How to balance hobby and school?

How to balance hobby and school? Topic: The rush hour essays
June 16, 2019 / By Itiel
Question: I love to play the piano and read. every day I try to learn a new song and read something. I always look for something that opens my eyes to new ideas/perspectives. Sadly,school will start very soon for me. that means my life will be so busy because I will take challenging classes. Right now, I'm trying to find a way to balance both my hobbies and school work. I remember each time school starts, all I do is studying. i have no life. I just go to church then I rush home to do my homework. When I dont study, I work part-time to pay my books and class tuition. sigh. What should I do? How do you balance your hobbies and school work? I know there is more to life than just studying. Please help.
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Festus Festus | 9 days ago
I know how you feel, I LOVE reading and play 4 instruments and there's never enough hours in the day!!! I balance it out by saying to myself 'Ok, big English essay due in a couple of weeks... I'll do 30 mins - 1 hour on English, then I give myself 20 mins of down time to read and play my instruments, then a 30mins- hour of English again... Ect' but then my history teacher throws in a test in a couple of days so It becomes 'English, piano, history, reading, English, piano, history.... Ect ect' you can work out how much time on each one for yourself This is what I do an it seems to work for me :)
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Festus Originally Answered: How do i balance high school and a job?
It's funny how you don't want people to say you aren't "mature" enough for a job. HONEY, there are kids your age asking how to check if you're pregnant on here! You are far beyond mature, good job (: also, I am going to be a senior this following year and I could tell you this: high school will only get tougher (except maybe senior year, but I don't know for sure haha) so if you plan to keep up and get good grades (especially if you're an advanced and competitive student like me) I advise you to face your priorities: mine (and should be close to yours) is Grades/classes/credits/homework, maintaining a healthy lifestyle (like sleeping enough and working out maybe), THEN it might be work/jobs (although I don't have a job) Unless you are well into sports like me and is working towards a sports scholarship, than that goes close to school/health. Other than that make sure you have time to have FUN. I also advise that you don't work EVERYDAY. Either weekends only or some weekdays. You won't be able to keep up if you work too long for too many days. Make sure of this. Good luck <3

Damion Damion
I work full time, am in school, and still find time for gaming. I have a 4.0 because I put school first, but I *always* leave time each week for relaxing. Sit down with a schedule/planner and plan times that you will reserve for time you can devote to doing something you enjoy.
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Averill Averill
Take breaks in between your studying to play. I highly doubt you have so much studying that you'd have no free time all day. I also usually find it helps me focus after I take a break because I get to just step away from it for a minute.
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Virginia Virginia
I surgest you do what i do: In the week do all school, all homework(or as much as possible). Each weekday leave time for one activity you want to do(not studying) At the weekend do fun things, finish your work and then do what you like HOPE THIS WORKS
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Virginia Originally Answered: How to balance grad school/work/and a new baby? Please I need ideas?
Having completed my MA with a new born, I understand your concerns. Let me try to address at least some of your questions, although I don't have a magic answer - I certainly don't have an answer to your financial question which sounds like the biggest one. Specifically, you asked whether you can complete grad school online. Check out franklin.edu. It offers both MBA and MCM programs online. It will also be offering a masters in business psychology in the next couple of years. This university caters particularly for the working adult, so you would not be alone in your attempt to balance work, family, and school. Have you thought about having your husband take care of your baby while you work? Since you will probably need to pay for your Masters, it would seem difficult to finance both if you want to be at home. Well paid, online work opportunities are few and far between. However, with a masters degree, you might be able to find online teaching opportunities. As far as balancing school and a newborn, I wrote when my baby slept. Not easy, but it can be done. I wish you well!

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