away. I myself go to a summer camp that my wealthy and doting grandmother sends me to. Other than that, I have zero social life, other than my best friend who is in almost the same situation I am. My friend is busy, so i rarely see her. I am rather lonely. Please just give me some advice. I know I am not being very clear, but this is the first struggle I have really ever had. By the by, I just turned 13.
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Cleo Cleo | 2 days ago
You sound more well-rounded than most adults I know! Your hardest issue to overcome is going to be living in the boonies. That pretty much precludes any social life, from what I've seen. Being rural is tough...there are only so many people around, and you rarely get to interact with a larger crowd or bump into any diversity. Plus you're 13, so travel is tough...you don't have a bus route you can use and you can't drive. Is there a chance you can visit your siblings who have moved out? Did they move to bigger and better places? Would it be feasible to spend a few weeks / months with them to get a wider variety of experiences? Are you in a group like Scouts or Venture Scouting (at least that's co-ed) that do things like travel to summer camps for a couple of weeks every year? Can grandma help out... ? What does she recall doing in her youth that maybe she could help replicate for you? My spouse lived in a really rural area from 6th grade on to graduation. We hate living rural, so now we live in a big suburb of a big city. (The great thing about being an adult! You get to call the shots!) He didn't have a lot of friends...had maybe one or two and didn't get along with many people in high school. College was where he got to live on campus in the city...some of the kids were lonesome and homesick, we were the ones who moved thousands of miles from our parents and didn't mind that much, LOL! You might sit down and make a list of the things you would like to do or try if location and money were no object; then see how much of that you can actually make happen. Don't discount anything. And don't knock it...I bicycled across six countries in Europe when I was 16.
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Belinda Belinda
"I don't know how to do so many things." <-- This sentence doesn't make sense given everything else you are saying. It sounds like you know how to do many things. Unless there are some big things missing from your life that you haven't mentioned, it sounds like you aren't seeing yourself clearly. Living far from other people makes your situation difficult (finding a co-op, volunteering, and other standard answers don't sound like options for you). Sounds like you are feeling a bit depressed and cooped up--a normal reaction to a long illness. Find some bigger projects that you can work on, whether around your house, or outside, or with a neighbor--if there are any. Doing a big job will give you a sense of accomplishment that will help overcome a lot of what you are feeling. Write letters. Send letters to your doting grandmother, or emails to your friend or siblings, or find another relative or family friend that you can communicate with regularly. Or see if your parents will okay finding a penpal--though they should oversee that to be sure you are communicating with another person around your age and not some bad guy pretending to be a kid. Make a list of the sorts of things that you feel you don't know how to do. Take a few days and list as many of them as you can. Then see if you can find a way to start working on learning some of those things. Hope this helps...
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Adrea Adrea
You sound like you are in a situation that a lot of home schoolers are in. My suggestion is you do one of the following or something similar to them (these are just suggestions) Take your GED and go to a community college, find a home school co-op, have dual enrollment in a community college or go to high school. I did the first and second that I mentioned in the previous list and let me tell you these two decisions were probably some of the best I ever made. The only problem with college is you have to be sixteen to take the GED or have dual enrollment ina community college so that may be something for you to do in the future. A home school co-op is probably your best option at the moment. The bottom line is, have something that will get you out of the house every day and help you to socialize.
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If you're having such a hard time it doesn't sound like the dog is the only problem. I would suggest talking to a therapist about your emotional state. That way you can stop being selfish about the family dog and actually learn some responsibility and help out.

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